How to Play Decentralized Poker and Blackjack with Other Players

January 8, 2024
Decentralized Poker and Blackjack with Other Players

We all know how difficult it is for genuine poker and blackjack enthusiasts to find a worthy version of the game to play online. These days the decentralized gambling field offers a new take on these games, providing the players with new possibilities.

Precisely, it’s playing decentralized versions of the games, but there’s much more to these variations of poker and blackjack than meets the eye. So, our team is here to assist you each step of the way in exploring decentralized poker and blackjack.

We’ll elaborate on the main details, gameplay, and differences between this type of game and the regular online poker or blackjack, while also discussing the online multiplayer option.

What You’ll Learn in This Guide

  • How to play decentralized poker and blackjack online with other players
  • How to find the best gambling DApps offering decentralized poker and blackjack
  • Basics on the game rules and differences compared with regular versions 
  • Understanding the benefits of playing poker and blackjack on decentralized gambling platforms
  • Tips and strategies for playing decentralized blackjack and poker

Basics of Decentralized Gaming

So, why should you give decentralized casino games a chance in the first place? Well, we think it’s simply the most convenient way of online gambling these days and it’s not just our opinion.

It’s the best possible move for crypto players since you won’t have to deal with KYC, authorities posing game limits, or geo-restrictions for your favorite games. On top of that, you can explore provably fair casinos that offer decentralized games for crypto players with increased fairness and more engaging gameplay.

In a decentralized casino, you’ll be playing poker and blackjack games on a private table or with other players. What’s more, all the games operate on blockchain technology and that simply makes your life easier in terms of fast and secure payments, higher RTP, and better bonuses overall when compared with traditional casinos.

Getting Started With Decentralized Gaming

Now that you know a bit more about decentralized gambling as a whole, it’s time to get into the details behind decentralized poker and blackjack games. However, we’ll first lead the way by giving you detailed steps on getting started, so you can play on a safe and secure platform:

  1. Set up your digital wallet – The first thing you’ll need to even consider playing crypto casino games is to have a wallet account. This will give you a chance to obtain your crypto coins from the exchange and transfer them to a casino account in your name, so you’ll be able to wager on poker and blackjack games.
  2. Pick a preferred gambling platform – Playing on a renowned crypto-gambling platform can save you time and trouble since you can gain access to the best crypto-gambling games and prevent online scams. You can use our guides on the best gambling DApps or use your criteria if you have enough experience to find a suitable site.
  3. Pay attention to security measures of the site – Since decentralized gambling DApps don’t operate under any authority, it’s vital to check the site’s reliability before you join. Make sure to read the player testimonies, look for confirmation of eCOGRA or similar gaming fairness organizations, and check if the site uses SSL encryption.

Playing Decentralized Poker

If you are a seasoned poker enthusiast, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can play different variants of the game on decentralized gambling sites. From the Omaha Hi-Lo to Caribbean Stud and some common versions like Texas Hold’em and Three Card Poker, you can choose from all the popular options.

As for beginners, the rules can vary based on the game type, so we’ll take the popular Texas Hold’em as the most common online version for illustrative purposes. At the beginning of each round, you’ll be dealt two hole cards as your own face-downs, and three community cards during the “flop” turn.

A single community card is added each round with the “turn” and “river”, and that makes a total of five community cards. You can use them as you please to combine them with your own cards for the best possible poker hand, and you can either “call” to match the blind bet of other players, raise the bet level, or fold to quit the game and lose your blind.

How Decentralized Poker Works

Playing decentralized poker is simply way more efficient and secure for crypto players. The game itself is based on a cryptographic algorithm and it’s written into the blockchain code. One of the best things about this is that you can get a portion of the game’s crypto hash before the game round starts.

You can use it along with the remaining part of the hash code after the game round is finished to check the game’s fairness and see if it all played out in the way it should have.

Plus, it guarantees that the RTP of the game is backed up 100% by each hand-generated and that you are truly being dealt random cards instead of playing with shady RNG software.

Joining a Decentralized Poker Game

Getting started and playing a round of decentralized poker is pretty similar to playing a regular version of the game. You’ll have to click on the game icon and you’ll be shown a view with available poker tables that you can join. 

