BapBet Casino Review 2021 – Make Crypto Bets & Profit Big

The BapBet online casino is probably the only crypto online casino that could boast the fact that everything there is arranged to ensure you a win. You read that right, everything on this fairly new gambling site, from the RTP and volatility of the games, the mining and dividend payouts, even the VIP club rewards, they’re all stepping stones to help you multiply your crypto bet earnings. Curious to see what they have in store for you? Well, let’s dive straight into the offerings.

BapBet Welcome Bonus

As mentioned earlier in this review BapBet is a generous casino. But since much has already been allocated to the benefit of the players through other features at this crypto casino, they’ve decided to give the old-school welcome bonus a miss.

BapBet Banker

The BapBet gambling system relies completely on cryptocurrency. It accepts currencies like TRX, EOS, ETH, USDT, and BEE. In addition to these coins, they also have a house coin, BAP. This is the main player when it comes to staking and mining, even in some VIP rebate schemes. In order to earn yourself a few BAP tokens, all you need to do is actively earn them, simply by betting and playing at BapBet.

BapBet Dividend

bapbet dividend

Dividend payouts are what is most fun at a crypto casino. You simply need to stake your BAP coins and watch them make money for you. 10% of the pool is segregated daily among all the stakers, and this will be distributed relative to the amounts of BAP that they have staked. Of course, staked coins can be unstaked but the usual 24-hour rule applies. Additionally, this casino even buys back your BAP tokens, in EOS! Way to make money from storing coins, huh?

BapBet Freespins

As with the welcome bonus, there has yet to be a freespins bonus at this gambling joint.

BapBet VIP

bapbet bonus

VIPs are treated well at BapBet. Not only can they rank up from collecting VIP points from their own bets, but the casino also counts a portion of a player’s affiliates’ bets as well when counting VIP points. Being a VIP on here means that you get both bet rebates and affiliate rebates. And with each rank up, these will only increase in size. There are 15 different ranks to reach and with every step, you’ll be rewarded free EOS coins. This reward also gets bigger as you move up the ladder, leaving you nearly 60,000 EOS coins richer when you reach the top rank.


There is only one bonus campaign running on this site and that is the Present Box. Essentially, it’s a daily surprise drop that resets at 0:00 GMT. You could win rebates, cashback, free games, free bets, even free coins! Just make sure to come back every day to claim it!


casino games

This BapBet review wouldn’t be complete without a quick look through the games library, would it? Unlike most crypto casinos, the site has game offerings that have a similar look and feel to any casino game out there. Titles like SicBo, BullFights, PK10 Racing, and Baccarat are just some of the ones that caught our attention. However, as the site is fairly new, they’ve still more to do when it comes to having a stockpile of good games to play. These, however, are adequate for those who are gunning towards bringing home a good chunk of moolah. But if you’re looking for graphics, animations, and a killer storyline, this may not be the one for you.

BapBet Deposit & Withdrawal

eos deposits

Being a fully-crypto casino makes deposits and withdrawals as easy as a cool breeze. As you would with all your crypto transactions, simply send or receive coins using your unique casino QR code or wallet link. That’s all there is to it!

BapBet Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, BapBet takes a huge slice of that cake. Not only do they have an active, all-around live chat system, their support teams are also on social media! Reach out to them on Facebook, LINE, or Telegram to get instant assistance.

Pros / Cons
  • Big rebates
  • Mining/Staking available
  • 50% profit sharing to players
  • Supports multiple crypto coins
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Small variety of games
  • No welcome bonus


Can I use altcoins at BapBet?
Yes, you can. The site accepts coins like TRX, EOS, ETH, USDT, and BEE.

How much is the return for staking?
The casino opens up 50% of its profits to be shared with its players.

Do they accept Bitcoin?
At the moment, the casino only deals with altcoins.

What are the perks of being an affiliate?
Not only do you get rebates, but you’ll also have your referrals’ bets count to your VIP rank advancements.

Can I play on mobile?
Yes, the BapBet site is also optimized for mobile play.

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✅50% profit sharing
✅Massive dividends
✅Texas holdem PVP
✅Provably Fair Games

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