FelixBall Review 2021 – Earn Cryptocurrency Through Futuristic Games

FelixBall is another online casino that leans towards being a decentralized app, rather than a full-fledged casino. The site runs on the EOS crypto highway and is one of the easy and exciting ways to gain EOS coins. It has yet to receive licensing from international regulators but operated within the lines of global gaming and casino policies.

FelixBall Welcome Bonus

At Felix, the main focus is on the process of staking and dividend payouts. During the time of writing, there have yet to be any welcome bonus packages offered to users of Felix.

Felix Banker

Banking at this casino is fairly simple. As you already know, the site is powered by the EOS blockchain. And as such, the main commodity and only here is the EOS coin. All bets are to be made in this coin, after which you will receive, in return, the house coin, FLX. FLX is a proprietary coin that is mined by making bets and can be used to score a higher cut of the dividend payouts.

FelixBall Dividend Scheme

felix reward

FelixBall dividend scheme is fairly generous, with a potential returns average of 83.822% annually. The prize pool is distributed daily between players. Each will receive about 3% of the profits, which again, depends on the total FLX coins that they stake. Staked coins can be unstaked 24 hours after being held and can be re-staked at a future time.

Felix Freespins

For now, Felix has no free spins bonuses to offer players.

FelixBall VIP Program

There has yet to be a VIP program at Felix online crypto casino.

Felix Campaigns

There are no promos or offers at Felix gaming platform at this time.

Felix Games

felixball games

This online casino review wouldn’t be complete without taking a look at the list of games offered at Felix. Since the casino is dead set on simplifying transactions to boost profit-sharing activities, it’s only natural that the games here are highly no-frills and focus on the action rather than the animation. Power Ball, Dice, Lotto, and Bit Ball are just some of the titles you will encounter. All games come with a guide to help first-timers learn their way around the concept of crypto betting.

Felix Deposit & Withdrawal

felixball deposit

Deposits and withdrawals are a breeze on this site, simply because it only deals with two coins, the EOS coin, and the Felix coin. And since bets only receive EOS coins, you can simply link your native wallet to your account and begin transacting. Aside from the native option, Felix also endorses the use of exchange wallets like Scatter, TokenPocket, Starteos, and a few other digital crypto pockets.

Felix Customer Support

felixball support

For a site that is pretty simple on the outside, Felix has quite an extensive support frame. And, each channel is dedicated to a specific country. Its agents can be contacted simply via Telegram or the QQ Channel. Alternatively, you can reach out to the Felix community where you’ll meet other players who can guide you through the site and its games.

Pros / Cons
  • Profit-share scheme available
  • Exciting gambling games
  • Multiple support channels
  • Simplified crypto transactions
  • Single currency platform
  • Limited variety of games

Felix FAQ

What coins can I use at Felix?
The casino accepts solely EOS for wagering purposes. For staking, the house coin, FLX, is used

How much dividend can I earn?
Felix has a profit-sharing system that distributes dividends based on relative proportions of staked coins.

Is this casino licensed?
The casino is licensed to operate in countries that adopt fair and transparent gambling policies.

Why are the games unlike other casino games?
Felix is focused on the earning of coins rather than the gameplay and betting process. The kain goal at this casino is to gain crypto assets in a fun way.

How do I contact support?
The Felix casino customer service can be contacted via Telegram or the QQ Channel. Some countries have specific channels.

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