From there, it’s possible to see how busy a table is, and if there’s a free seat you can claim it and load the game room. You should also take note of the betting limits since there’s usually a minimum value assigned as the blind bet limit for each table.

So, the trick is to find a reliable site with your preferred poker version and ensure that the blind bet limit suits your game style to play.

Playing Decentralized Blackjack

Among all the decentralized card games, blackjack and poker are arguably the most common types out there. It’s no wonder since the lovers of the blackjack game can feel the true essence of the game every step of the way through decentralized blackjack.

The rules are pretty simple since there’s no difference between this blackjack type and traditional old-school blackjack. However, there’s a slight difference in the way the game is played for crypto players.

So, you’d still be required to reach the value of 21 with the drawn cards as closely as possible without going bust, and you still get to enjoy some side bets even with the decentralized version of the game. 

Crypto blackjack illustration

The main difference is that this kind of blackjack game is predetermined and it’s all thanks to the provably fair algorithm. In other words, the algorithm based on blockchain technology holds the key to the game’s round outcome and it’s pretty much like decentralized poker in that sense.

You should still be able to get a hash code to verify the game round’s fairness, and that works both ways for winning and losing sessions. As far as joining a table goes, you will be able to see the available seats just like with poker games as we discussed, and that can be a huge relief.

Strategies for Playing Decentralized Poker and Blackjack

If you are a newcomer to online poker and blackjack games, there are several tips you may find helpful to elevate your game, and we’ll discuss those next:

  1. Learn the poker hand ratings – One of the essential steps to perfecting your poker skills as a beginner is to learn the hand ratings and play accordingly. By that, we don’t just mean getting familiar with powerhouse hands like Royal Flush or Full House, since a Three of a Kind or even a regular Flush can sometimes lead to victory.
  2. Avoid high-limit tables – Even when playing in crypto, it’s easy to lose track of your balance if you go for too high betting hands. So, we suggest that you steer away from high-limit tables at least until you’ve played long enough to get familiar with in-game drills.
  3. Fold when doubting your hand – Sometimes you can just tell that you’ve been dealt miserable cards and that’s especially the case with provably fair crypto poker. So, when this happens it’s sometimes better to fold than follow through and raise the blind which could lead to a bigger loss.

If you are an expert player just looking for some crypto fun, we suggest that you play decentralized poker on one of the best gambling DApps like BC Game, TrustDice, or JustBit.

Interacting With Other Players

One of the best things about decentralized poker platforms is that you can play against real human players in real-time. That means you’ll be able to join a table with other players sitting there and waiting for someone to join and play with common cards.

You can get in touch with those players through in-game chats, or public chat rooms on the site, which is nowadays a pretty common feature on decentralized gambling DApps. 

Also, you won’t have to worry about fair play due to that decentralized factor and provably fair gaming algorithm, so we encourage you to explore these platforms and try getting in touch with other players for a more immersive experience!

Challenges and Considerations

Finally, we have to address some of the biggest challenges and things worth considering before you join your first decentralized poker table. In our expert opinion, the only thing that could ruin your experience with these sites is if you go for an unverified platform or face struggles processing the transactions and payments.

So, we have to advise you to at least one bit dedicate your focus to finding a renowned gambling DApp to play and explore the best crypto wallets for online gambling and best currencies for crypto gambling before you get into it.


  • What are decentralized poker and blackjack games?

    Decentralized poker and blackjack games are online gambling games where players can use crypto deposits to fund their poker or blackjack bankrolls and enjoy real money play with an in-game chat and provably fair odds.

  • Are decentralized games safe and fair?

    Yes, decentralized games like poker or blackjack are completely safe and legit, and you can rest assured of the fairness as long as you pick a trustworthy online gambling DApp.

  • What are the best decentralized poker and blackjack sites?

    Some of the best decentralized poker and blackjack sites are BC Game, TrustDice, and JustBit.

  • Is decentralized poker different from regular online poker?

    Yes, decentralized poker is different from regular online poker but only in terms of fairness and gaming safety. All the rules and strategies used for regular poker games still apply to the decentralized version of the game.

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