Sustainable Gambling Practices in Decentralised Casinos

December 10, 2023
Sustainable Gambling Practices in Decentralised Casinos

Crypto gambling can be a fun new way of trying out your luck online, but these days more and more players simply fear the unknown. It’s due to all the issues that some players have faced, while others are scared to venture into something that’s not even regulated yet. So today, we will be introducing to you a potential solution to such problems – sustainable gambling through decentralized casinos.

Unlike traditional casinos, decentralized casinos offer you a handful of benefits, including privacy, fairness, and equality among all players, as well as many other things we’ll talk about later. In the meantime, here’s our list of best gambling Dapps you can check.

What You’ll Learn In This Guide

  • The meaning behind the term “decentralized casinos” and crypto gambling practices
  • How crypto gambling Dapps changed the iGaming scene
  • Main sustainable practices in online gambling with crypto payments
  • Community engagement in crypto gambling
  • Transparency and regulations as important gambling practices

What are Decentralised Casinos?

The biggest selling point of decentralized casinos is that regular gambling sites are fully centralized. That means that a company or a regulatory body has control over your money, gambling software, and even the bonus offers. 

However, decentralized casinos operate on a specific blockchain software which means they aren’t operated in the same way. No company or brand runs these sites, so they are completely safe and secure for crypto players.

In short, decentralized gambling Dapps exclusively use cryptocurrencies, so there’s no reason to provide your banking details or expose your personal information, and there are a handful of other benefits as well.

Most traditional casinos claim they offer fair games, but one can only take their word for it. In the end, everything is controlled by a single entity and they can temper the games as much as they like. That is not the case with gambling DApps. All transactions and outcomes are recorded and thus anyone can check the integrity of fairness among players.

There’s also the concept of provably fair games which allows players to enjoy a completely fair experience based on pre-determined random outcomes, so your gambling is equal to tossing a coin and this time you truly get to rely on luck alone and not some RNG program.

The Rise of Gambling Dapps

As said before, the appearance of cryptocurrencies sparked a need for a new, innovative type of gambling. Crypto gambling became more popular over the years and for a reason. It provides the player with a lot of benefits, utmost security, and transparency.

These Dapps are taking the online gambling world by surprise as their advance is far bigger than anticipated. To put it briefly, they simply offer more to players than regular casinos in terms of transparency, privacy, transaction speed, lower fees, and lack of bothersome KYC rules.

You also get to play fairer games and try something new among crypto casino games that regular fiat players simply don’t have access to.

Crypto Gambling: A Game Changer

The integration of cryptocurrencies in online gambling was a real game changer. While the very essence of gambling remained the same, it introduced a brand-new concept of participating in these activities. It ensures the trust between players on a greater level.

As mentioned before, such platforms guarantee fair games and player equality. It also offers you a way of checking transaction and outcome histories. This means that the outcomes are provably random and that they depend solely on luck.

Also, private information is secure since none of these platforms oblige you to share them. Everything goes through cryptocurrency addresses which cannot be tracked in any way. And they also don’t have anything to do with your personal information.

Most importantly, you can play responsibly on these sites and still use the same responsible gambling features just as you would on regular fiat casinos. That includes self-exclusion, setting up betting limits, and even blocking your account in the worst-case scenario.

Sustainable Gambling Practices in Decentralised Platforms

Well, now that you’ve learned more about the essence of sustainable gambling on crypto Dapps and casinos, it’s time we get to the details. 

We’ve made sure to compile a list of the key features to look for in a sustainable crypto gambling system so you wouldn’t have to, and here’s what we’ve found out:

Transparency and Fairness

Blockchain transactions are so transparent and fair that everyone can check them. However, no one can access your funds or hack into your crypto wallet, so that makes it a great option for online players, and you don’t even need to expose your details.

You can simply register on a site without much personal information provided and play as you wish with utmost anonymity.

Self-Regulation and Player Control

Self-exclusion plays an important role in responsible crypto gambling since most of the sites recommended on our lists come with responsible gambling features like self-exclusion. 

We also recommend sites with proper support systems and options for players to set limits and boundaries before they develop problem gambling. Plus, there’s always a list of support channels you can access to get the needed help in case a problem still develops.

Decent crypto gambling Dapps always take good care of their players regardless of decentralization, so that’s something to always look forward to on these sites.

Educating Players

Gambling responsibly isn’t only important for crypto casinos but for the whole industry of online gambling as a whole. That means you have to do your best to stay educated as a player, and we can help with that through our guides.

However, it’s best to explore the pieces of advice listed by professionals in the sustainable gambling sector, and by that, we mean organizations like BeGambleAware and the Responsible Gambling Council.

Community Oversight

Community plays a huge part in crypto gambling since it’s the first time online casinos have developed such an environment for players. Through multiple communication channels like on-site chatrooms, live chat in crypto multiplayer games, and on-site support, players can feel welcome in the community and learn more about gambling practices.

You can also seek the advice of other players or chat with moderators and site support operatives to get the much-needed education.

Ensuring Data Privacy

Data privacy is maybe the most important aspect of DApp casinos. They don’t require any personal information such as ID or credit card numbers. 

All crypto transactions are untrackable and use only crypto address numbers and your chosen pseudonym, which ensures absolute discretion and anonymity to players.

Challenges and Opportunities

Even though it all seems pretty solid in this category, there are still some challenges when it comes to promoting sustainable crypto gambling. Because of user anonymity, it can be quite hard to enforce gambling limits.

Besides that, some sites don’t even enforce age limits so it can be difficult to oversee all players without proper restrictions and regulations being enforced.

Even so, advancements in crypto gambling can also lead to innovations and opportunities that can drastically improve gambling as a whole. Decentralized gambling has the potential to reshape the whole gambling industry and you can see it through each step and effort that the platforms make in terms of responsible gambling features, on-site communities, and player incentives.

Our take

Overall, crypto gambling Dapps are way safer and more transparent than ever before, and that’s a standard to stand by within today’s crypto world. We have to say that we’ve seen dozens of bad stories regarding players jumping into it and picking the wrong sites without being completely prepared.

That’s why we have to remind you of the importance of keeping track of the latest trends and changes and using the sustainable practices of crypto casinos. It’s for your benefit and experience, so make sure to use our guides to gain insight into the latest challenges and benefits, as well as for help to pick the best gambling Dapps for your gaming style.


  • Is it possible to gamble responsibly on crypto casino sites?

    Yes, it’s possible to gamble responsibly on crypto gambling sites by using on-site features like self-exclusion, betting limits, and blocked games.

  • What are the main responsible gambling practices?

    As a player, you can enforce certain responsible gambling practices yourself such as setting up a spending limit, placing only the bets you can afford, and playing games that allow lower bankrolls.

  • Can communities help in online gambling education?

    Yes, communities can help in online gambling education since players can learn about sustainable gambling practices from other players and learn more about on-site practices and limits.

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