Community Engagement in Decentralised Gambling Sites

December 9, 2023
Community Engagement in Decentralised Gambling Sites

Online gambling and crypto gambling Dapps can be quite confusing to new players and if there’s one thing that can help describe them it’s their community engagement. After all, a community behind each cryptocurrency is partially what gives the coin its value, and you could say the same for crypto gambling operators.

So, the impact of the community on the site’s growth can be much bigger than you would think initially, and we are here to put that statement to the test. Our team of dedicated casino experts will give you a ride through crypto gambling Dapps and communities as we look for a deeper connection and understanding of how the two are related.

What You’ll Learn in This Guide

  • The meaning behind crypto gambling communities and their benefits
  • Types of forums and chat features on crypto gambling sites
  • Feedback and innovation as a result of active crypto gambling communities
  • Lines of communication on online gambling Dapps

The Rise of Decentralised Gambling Sites

Before we get to the community part, we have to take a detour to talk about the rise of decentralized gambling sites. After all, these are the only casinos that could benefit the most out of their player communities, so what’s the big deal about these? 

Well, it’s mostly the decentralization as a key factor that contributes to these sites being so popular these days. Unlike regular old-school casino sites, gambling Dapps relies on decentralized crypto software and blockchain as the main building block of the platform.

Games are processed through smart contracts with pre-set outcomes and that leads to various benefits to players, but also some suspicion. If a site is decentralized, you can’t know much about its dependability unless you have a first-hand insight into how it works.

That’s where the community may come in handy as you can learn about all the key details from other players and that could make your decision to join way easier.

The Heartbeat of a Platform: Its Community

The community of each crypto gambling platform is like a voice behind the site telling you all you need to know before you even become a member. Especially for sites that operate in the decentralized crypto gambling space, it’s a big deal to all players since you can even score some crypto faucet bonuses by becoming a community member.

It’s not even comparable to old-school platforms where you didn’t have the right technology for building a responsive community with helpful information being shared by players.

Besides crypto bonuses, you can also see the stakes of other players in crypto coins on the site, their winnings, and even some personal experiences. We can talk to you about crypto casinos all you want, but unless you try them for yourself, listening to its community members for valuable information is irreplaceable.

Why Community Engagement Matters in Decentralised Gambling

Getting some occasional bonus boosts and sharing your experience sure sounds nice, but is that all you can get from the on-site community? It’s a question we get commonly asked on a daily basis, so let’s consider some additional factors here to give you an according answer:

Trust and Transparency

The best way of learning more about a certain site is usually through crypto casino reviews, but getting to know the community can also be a great indicator. That’s why the crucial influence of the community is the one that speaks on behalf of the site’s fairness and transparency.

In other words, you’ll be able to hear everything about the site from other players and that can be a crucial factor for your decision-making when thinking whether to join the site or not. On top of that, you’ll get to witness first-hand testimonies about the site’s reliability and fairness, along with the most common problems that other players are facing.

Feedback and Innovation

Not only is it beneficial for you as a potential newcomer to hear about what’s new in the community, but it can also be helpful for the operator itself. We’ve heard numerous examples where debates among players have resulted in significant improvements for the site based on community inputs.

A perfect instance is the introduction of the “Chat rain” feature in the BC Game’s chat where players have requested frequent crypto boosts in the chat. These may not be as impressive as the other bonus offers on the site, but you could still get a sense of improvement for both player engagement and customer satisfaction based on just a few community comments.

Building a Loyal User Base

One of the main goals of every major crypto casino is to build a loyal user base of satisfied players. That’s also the main reason why decentralized gambling sites offer bonus offers and other player engagement tools such as jackpot prizes.

When you think about it, it’s way easier to achieve making players happy with a flourishing community where players are able to share their experiences and tips for improvement. If you’ve been asking yourself what’s in there for you as a player, you’ll be happy to hear the answer.

Some of the best online gambling Dapps have developed community features like contests and tournaments, chat rain, crypto faucets, and other random prizes. So, you can only benefit from taking part in the community as those who are most active usually walk away with the best prizes.

Cultivating Community Engagement in Gambling Dapps

Now that you’ve heard a bit more about the main benefits, let’s further discuss the main channels of achieving community engagement. These will also help you understand the essence of gambling Dapp communities so you can use them to your advantage when playing:

Interactive Platforms and Forums

Having a sort of forum or a live chat is now more common than you may know among Dapp casinos. Popular sites like BC Game, TrustDice, and JustBit all have their own ways of making players true members of their communities through a live forum.

It’s also where the magic happens in terms of all those chat rain bonuses and crypto faucet offers we’ve mentioned. Joining a site with an active community forum can be a great way of keeping track of the latest updates and being able to get a bankroll boost or help when needed.

Regular Events and Tournaments

Through the on-site community, you can also get invited to specific on-site events and tournaments. We’ve seen it happen countless times and players that aren’t in touch with the community often miss out on these promotions which could be a bad call for your bankroll.

Here’s a brief overview of all the events and rewards you get to claim as an active member of the site’s community:

  • Chat moderator crypto boosts
  • Community-only contests with prize pools 
  • Slot races 
  • Loyalty offers for VIP community members
  • Free spins 

As you can see, there’s much more to hope for than meets the eye here, and a perfect example is the BC Game Casino’s chat bonus. It’s also one of the fairest bonuses we’ve seen since players can win an accordant prize in crypto-based on their chat activity and contribution to the community. 

The more time you spend chatting and interacting with other players, the higher your chance of getting a big crypto boost.

Open Lines of Communication

Overall, online gambling Dapps make their communities way more important than ever before in the world of iGaming. It may not only be due to the convenience of crypto payments, but we assume it’s largely because it’s easy to manage fast crypto rewards to players who earn them based on their community activities.

It’s also a two-way drill since you can also communicate with the site’s representatives via email, live chat, and other support channels to stay updated on the latest changes. This way you can even get invited into the VIP club or get in line for the latest benefits and promotions for players and sire members.

Communication is everything in the online crypto gambling world and we advise you to always pick sites with open lines of communication since it’s proof that they care for their players.

Challenges and Road Ahead

Well, we hope you can now see the bigger picture of community engagement in crypto gambling Dapps and why it’s so important these days. Still, it’s not so easy to find a site that cares for its players in such a way due to all the shady stuff that comes with some decentralized casinos. 

Even so, after going through our guide, you should be able to pick your next stop among crypto casinos more easily with a focus on getting that extra kick out of community-based promos and communication channels. 

As time goes by, we have more and more reason to associate crypto casino communities with those behind each coin that you can use for gambling. So, it’s just one more indicator of how important the support of loyal players is, and we believe you’ll be happy with what you get in turn for your loyalty on any of the sites from our review lists!


  • What's a crypto gambling community?

    A crypto gambling community is a forum or a chat on a certain online gambling Dapp where players can share their experiences and go through activities that may bring them bonuses and rewards.

  • What are the most common types of online gambling communities?

    You’ll often find live player chat rooms on sites like BC Game or TrustDice as the main type of online casino communities.

  • Which rewards could I get as a community member?

    You can get chat rain rewards, access to member-only tournaments or contests, and invitations to special events as an active community member.

  • How to become a community member?

    All you have to do to become a member of a certain online casino community is to register as a new player and make your initial deposit to take part in the chat and start your journey.

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