6 Reasons You Should Bet On Decentralized Casinos

January 21, 2023

Online gambling is fun and widely available these days, so it’s good that online players can choose from various sites. The bad thing is that they aren’t all completely safe or properly regulated, which could lead to unfair gambling platforms and the inability to claim the winnings.

Luckily, all those problems got sorted out with the introduction of decentralized casinos. Since it’s still a pretty new thing, we are here to discuss the top 6 reasons why you should bet on decentralized casinos, the major benefits of these casinos, and how they compare to regular online gambling sites.

About Decentralized Gambling

Reasons For Playing On Decentralized Casinos

Before we explore the pros and cons of this kind of gambling, we must expand a bit on how online casinos work with a turn on some major gambling authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission.

These authorities provide their gambling licenses to certain casino sites based on the fairness tests and audits of these casinos. There are also some independent auditing agencies like eCOGRA, which all work together to prove the fairness and transparency of the site.

Still, some shady offshore authorities make it easier for scam sites to obtain some licenses and present themselves as fair. That’s where the decentralized gambling steps in – decentralized casinos are independent sites that run on blockchain technology. It works through the transparent hash, which players can check for game fairness, and smart contracts that can also be tracked, so you get a safer and fairer gaming experience.

Main Gambling Authorities

While decentralized casinos can help avoid those shady sites we’ve already mentioned, there’s no point in discussing the benefits of decentralized casinos without taking a few stops to elaborate on proven authorities. There are several major gambling authorities that are trusted by the worldwide gambling audience – regardless of where you are, and what the gambling regulations are in your area.

Here’s a bit more information about these organizations along with an explanation of why they are so trusted and why you should pick gambling sites that are thoroughly examined and approved by them:

  1. The UK Gambling Commission – Whether you are a British player or not doesn’t make much of a difference when choosing sites that are approved by the UKGC. It simply stands as a household name in the iGaming industry and its casino evaluation standards are recognized worldwide. So, if you see a site that is tested and approved by the UK Gambling Commission, you can rest assured that the site is checked for its fairness, and payment transparency, and has clear T&Cs, otherwise it would never have been approved by this renowned organization.
  2. The Malta Gaming Authority – Another well-known organization that deals with checking online casino sites to the tiniest of detail is the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The main goal of this organization is to prevent crime and money laundering on online casino sites. Yes, we know how absurd that may sound, but these things happen, and they also focus on bringing down the sites that are scamming players for one reason or another. Ensuring trusted payment platforms and complete transparency towards players is the mission that they are dedicated to, so it’s no wonder that their license is worth its weight in gold to online casino operators. In other words, you can trust any site that holds an MGA license since it’s 100% fair and safe.
  3. eCOGRA – This is where things get interesting since eCOGRA isn’t a regulatory body like the MGA or UKGC. Instead, they are an independent casino testing agency that earned its reputation of being right behind the two industry giants we’ve listed before. They have more than 20 years of experience in being an independent voice that leads players to trusted online casinos, and our team also completely trusts their judgment. When we see a site with the famous eCOGRA seal (and test it ourselves of course), we are able to pass our judgement on site’s transparency and reliability more easily.

Independent Online Gambling Casinos

One of the main benefits of decentralized casinos is that they don’t operate under any casino brand name, organization, or authority. While it’s sometimes a good thing to find a renowned casino brand and play on their sister sites for fairness, you don’t have to worry about that with decentralized gambling sites.

Blockchain technology protects you as a player and is one of the best modern casino scene innovations if you enjoy betting in crypto. These sites are also more accessible because they operate independently.

Main Benefits Of Decentralized Casinos

Now that you have some background on decentralized gambling and how it operates, it’s time to dig deeper into the benefits of these casinos.

We already mentioned that smart contracts act on your behalf in terms of transparency and fairness, but it’s time for us to elaborate on the main benefits of these sites. Here are some of their main advantages:

●      More transparent and fair gaming experience

●      Ability to gamble anonymously without exposing your banking information

●      Provably fair games

●      No money transfer fees or casino fees

●      Allow higher bets and offer larger bonuses

●      Don’t include restricted country policies like regular casinos

You Can Enjoy a Fair Gaming Experience

Finding a completely reliable online casino is a tricky mission, even though so many sites exist. It’s crucial to find a safe and trustworthy place where you can place your bets without worrying about whether you’ll receive the winnings or get fair treatment.

On decentralized casinos that run on the blockchain, it’s all easily verifiable, and you can confirm the legitimacy and transparency of every game you play.

Every game round is operated by smart contracts so that you can use that to your advantage. Don’t worry if all this sounds confusing since it’s rather simple. Smart contracts operate without human support, so they are self-executing blockchain code.

When the game round ends, the contract verifies if the event that was supposed to occur has played out similarly. So, you can rest assured that there’s no need for a casino executive to mess around with your winnings and the transparency of the site in general.

