WINk Review – Enjoy The Best Crypto Casino Bonuses for TRON Gambling

WINk casino is yet another online casino that has set foot out into the new world of cryptocurrency betting. Still a fledgling, having being incepted only in 2021, WINk is already amassing quite the visit count and the number of people flocking the site keeps growing each day. But why do they love WINk so much? Is it the grand dividend schemes they have to offer? Could it be the wide range of crypto betting games here? Well, let’s find out in this complete review of WINk, shall we?

WINk Casino Bonus

Obviously, the heart of the matter would be bonuses. At crypto casinos, the bonuses are big and most offered in digital currencies themselves. But since WINk is a revamp of the previous TRONbet casino, they have yet to put in any cool bonuses that you can take advantage of. They do have seasonal promotions, scarcely. It’s not these guys’ first crypto casino rodeo, do expect some steep crypto bonuses coming your way.

WINk Casino Banker

Let’s talk about the banking. The main wallets supported here are Poloniex and TronLink so that doesn’t give players many options. However, in terms of currencies do expect quite a few, with USD, TRX, BTT, SUN, LIVE, DICE, and more. There’s even a home token, WIN, which players can use to qualify for profit-sharing portions. Each coin denomination is managed directly from your linked wallets and any wins will be credited back in the original currency.

WINk Casino Dividend

wink dividend

Now for the interesting part, the profit shares. As you know now, WIN is the local digital coin that determines the portion of WINk’s profits you are entitled to, which can go up to a whopping 40% on good days. The great thing is that WIN is not mineable. This indirectly increases the value of the token on fiat exchanges, should you decide to liquidate.

Dividends are paid out by the number of WIN coins that you stake. In return, you will be receiving the casino’s profits on USDT, TRX, or BTT, depending on which you have staked for. External coin stakes are also available with the option of staking either DICE, LIVE, or RAKE in return for either TRX, BTT, or any other digital coin accepted on WINk. Dividend payouts are in 24-hour cycles and coins can be unstaked after 24-hours of each coin freeze.

WINk Casino Freespins

WINk is still getting the hang of the ropes here and there so not much is to be expected in the free spins department. Although a freespins bonus would be a great accompaniment to their large vault of crypto slots, we don’t see them coming so soon.

WINk Casino VIP

At WINk there is yet to be a fully-functional VIP tier program, complete with all the bonuses, credits, and special perks that you would expect to see. But, reiterating that this crypto casino is fairly new, it’s probably on the list and in the works, so keep an eye out.

WINk Casino Campaigns

At the moment, WINk has yet to offer any promotions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. But they do have seasonal promotions, look out for those.

WINk Casino Games

wink casino slots

Now for the fun part. For a crypto casino, the game library here is pretty good. Aside from the usual dice, poker, and HiLo options, they also have a long-list of crypto slot titles. These include Hades Gigablox, Vikings Go Berzerk, Blood Moon Wilds, and Valley of the Gods 2, just to give you an idea.

The games follow the cult rule of “play to mine”. The main currencies you can mine on WINk are DICE, LIVE, and RAKE. Mining is completed in stages and in each stage the mining cost will increase by a certain percentage, depending on how much of the currencies are still available across the WINk network. Games are also segregated based on specific currencies to ease mining activities.

WINk Deposit & Withdrawal

Deposit and withdrawals on WINk are mediated completely via Poloniex and TronLink. Once you’ve linked your wallet to your WINk casino account, payments will be shuffled in and out of your selected wallet. Only WINk tokens are stored on the site, to ease dividend payouts.

WINk Mobile

WINk has yet to come up with a mobile app for the benefit of the to-go bettor. But as we write this WINk review for 2021, we do realize that the site works just as well via a mobile browser. Most of the features and navigation options are simplified to fit touch gestures and a smaller screen. So, not having an actual WINk app, shouldn’t be a problem for now.

WINk Customer Support

The customer support at WINk is a little bit different where you will have to sign up once again before you can be granted access to their support agents. The site has a 24-hour life chat service. And if that’s backed up, you can always reach them via email at Their blog area also has quite a few tips and tricks on how to navigate and place bets on WINk.

Pros / Cons
  • Profit-sharing available
  • Decent game spread
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Supports multiple crypto coins
  • Streamlined mobile site
  • No bonuses yet
  • No VIP program yet

WINk Casino FAQ

  1. What coins can I use at WINk?
    The casino accepts USDT, TRX, WBTT, BTT, DICE, LIVE, RAKE, SUN, and more.
  2. Is this casino licensed?
    Yes, the casino is licensed in Curacao and Costa Rica. Players from countries with matching gambling policies are allowed to bet on the site, as long as they’re above 21.
  3. How much is the dividend?
    The dividend depends on the number of local WIN tokens you can mine from betting at WINk
  4. Is there an affiliate program here?
    At the moment, there is yet to be an affiliate program on WINk.
  5. Are there bonus codes I can use?
    Bonuses and promos are yet to come as the casino is still fairly new and growing but do stay tuned for updates soon.
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