Rollbit Casino Review – Bet With NFT & Crypto Like A Pro

Rollbit is the perfect place for NFT and crypto gamblers alike. Owned and operated by Bull Gaming N.V. Company, the site was first opened to the Internet’s gambling community in 2020. And since then, the site has become a hotspot for cryptocurrency and NFT bets. It’s licensed under the Curaçao Gaming Control Board, which means that all its operations involving gambling would be held to international standards.

But is Rollbit only about NFT and crypto? What about cash bettors? Sit tight, because all the details on this futuristic casino are coming right up.

Is Rollbit Legit?

Right off the bat, we’ve seen that the casino has an internationally regulated gambling license from the Curaçao Gaming Control Board. However, that isn’t the only thing that makes a casino legitimate. Good casinos need to have robust policies and regulations in regards to fairness, transparency, and the safety of user data, as well as secure transactions.

The fairness and transparency policies that this casino adopts matches the requirement of gambling laws in the country of Curaçao. These also apply to any other country which has similar requirements and regulations for gambling. Additionally, in order to maintain its gaming license, the site conducts periodical checks on its RNG games and systems as well as a thorough review of its gambling operations.

As for customer data safety, Rollbit has in place a secure and verified 256-bit encryption system. These data security certifications are from Cloudflare and ensure that every bit of data transmitted to and from the site will be protected with strong encryption, preventing it from falling into prying hands.

All payments on the Rollbit site will be mediated by Wingaming Support Limited, a partner of Bull Gaming N.V. Wingaming strictly partners strictly with certified, well-known safe payments providers. Players on this website can rest assured that all their transactions, right down to the smallest payment details will be protected by fully-encrypted data transmission systems.

Opening A New Rollbit Account

rollbit account

To create a new account on Rollbit, you’ll only need to provide a username, email, and a password. And if you’re feeling a little lazy, you can always use their instant sign-up feature. These one-click login options include access through Steam, Twitch, and Metamask. Those who have signed up with an email can also choose to link their Twitch and Steam accounts to their Rollbit profile.

These login options may seem a little superficial at the moment. But once you have your new account, you’ll be able to activate the 2FA authentication feature from the “Settings” tab. Do note, however, that Steam users will not be able to login if 2FA authentication is turned on so pick your login options wisely.

What’s On My Rollbit Account?

rollbit casino

From your profile page, you will be able to see a quick overview of your account details, rewards, balances, and transactional history. You can also make changes to your account, password, and linked accounts from the “Settings” tab available here. There is also a summary tab for all your referrals to make it easier for you to see your affiliates and the earnings they bring – all in one place.

Your basic ranks and active bonuses or rank benefits are under the “Rewards” tab here. You can also take a look at all the future ranks to level up to, as well as the rewards that come with them. All your cashback rates and rakeback bonuses are available here as well.

Want to know more about ranking up at Rollbit? Keep reading, that’s coming up a little later in this review!

Rollbit Gaming Community & Public Chatrooms

rollbit chat

From the public chatspace, you can speak and trade strategies with other people in the Rollbit community. There is also a moderator bot that often drops casino updates and bonuses in the chatspace so be sure to keep an eye out for those goodies. As of now, the chatroom is only offered in English and is home to chattering from Rollbit players around the world. It would be great if they did have language or country-specific chatspaces so that players could feel more at home at the site. Let’s see how it goes!

Rollbit Exclusive Member Forum

rollbit bitcointalk

Many crypto casinos have made it a point to have a forum space on their website for players to freely communicate and discuss new bonuses, strategies, beta games, and more. But since Rollbit is still fairly new, they have yet to dedicate a section of their website to a forum space for their users.

However, Rollbit players have taken the initiative to start a forum thread on the popular crypto forum site, Bitcointalk. Here, players discuss strategies, site features, games, and more. This makes the thread a great aggregation of information on what are the best features, games, and bonuses that players can find on Rollbit – be it for cash, crypto, or NFT bettors.

The Rollbit Game Library

rollbit games

Most of the slot games offered at this casino are from big names like Pragmatic Play, Gamesaw, NoLimit City, Play’n Go, and more. Unlike most gaming sites that offer simply a handful of jackpot slot options, Rollbit changes things up a little by offering a cash prize pool with every slot game here. All you have to do is take up the unique challenges available under each game window and you’ll be rewarded!

Looking for the demo version of these slot games? You’ll first need to be signed up and logged in to access the demo option. Once you click into any game, you will see a checkbox under the game window that allows you to toggle between the demo and real money version.

Live Casino

live casino on rollbit

Although the site only has about 35+ live casino options, the operators have made sure that the small offering is one of quality. The live casino spread is an equal balance of games from Evolution, Ezugi, BGaming, Mascot, and Wazdan. If you take a closer look, you’ll see the landscape also dotted with a few games from Red Tiger and Habanero.

A big chunk of these live games are a version of poker. Other options are much rarer selections like Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, Fan Tan, and Live Bingo. Amongst those, you’d be able to find one or two of the classics like craps or baccarat.