In other words – blockchain casinos are far safer and more reliable than old-school online casinos, and that’s for a couple of different reasons. Here’s a brief overview of the main benefits of these sites:

  • These sites are more independent and there are no heavy gambling regulations in place
  • Players are able to remain anonymous while playing
  • There’s no chance of your payment details leaking or being exposed
  • Chance to play provably fair games that are actually verifiable before and after each game round

Even the countries that feature heavy gambling restrictions don’t regulate decentralized casinos so it’s often safe for all crypto players to join these casinos. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check for any crypto gambling laws in your country, but what we meant to say is there’s a wider acceptance rate of decentralized casinos when compared with traditional online casinos.

Also, you won’t have to provide your personal data and banking information which is a huge plus of decentralized casinos, and there’s no chance of your private information being stolen and misused. Identity theft is sadly a common thing on shady casino sites, so this way you can avoid the chance of it. Finally, provably fair games are getting more and more popular since you can play in crypto and verify the transparency of your odds on blockchain before and after each game round, which adds up to that trust factor that we all have towards decentralized casinos and gambling DApps.

Anonymous Gaming

We get you – when we say anonymous gaming, it might seem as if you were hiding something. However, it’s quite the opposite since you are protecting your information; there’s nothing wrong or illegal with that. What is illegal is for hackers to log into your casino accounts and steal your personal information and banking details if the casino you are playing at has insufficient protection.

Don’t worry; playing at decentralized casinos will leave you without these worries, since you won’t be providing this kind of information in the first place. 

You make your deposit via blockchain technology, and smart contracts ensure the game round is properly executed. No one will ever know that you’ve played on the site, and the chance of hackers stealing your information is slim to none.

Provably Fair Gaming

Okay, now you’ve found a perfect decentralized casino to get better transparency and fairness, but what about all your favorite casino games? Don’t worry; most decentralized casinos offer even more games than regular casino sites, and you can always try provably fair games.

Provably Fair Gambling

These are specific games that are only available in this type of casino, since you can use the code, you get from the smart contract and the hash to verify the game outcome. One part of the code is available before the game round, while the other shows up after.

So, you can be 100% certain that the game round outcome was settled even before you placed your bet. Doesn’t this sound like what online gambling should truly be, without all those bothersome RTPs and shady outcomes that are bad for the player?

Lower Fees

Another exquisite benefit of these sites is that you don’t have to pay any fees for the transactions or to the casino operator. You visit the site, deposit in BTC or another crypto, and withdraw back to your wallet when finished.

The old-fashioned way included bothersome fees associated with certain payment methods like e-wallets or bank transfers. On top of that, some options came with twice as many fees – one for transferring to the wallet and the other for moving the funds from the e-wallet to your bank account.

Now you can use your crypto wallet and visit the crypto exchange later if needed and avoid paying these bothersome fees.

Bigger Bonuses & High Roller Bets

This next benefit is crucial for players who enjoy placing higher bets but winning big. You can hit larger BTC, or other crypto equivalent bonus offers on completely decentralized crypto casinos.

On top of that, your bet won’t be limited to $100 per spin or so, and you will be able to bet in Bitcoin and wager much more per game round. High rollers will enjoy this advantage of decentralized casinos, especially.

You also don’t have to bother calculating the bet amount or the winnings in USD, since it’s all perfectly laid out in BTC and other cryptos. Depending on the exact casino of your choice, you can also find some bonuses that are simply a steal among crypto gambling sites. We can only recommend a few of our favorite sites with biggest bonuses down below:

  1. BC Game Casino – From the moment you join this online casino site, you can see how BC Game bonuses can help you build your initial gambling balance on the site. From the moment you register on the site or read our BC Game review, you can see how a four-tier deposit bonus and the Lucky Wheel with prizes of up to 5BTC can help you get the most out of your gambling experience.
  2. Bets.io – With a 100% deposit bonus of up to 1BTC and Mystery Box prizes, Bets.io is one of the favorite options of many crypto gambling enthusiasts, and our team falls under that category as well.
  3. WolfBet Casino – This one is yet another uncut gem with impressive daily races worth up to $1000 and VIP levels you can advance through to grab WolfBet Casino prizes unlike any other casino offers to its loyal players.

No Country Restrictions & VPN Approved

No Country Restrictions and VPN Approved

We’ve all been there – you’ve probably found a perfect casino site with your favorite games before to see that you can’t wager there due to country restrictions. Luckily, decentralized casinos don’t utilize such restrictions since they don’t operate under any authority.

Players worldwide can access and play at these sites, and it’s not even a breach of terms and conditions to use a VPN if needed. You only have to deposit in crypto and find a perfectly-suited decentralized casino tailored to your needs.

You won’t have to go through the troublesome verification process and spend time creating your account like on traditional gambling sites.

The Online Gambling Industry Is Changing

We hope to have helped broaden your perspective on the iGaming field with this guide on decentralized casinos and their benefits. It’s important to go with the tide and follow the latest gambling trends, especially if they can benefit you.

Playing on decentralized casinos isn’t all bursts of sunshine and rainbows, either, and it takes some time to find a decent site with your favorite games. Even so, finding a decentralized casino where you can play anonymously without exposing your details is a big deal.

Also, you’d be playing for higher bonuses, placing bigger bets, and, most importantly, getting the chance to verify the games’ fairness truly and not just blindly trusting the operator.

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