Good Luck Casino Review 2021 – Daily Dividends Galore

Good Luck casino is a decentralized crypto gaming app that relies on both Ethereum and Tron blockchains. Well known in the crypto casino circle for its daily dividend payouts, this 2018 casino is operated by DappRadar and licensed to operate globally. Let’s see what this casino has in store for you, aside from its 24-hour dividend deal.

Good Luck Casino Banker

Although mainly running on the Tron and Ethereum blockchains, this casino also accepts Bitcoin wagers. GLC is the proprietary coin at Good Luck with a total of 100 million available to be mined, not counting burn rates. So, if you’re keen on earning some TRX, ETH, BTC from games and some extra TRX coins on the side from stakes, this crypto gaming site is definitely the one for you.

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Good Luck Casino Dividend

Mining is a bit different here on Good Luck. In addition to the mining power from playing games on the site, most of the games also have a mining bonus, which increases the overall efficiency. Dividends are paid through two modes which are Freeze and Burn. Freeze Mode involves staking your GLC coins for a 25% cut of the allocated profit sharing. The remaining 50% is paid in the Burn Mode, but only randomly. This prize may not be paid out, since it’s allocated at random based on GLC coins staked, which in case, would snowball to the next week, akin to a progressive jackpot system.

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Good Luck Affiliate Scheme

Interestingly, your affiliates will be giving you 10% of their GLC mining spoils and on top of that, you’ll have an extra 50 TRX thrown in for each referral you make. If that’s not a lucrative arrangement, what is? Simply send your friends your referral link and you’ll be earning more as they keep on their winning streaks.

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Good Luck Games

This Good Luck Review for 2021 wouldn’t be complete without a quick look at the games they have. In all, there are 4 in-house options that you can choose from. And they’re all common casino options like Hold ‘Em, Roulette, Blackjack, and Slot Machine. So if you’re an avid casino visitor, you’ll feel right at home with this game lineup at Good Luck.

Good Luck Deposit & Withdrawal

Deposits are solely via unique QR codes and links, so you can go ahead and use any cryptocurrency wallet that you’re comfortable with. Withdrawal, however, is only to the native wallets of Ether, Bitcoin, and Tron. There are no fees indicated for these transactions on Good Luck.

Good Luck Mobile App

At the moment, the mobile app versions of Good Luck are yet to be released for public use. However, the site can still be accessed via a mobile browser, but preferably on Google Chrome as the site is optimized for that particular mobile browser. The layout of the site is similar to the desktop version, just with a few mobile-friendly tweaks to make scrolling, navigation, and touch gestures easier to use on a handheld device.

Good Luck Casino Customer Support

It won’t be a complete review if we don’t check out the assistance on the site. Anyone looking to contact the support team can do so via email. Additionally, you can reach out through their multiple social networking accounts, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Pros / Cons
  • 75% net profit sharing
  • Mining profit sharing affiliate program
  • Supports big value crypto coins
  • Freely deposit from any wallet
  • Small variety of games
  • Limited support channels
  • Withdraw specifically to native wallets

Good Luck FAQ

Can I use Bitcoin Cash at Good Luck?
At the moment, the casino accepts Bitcoin, Ether, and Tron. Bitcoin Cash is a currency that they are looking to add, hopefully, sooner.

Can I stake at this casino?
Yes, staking requires Good Luck native coins, GLC, and staking earns you dividends in TRX coins.

Is there an affiliate program here?
Yes, the affiliate program at Good Luck includes 10% of your referral’s mining profits.

Are there any bonuses on Good Luck?
At the moment, only staking bonuses are available.

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