Evolving Crypto Bonus Structures in Dapp Casinos

December 9, 2023
Evolving Crypto Bonus Structures in Dapp Casinos

For every online casino player, bonuses and rewards make up a major part of the excitement and bankroll management. However, the recent updates in the field of Dapp casinos called for certain changes in crypto bonus offers and how players can use them.

Of course, only the best crypto gambling Dapps offer bonuses worth your time, so our team will not only help you pick those sites but also explain the improvements in the crypto casino bonus structure along with the most recent updates and unique offers.

What You’ll Learn In This Guide

  • How the online casino bonus structure changed with Dapp casinos 
  • Differences between traditional and crypto casino offers
  • Advancement of crypto gambling Dapps and bonus offers
  • Welcome bonuses for crypto players and their benefits
  • Limits of crypto gambling promotions

The Rise of Dapp Casinos

It’s impossible to describe the significance of crypto gambling bonuses without discussing the true nature and progress of crypto gambling Dapps. So, what exactly is a gambling Dapp? You can consider it as a decentralized platform for online gambling that usually accepts crypto payment options or even NFTs as a means of payment.

The decentralized factor kicks in when you realize how beneficial the “off-grid” system of gambling really is. There’s no control over the site’s offers and payment information by the authorities, so you can gamble securely and anonymously without risking any leaks of your personal information.

Plus, there are no extra costs that come with crypto payments and you can receive the payouts from these sites almost instantly. These are all the benefits that make crypto casinos safer, faster, and simply more convenient for online players in general.

However, we’ve got one more major benefit of these sites to discuss and that’s the bonus category. There are some crypto gambling bonus offers that you’ve never seen before on traditional gambling sites, and that’s what we’ve based our research on for this guide.

Traditional vs. Dapp Casino Bonuses

To help you understand the difference, we’ll first focus on the traditional online casinos and the bonuses that they have to offer to players. So, when you join a gambling site, you’d expect to get a sign-up bonus, and maybe some free spins or no deposit bonus offers.

Reload promotions are always nice as you get a weekly update to your casino balance or rewards, but what about the crypto gambling sites? 

Well, you can always look forward to a crypto casino welcome bonus, but there are also some newer-generation offers available to crypto players exclusively. These include the following options:

  1. Crypto faucet bonuses
  2. Recharge weekly offers
  3. Crypto cashback offers
  4. Community chat bonuses

As you can see, being a member of a crypto casino can pay off way more since crypto casinos usually offer bonuses that aren’t available on regular gambling sites. Out of these, we have to point out the crypto faucet bonus as the most exciting one, and sites like BC Game Casino and TrustDice have been offering those for years now.

You can get an instant crypto boost to your balance in different currencies and these are completely random so that means you’ll always be surprised by getting a balance boost.

The moderators of crypto community chats on online gambling Dapps also reward random prizes, so these can make all the difference between winning and losing for crypto players.

Crypto Bonuses – The New Norm

Now it should be clear to you that crypto gambling sites offer much more convenient gambling terms and options including crypto bonuses. With so many options available, it’s tough to compete with crypto gambling Dapps and it’s way easier to settle for one of these sites instead of traditional online casinos.

So, you should always be on the lookout for the best new offers and we’ll make that task a bit easier for you through our lists of the best crypto gambling Dapps. At least when it comes to Dapp bonuses, these are the sites you can lean on to offer the best promotions:

  1. BC Game Casino
  2. TrustDice
  3. Metaspins Casino
  4. JustBit
  5. Bets.io

All of these will give you welcome offers and even some free spins for joining, and you can expect at least one of the crypto-specific promos we’ve mentioned on each of these sites.

Welcoming Players with the Crypto Casino Welcome Bonus

There’s nothing better than starting your on-site journey with crypto casino welcome bonuses. These are pretty similar to welcome offers on traditional casinos, only this time you can get way more for your money since some offers extend to up to 1BTC as a sign-up prize.

At least when it comes to sites we’ve mentioned so far, claiming a bonus is fairly simple. All you have to do is register as a new player, make your deposit, and activate the bonus. You will have to meet certain bonus wagering terms as well, and these can vary from one site to another.

For instance, BC Game has x40 wagering for the welcome bonus, which means you have to roll over the funds 40 times before you get eligible to make a withdrawal. On top of that, it’s easy to wager the funds through all the online slots available on the site.

We have to advise you to always read the terms and conditions of the bonus before using it, and to look for bonuses with lower wagering requirements since these are the easiest ones to withdraw.

No Deposit Bonus: A Win-Win?

On the contrary, we have no deposit bonuses on Dapp casinos and these are a bit more difficult to find. It’s due to the simple mechanics of not having to make a deposit to grab the bonus, which makes these much less profitable for the casino.

We have to point out that in the recent years of Dapp casino development, we’ve seen way more of these offers when compared to regular online casinos with traditional payment methods. If that seems shady to you, there’s another side of the coin that implies crypto casinos are more likely to offer such bonuses because of the lower costs of running the site without an intermediary or a centralized authority.

So, both the casino and you as a player could benefit from these offers as you get to see more no-deposit action on your account while the platform gains more loyal crypto punters.

The Role of Gambling dApps in Bonus Evolution

In recent years, online gambling Dapps have served a major role in casino bonus expansion for the online iGaming market. It’s not just because of the playing convenience and decentralization, but also due to more innovative offers and games on which you can wager the bonus funds.

We’ve seen sites like BC Game offer bonus wheels and random chat prizes and that’s something that every player should know how to appreciate. With the rise of crypto gambling sites and their provably fair crypto games, we can only imagine the amount of newly developed offers coming our way in the future.

Challenges and Considerations

While we always advise our readers to get the most out of their crypto gaming experience with sites offering the best bonuses, things are not always so easy. The most important thing is to find a decent site that’s been deemed safe and reliable by the industry’s excerpts, so we encourage you to check out our lists of the best casinos.

You should avoid scam sites and shady online casinos with unclear terms of using the bonus since that’s one of the ways you may lose your bonus winnings and never see a dime out of them. 

Make sure to always pick the sites that offer reasonable bonuses with clear terms and suit you as a player in terms of qualifying games for using and wagering the promo funds.

Final Thoughts

As the time comes to wrap up our guide, we are confident you’ve had a helpful insight and an educational journey on bonuses in modern-day Dapp casinos. It’s our best intention to warn you of the potential risks and give you clear guidelines for picking the best-suited bonuses, but also to give you a list of casinos with the most valuable offers.

So, make sure to check out all the sites we’ve mentioned and to do some more of your own digging so you get a sense of diversity to pick the best possible promo for your crypto gambling experience.


  • Which types of special crypto bonuses can I get in 2023?

    Some of the recent crypto bonus offers you can get as a new player include sign-up offers, crypto faucets, recharge bonuses, free spins, and community chat bonuses.

  • Which sites have the best crypto bonuses for new players?

    Online gambling Dapps with the best bonus offers for new players include BC Game, TrustDice, JustBit, and Metaspins Casino.

  • Can I get a welcome bonus on crypto casino sites?

    Yes, you can get a welcome bonus on crypto casino sites like BC Game and Metaspins by simply registering and making your first deposit.

  • How did casino bonus offers evolve with crypto gambilng Dapps?

    Crypto gambling Dapps have brought us new types of online casino bonus offers like crypto faucets and chat rains.

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