RocketGame Casino Review – Top Crypto Gaming Site for 2021

The RocketGame online casino is yet another member of the crypto gaming scene. However, this site is designed closer to being a typical decentralized gaming app, rather than an actual casino layout. So, for newbies seeking to tread their first steps in the cryptogaming world, this site could be quite a learning experience, with a comparatively low house edge. Let’s see what RocketGame has to offer you.

RocketGame Welcome Bonus

Since this casino leans more to being a dApp, there isn’t a welcome bonus in place. However, multiple bonus offers and big staking returns make up for that. More on these in the upcoming sections.

RocketGame Banker

As far as banking goes, the site accepts multiple currencies, including Bitcoin, TRON, and their very own ROCKET coins. You can choose to transact through the coins’ respective native wallets or via the site’s unique RocketWallet. The only downside is that RocketWallet merely supports TRON and ROCKET coins.

RocketGame Dividend

rocketgame dividends

Being a dApp, it’s only natural for RocketGame to offer a staking system to its players. Players can stake their ROCKET coins for a piece of the TRX prize pool. To earn ROCKET currency, players simply need to keep wagering on the site, with either Bitcoin or TRON coins. 60% of this pool will be shared between stakeholders while the remaining 40% is distributed between contest, event, and referral bonuses as well as to maintenance and the development team. As usual, frozen coins can be unfrozen after 24 hours of being staked.

RocketGame Referrals


The referrals program here is also another great way to get coins back, without having to spend much. Simply invite your friends and family to join the platform and actively wager in order to get a cut in TRX or ROCKET coins. The payouts are very generous, with a lifetime return of 0.35% in TRX off their total winnings, 0.05% in TRX from slots winnings, and 6% of all the ROCKET coins that they’ve mined along their gambling journey.

RocketGame VIP Program

rocketgame vip

This casino review wouldn’t be complete without a look at the VIP scheme that RocketGame has to offer. There are a total of 10 ranks to qualify for and with each rank-up, you’ll be awarded with a combination of perks and offers. At the top of the ranks, you’ll stand to receive up to 30% in cashbacks, 500 free TRX bonus coins, access to exclusive promotions, personal account managers, and additional perks on your RocketGame account.


rocketgame wager

As far as promotionals go, RocketGame rewards its players in unique ways. The main one being through daily challenges and contests. The daily challenge allows the player at the top to be given a 1.2x increment in their mining rate. And at the end of the day, the person who remains at the top spot gets a sweet bounty of 655 TRX coins. The daily contest pool also works similarly, with 50% of it being awarded to the top player. And the remaining amount is distributed between the remaining players in the top 10.

There are also events that drop a big bag of coins for you to take home, every now and then. Most of them are mining events where players get a boost on their mining rate, as well as a hefty sum of TRX coins. Daily tasks are also available where you’ll be awarded small packs of TRX for completing the milestones set by the casino.

RocketGame Games

rocketgame casino

Now for the fun part, the games. Since RocketGame is a dApp, its games are much more simplified and focused on the value of exchanges, not too much on the gameplay itself. Games like Banker Bull, RocketDice, HiLo, FruitSlots, and the rest of those on the RocketGame library employ a simple wagering and bet on the probability of the returns. You can choose to wager manually or set a repeating loop, automatically.

Deposit & Withdrawal

RocketGame sits on the high throne of the TRON blockchain and so does its RocketWallet. However, even if you choose to opt for use of native wallets, the deposit and withdrawal method remains the same. You can simply use a unique link or QR code to transfer coins to and from your account at any time.

RocketGame Mobile

On mobile, RocketGame’s site is presented in a user-friendly layout. This allows you to navigate through the site with ease and gamble comfortably on any handheld device. And since the games require minimal moves and employ mainly the use of buttons, it’s so much simpler to make bets on RocketGame via mobile. However, the site has yet to come up with a proprietary mobile app version of its gaming services.

RocketGame Customer Support

The only way to contact the support agents at RocketGame is via email. Simply drop them a note and they’ll get back to you within 3 working days.

Pros / Cons
  • High profit sharing rate
  • Bonuses via events, tasks, contests
  • Supports multiple crypto coins
  • User-friendly mobile site
  • Games with simplified gameplay
  • Single support channels


Can I use Bitcoin with RocketWallet?
For BTC, you’ll need to use a native wallet. RocketWallet only works with TRX and ROCKET.

Can I stake and earn dividends here?
Yes, RocketGame does offer a 60% profit-sharing system.

How do I play the games at RocketGame?
The games here are slightly different from common casino offerings. They are based on the probability of returns. You simply place a wager and your guess of the outcome determines your payout.

Is there an affiliate program here?
Yes, the referral program here pays out a specific percentage for each referred player, for a lifetime.

How do I contact support?
The only way to contact support is to send them an email.

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