Dice.one Casino Review 2021 – Decentralized Social Gaming With EOS Tokens

The Dice online casino is one of the few decentralized crypto gaming platforms out there on the Internet today. And, it is also regarded as the largest gaming platform based on the EOS blockchain. It has an endless supply of crypto games you can try out and they’re always on the lookout for new, fresh crypto game developers to add more color to their game library. And best of all, you’ll get a chance to be part of a generous profit-sharing system. Want to see what else Dice has? Read on!

Dice.one Bonus

Upon successful registration, all new players will be awarded with one of Dice’s house tokens, FREE. 10,000 are to be claimed over the course of your first 10 days playing at Dice. Although these tokens themselves are of no value, you’ll be able to use them at games and win actual crypto coins. Now that is a welcome arrangement!

Dice Banker

This crypto gaming site is great in that it supports quite a handful of crypto tokens. EOS, USDT, EUSD, EBTH, EETH, and more. Home tokens include the DICE token and the zero-value FREE tokens are awarded to players for free play on the site. And if you need an idea of how much you’re betting on your crypto gaming, total spend can be displayed in a choice fiat currency, either USD, EUR, GBP, KRW, CNY, or HKD. Deposits can only be made to your Dice Bank account and this will be credited as the respective tokens. 50% of the net profit is paid out as interests on each wager made on the site. You can deposit or withdraw at any time you please, with no limits.

Dice.one Dividend Payouts

dice one dividends

At Dice, dividends are paid hourly and are based on the number of DICE coins that you have staked. In order to earn more DICE coins, you can choose to play for them or convert them from your EOS tokens. You can also reroute your DICE tokens from dividend payouts to be re-staked. As always, unstaking is possible and has a 24-hour hold from the time you choose to stake your coins. Dividends are updated weekly and increase by approximately 1.05% each week. They’re paid directly to your Dice Wallet, for every token paid out.

Dice.one Jackpot

dice jackpot

Although there isn’t much in terms of promotions on Dice, the jackpot amounts themselves are pretty tantalizing. Those at the top of the weekly leaderboard will be the ones who will partake in a share of the pooled wins. You will need to lead the board for at least an hour a day to stake claim of the current prize money, which will be based on your wager points. Once it’s been claimed, the timer resets, and the next leaderboard champion will stake their claim of the jackpot prize. The lucky draw jackpot prize is awarded to you if you manage to hit 3 Dice symbols on your spins. This pool keeps growing progressively until someone claims the prize money, after which it resets itself.

dice vip

The referral program at this casino is a lavish one, with players standing to gain up to 10% of returns from wagers of their referred friends. 6 different ranks are open to being attained, each with a significant increase in wager profit shares. All you need to do is get your friends to bet through your referral link and the spoils will be credited straight to your Dice account.

Dice Games

dice one slots

There are 6 different in-house games to choose from at Dice. They’re Dice, Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Bullfight, and Texas Hold ‘Em. For these options, the gameplay is broken down to the basics, giving players a chance to focus fully on the betting, instead of the game frills. Hash entries are shown in real-time, giving you a transparent look at the game outcomes as well as what this spells for your win rate. But for those who prefer a more classic casino-type option, there are a few entrancing slot titles to choose from as well, courtesy of Lucky Slot. These games work exactly as they do at your favorite casino sites, just that the bets are made with your crypto balances.

Dice Deposit & Withdrawal

There are three ways to fund your accounts on Dice, either via Dice Wallet, Dice Bank, or Dice Dividends. Dice Wallet holds coin deposits without any interests being paid out. Any coins deposited here can only be used for wagering purposes. Dice Wallet is also the only way to claim dividend payouts. If you need more of a crypto coin, you can also swap between the coins you have in your Wallet for a small exchange fee.

Dice Mobile Platform


At this time, Dice has yet to come up with its proprietary mobile app. However, those on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone can still access the Dice mobile site via their respective smartphone or smart device browsers. All features of the mobile site are a mirror of options available on the desktop version so you’d be able to find all your favorite games just where you remember them.

Dice.one Customer Support

Their support agents can be reached via email. Email correspondence usually takes anywhere between 2-3 days to be resolved. It would be a great addition to have a live chat system on Dice, but that’s a task for the future.

Pros / Cons
  • 50% profit sharing
  • Bountiful affiliate scheme
  • Varied cryptocurrencies supported
  • Multiple jackpot options
  • Single support channel

Dice.one FAQ

Are there jackpots at Dice?
Yes, there are two forms of jackpots to be won at Dice. One is a leaderboard jackpot and the other is a lucky draw jackpot.

How are dividends paid out?
Dividends are paid out hourly and its percentage is based on the number of DICE coins staked and mined. The average is updated weekly.

How much do I get when I refer new players?
Earnings depend on your rank as a referrer. Those with higher ranks get bigger cuts of their friend’s wagers, up to 10%.

Can I contact the support staff?
Yes, they can be reached via email.

What is the main coin at Dice?
EOS, USDT, EUSD, EBTH, EETH, and more.

What games can I play here?
Baccarat, blackjack, sicbo, bull fight, texas hold’em, dice and slots.

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