Titles to watch out for include Turbo Poker, First Person Craps, Punto Banco, and Joker Poker. Aside from standalone games, there are dedicated baccarat lobbies from Pragmatic Play, Ezugi, and Evolution. Talk about options!

Bonus Offers & Promotions At Rollbit

Although Rollbit doesn’t have the typical welcome package and the likes, they have bonuses, promos, and special offers scattered across the plains of their site. Keep a close eye on the chatspace for updates or look for announcement banners on the site to stay updated with coin drops, cashbacks, rakebacks, and more sweet deals from the operators.


The “Challenges” area has a number of trigger challenges within specific games that will drop a cash prize when fulfilled. Unlike most casinos where such cash prizes would be determined by the operator, Rollbit lets its users decide the challenge. The terms of the challenge, related games, referral codes, and prize money will be determined completely by the user who creates the challenge.

In cases where someone wins, the prize money will be deducted from the challenge creator’s balance. However, any bets made with the creator’s referral code will function as would an affiliate link and bring a small amount of profit to the challenge creator.

Bonus Battles

bonus battles

Bonus Battles has a similar concept to how Challenges work. Users create their own battle rooms and invite other players to compete for the top prize. Any battles created will require participants to pay a Bonus Buy or a minor fee ahead of the match, which goes into the final prize pool. Once all participants are available, the battle runs for 1½ hours and the winner takes home the entire cash pool.

Staking & Dividend Payouts

roll bit dividend

Staking at Rollbit is a little different than what you may be used to. The house coin, Rollbit Coin (RLB) can only be obtained through two methods – Rollbots and Rollboxes. Rollbots are NFT bots that you can buy and stake on in order to get RLB as well as a Rollback rakeback percentage. The rarity of an NFT determines its value and rakeback amount. Rollboxes are NFT packages that you can purchase to spin and win RLB and/or NFTs in return.

These house coins that you earn from Rollbots and Rollboxes can be staked to win you the lottery or jackpot prize. Naturally, the more RLB you manage to earn and stake, the higher your chances of winning the pool. This outcome is determined using a stringent algorithm that uses a specific hash key paired with a random hash key generated and used by the player which should also match the hash key advertised as the winning block.

Crypto Trading Feature

rollbit trading

Like we’d promised earlier, here’s how you can quickly inflate your bankroll and keep your winning streak going at Rollbit. It’s safe to say that this site is one of the first to incorporate crypto trading features as a betting option. As with day trading, you place a bet on the rise and fall of Bitcoin and if you predict it correctly, you’ll be able to multiply your bet up to 1000x and receive that in earnings! Take the leap now and see how much you’d be able to make at the Rollbit Crypto Trader feature.

Rollbit Rankings

There are 28 different ranks to achieve at this casino. To unlock a level, you will need to first match the wagering requirement. Each level up allows you to claim a special reward. At the top of the ranking table, you’ll be granted the title of Rollbit Boss and be eligible for a daily $ 5,000 cash prize for as long as you manage to maintain the ranking. If that’s not generous, what is?

Deposits and Withdrawals on Rollbit

cryptos accepted on rollbit

Deposits and withdrawals on Rollbit are fully crypto-only, since all betting activities are mediated by digital coins. However, cash bettors have an option to convert their cash into digital coins of their preference for use on Rollbit. Accepted cash payment methods include Apple Pay, Google Pay, and major credit cards like MasterCard and VISA.

Accepted Crypto Coins

Accepted cryptocurrencies at this gaming site include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Solana. Rollbit Coins can also be used as a deposit medium. Those who are into NFT trading can also make deposits at this casino using their NFT assets.

24/7 Help & Support

Whenever you need assistance, just reach out to the Rollbit live chat and their friendly agents will be at your service! The service runs 24/7 so you can be sure to have help on standby at any time, any day. Any major questions you may have should have a suitable answer in their extensive FAQ section, so be sure to check that out whenever you get stuck anywhere.

It would have been better if the operators also considered adding an email or a telephone number where players can reach them at. But all in all, the customer service here is worthy of a gold star.

Pros / Cons
  • Accepts multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Deposit using NFTs
  • Staking and mining are available
  • Huge prize pools
  • Multilingual chat support
  • Bonuses & promos all-year-around
  • No mobile app

Rollbit FAQ

Can I deposit here with cash?
At the moment, the website accepts only digital currency or NFTs. Choose between BTC, LTC, ETH, or SOL to make your deposit. Alternatively, they also accept deposits in the form of RLB and NFTs.

Can I mine and stake here?
You can stake your RLBs for a cash prize pool or aim for the jackpot prize!

What are Rollbots?
Rollbots are the casino’s proprietary NFT assets. Anyone with rarer Rollbots (based on the Rollbot Whitepaper) will be eligible for a higher return of RLB coins as well as a bigger rakeback percentage.

How do I get Rollbit Coins (RLB)?
Get Rollbit Coins by buying a Rollbot or spinning Rollboxes.

Are there bonuses at this casino?
Currently, there are no specific bonus offers or welcome packages at Rollbit. However, there are many prizes and perks that you can claim to boost your earnings throughout the site.

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✅Passive income
✅Crypto trading
✅VIP rewards

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