Crazy Pachinko Game Review – New Evolution Gaming Live Show [2024]

December 11, 2023
crazy pachinko

Thanks to the rise of the crypto gambling Dapps in the past few years, online players got the chance to try some exclusive games that weren’t available before. Among these, we are confident that you are familiar with Plinko since it’s one of the most common provably fair games.

Well, Evolution Gaming just went one step further since they introduced a juiced-up version of it – the Crazy Pachinko Game. It’s a game that combines all the goodies of crypto gaming into a single release with shared elements of online slots, live game shows, and an exciting Plinko-based bonus round.

If that sounds enticing enough, make sure to stand by as we unravel the mysteries of the game and how it works so you’ll be prepared to take it on in your next session.

About The Crazy Pachinko Game

Pachinko is yet another common term for online casino Plinko games, and these are based on the traditional Pachinko Japanese game. We’ll make things simpler for you – in Plinko, you get a board with dozens of nodes in the shape of a pyramid with prize slots at the bottom.

A disc is dropped and it bumps around through the nodes as they direct it into one of the bottom slots for a prize. Even in a regular Plinko gambling game, you get to drop Plinko balls for crypto deposits and hope for the bottom slots to feature win multipliers of up to x1000 or even higher.

Well, Evolution took that as a challenge so their version of the game can end up with bet multipliers well above x10,000. That’s right, the Crazy Pachinko game takes the crypto Plinko gambling to another level with a more exciting base qualifying round, an electric bonus feature, and multiplier prizes that can even be doubled during the Pachinko bonus.

We know it sounds a bit complex at first, but we promise it’s a rather simple game once you get used to the rules. That’s why we’ll explain all the rules and the way you can play this game to maximize your profit, and the first step is to simply understand the concept of Plinko that we’ve just described.

Crazy Pachinko Game Features

So, now that you know a bit more about how the Plinko feature works, we can move on to explain the Crazy Pachinko game in more detail. For the sake of this guide, from now on we’ll refer to the Plinko part of the game as “Pachinko” or a Pachinko bonus.

The game as a whole is divided into two main phases – the base game and the Crazy Pachinko bonus. During the base game, your goal is to qualify for the bonus, and the bonus round then introduces exciting top-up extras and multiplier prizes, so let’s see how it all works:

Base Game Features

The base game of the Crazy Pachinko game show seems like just any regular online slot. You get a 5×3 slot grid with different symbols, but the payouts aren’t that big in this game as that’s not the point.

It’s all about landing the special “P” scatter symbol which activates the bonus round if you can land three of these in the same spin. The game starts as you place your base bet, and this bet will be referred to as your general bet size for the rest of this guide as we want to make things simpler for you.

Crazy Pachinko scatter symbols

Sticky Scatters

The Sticky Scatters feature is active during the base slot gameplay of this game, and it makes triggering the bonus round way easier. In other words, all the Pachinko or “P” symbols that land on the grid will remain sticky as they move one position down through the rows in each spin.

So, let’s say you’ve landed the “P” symbol at the top of one row of the slot. That means you’ll see it drop down to the middle position for the next spin, the bottom position for the spin after that, and it eventually disappears in the following spin after it reaches the bottom position.

This means that if you land the scatter symbol at the top, you’ll have two more spins with it on the grid which maximizes your chances of getting the bonus!

The XXXtreme Spin

The next base game feature is the “XXXtreme Spin” feature and if you use this one, you’d be guaranteed one scatter in each spin of the game. Since the scatters are sticky, this way you can multiply your chances of activating the bonus round.

Using this feature will cost x15 of your base bet level, so you should count that in before you decide to activate these spins. It can still pay off considerably once you land the scatters since it’s possible to also land additional multipliers right off the bat, and that may compensate for a higher cost of these spins compared to regular slot spins.

Crazy Pachinko bonus buy options

Feature Buy Mode

The feature buy mode guarantees you’ll enter the bonus round as you can buy it for x75 of your bet size and you’ll instantly hit the bonus round with it.

So, if you click on the “feature buy” option, you’ll get three scatters right away and the Crazy Pachinko bonus round will follow up. While it’s not exactly affordable for all players, it’s a quicker way of getting into the bonus unlike the traditional bonus chasing, and the best thing is – you can land an extra multiplier to be added to your winnings along with the scatter symbols.

Bonus Game Features

Once you are in the bonus game, you’ll still get a lot of extra features to count on before the Pachinko disc is dropped on the grid, and we’ll describe the main ones right below:

The Top-Up Feature

Whether you buy the bonus or hunt it regularly through the base slot game, you’ll have the chance to top up your bet once in the bonus round. To do that, you’ll have to pay an extra amount for every “top-up spin”, and we’ll get to that in a bit. The most important thing to realize here is that you’ll only have a limited time frame of 60 seconds to place top-up bets.

Here, you’ll have two options – either you can keep topping up with the same bet size, or increase your bet value. The reason for increasing is sort of tempting since you get higher multipliers added to the bottom multiplier slots when you buy extra top-up spins for a higher amount.

Top-Up Feature of Crazy Pachinko

However, you’d be spending more money this way, and you can top up around 50 times before the round even starts. The other option is to simply top up for lower amounts or for the same base bet level and you’ll get a lower multiplier this way, but you won’t be spending too much on top-ups.

Either way, once the 60 seconds are over, the total bet placed for buying the bonus and topping up will be your total bet value. One last thing to note is that this is not the value that gets multiplied once the round is finished – it’s your base bet level that counts toward the multiplier prizes.

The “Double” Feature

Once the game starts, you’ll see the host of the game drop the disc through the nodes and each slot at the bottom gets a multiplier prize assigned to it before the round starts. Of course, that value adds up to the value of the multipliers you’ve already accumulated for that spot during the top-ups.

crazy pachinko's double feature

So, there’s usually a “Double” sign appearing on the screen, and that doubles the value of whichever slot it strikes. If you are lucky enough to participate in a double round, not only will the value of the multipliers get increased, but you’ll also be able to take part in an extra round for massive prizes.

There are 16 different slots where the disc can hit, and whichever slot it hits, the multiplier value of that spot will add up to your bet size and you’ll win accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Well, the Crazy Pachinko game is truly one of the most remarkable game shows we’ve seen recently, and we hope you’ll find this guide helpful in getting to know the game. Since it’s not a regular Plinko game, conventional Plinko strategies won’t apply here and it’s good to know a bit more about the game before you start playing.

Plus, it’s always good to know a bit more about the best gambling Dapps with Evolution Gaming software to play this game, so feel free to check out our ratings and reviews to find the best site for your playing style.


  • What's a Crazy Pachinko game?

    The Crazy Pachinko is a new game show by Evolution Gaming that combines the aspects of slot games and live casino games into one, and it works based on multiplier prizes and a Pachinko bonus round.

  • How much can I win on Crazy Pachinko game?

    You can win more than x20,000 of your base game bet in the Crazy Pachinko bonus round.

  • What are the best casinos to play the Crazy Pachinko game at?

    The best casinos to play the Crazy Pachinko game include gambling Dapps with Evolution Gaming’s portfolio like BC Game, Metaspins, and TrustDice.

  • Are there any bonus rounds in this game?

    Yes, this game features a regular bonus round as a Crazy Pachinko bonus, but there are also options to buy the bonus including the XXXtreme Spin, Bonus buy feature, and the Top-Up feature.

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