The Best DApp Games to Play and How They Work

January 8, 2024
best dapp games

If you are an online gambling enthusiast following the latest iGaming trends, you’ll surely know about the concept of DApp games. As the crypto gambling scene made sufficient progress, players could see more and more of these games being added to libraries of decentralized gambling sites. 

The two terms are somewhat intertwined, so our team thought we’d give you a complete guide on DApp games and how to play them. We’ll do it in a way that lets you focus on the essence of these games while also counting on the benefits of decentralized gambling. So, we’ll give you an all-in update on the recently popular DApp games, how to play them, and where to play them.

What You’ll Learn In This Guide

  • The basics behind DApp casino games and their rules
  • How and where to play decentralized casino games 
  • Quick turn at the gameplay of each of our selected DApp gambling games
  • How to choose the perfect DApp gambling game for your playing style

Understanding DApp Games

DApp games are the latest innovation in the online casino sector with a particular influence on decentralized gambling platforms. Precisely, these are the games you can play with crypto deposits and bankrolls and they operate on blockchain gaming technology.

That means two main things – you can mostly play them on provably fair casinos, and you can play unique DApp casino games on each particular site. There are some general game types like Plinko, Crash, Dice, Mines, and others that are popular on almost every gambling DApp out there.

However, there are also some in-house games, and these are the specific games developed by the operator brand. So, there’s that extra sense of uniqueness as you can play something new this way, but it’s not the only benefit that comes with DApp casino games.

Being run on the blockchain and through smart contracts, the game’s logs are encrypted and there’s no way for any foul play here. That also means players can verify and test the fairness of each gaming round, which isn’t something you’d expect to see in regular casino games.

Finally, there’s added transparency and fairness since you can use the pre-game cryptographic hash code to verify the randomness and fairness of each game round. If the game states the RTP of 99% in this case, you can check to see if you get those 99 hands back out of 100 hands played, which isn’t the case with regular online casino games.


A perfect example of a game that’s simply flourishing in the decentralized gambling field is Plinko. It’s very popular on DApp casinos and there are different variations of Plinko available depending on which site you choose to play the game at.

However, some features of the game remain the same, including the main rules, betting options, and payouts. To put it briefly, decentralized Plinko gives you a chance to drop Plinko balls through the pyramid-like grid with nodes that direct the ball into one of the bottom slots. 

Plinko gambling game

Each slot contains a multiplier prize, usually going from x0.8 or x1 of your bet, up to x1000 of your bet or even more in some games. You can arrange the grid by your preference in terms of the max payout and risk level, which affects the number of rows and bottom slots down each reel.

Another exciting thing about the Plinko gambling game is that you can obtain the client seed before the game takes place, and the server seed after the round plays out. This way you can combine the two hashed codes and get the fairness report, which is the pinnacle of decentralized gambling and all the more reason to play crypto Plinko games.


Moving on from Plinko, we have the Crash gambling game and this one is especially interesting for crypto players. It’s due to its vast popularity that it is the most widely-used game that DApp casinos may offer, and you can find a version of Crash in almost every crypto casino out there.

We say a version since there are dozens if not more Crash game variations, and you might have spotted the “Aviator” game on your favorite gambling site. While the game’s visuals and some options may vary, the essence of it is still the same – you get to control the payout time of a rising multiplier icon and the goal is to cash out before it explodes and the game runs out.

Aviator Crash game

As the game moves on, the rising multiplier starts picking up faster, so it may even grow higher than x1000 of your bet. Still, if you wait too long and miss the chance to cash out before the plane crashes, you’d be losing your bet regardless of how high the plane goes, so that adds up to the overall excitement of the number one DApp game you can play.


We can’t go on about Crash and Plinko without bringing up the third most popular DApp game ever and it’s the crypto Dice game. This is where things get interesting since there are different types of the Dice gambling game and it all depends on the site you choose as your preferred gambling platform when it comes to the game type you’ll be playing.

You’ll most commonly find two different Dice game versions. The first one is a simple game where you can guess the result of a double-dice throw. So, you can play either over or under bets here, with the max total throw result of 12 if both dice land on the six field. 

Dice DApp game

The odds are arranged accordingly, so you can get higher odds if you risk it more by betting on, let’s say, lower than five or six. If you only bet on two of the possible 12 outcomes (let’s say over 2 or lower than 10), you’ll get lower odds.

It all works on the blockchain and the dice throw in this game is truly random since it’s generated by the hashed crypto code written into the building blocks of the crypto software. However, there’s also the chance to play a different dice game where there’s a cursor representing the dice throw result number and the range of numbers can go up to 1000 or even more.

Still, the same basic concept applies as here you’d be also using the over/under bets, only with a higher range of possible numbers.

Other Notable DApp Games

Along with these games, there are also a few other options worth mentioning. These include in-house games developed by major decentralized gaming platforms or some commonly found games that are specific to a wide variety of gambling sites.

In our opinion, these are the games that are most commonly found on crypto gambling sites that come right after Dice, Plinko, and Crash in terms of popularity:

  • Hi-Lo
  • Limbo
  • Mines
  • Wheel

Limbo is a fast-paced version of Drash as basically, you’ll be setting the limit this time instead of letting the plane fly off. So, you can bet on x10 cashout, which means if the game results in a higher multiplier than 10, you win the bet.

However, if you choose to cash out on x20 and the result is lower, you’d lose that bet. On the other hand, Hi-Lo is a different breed and it’s a card game similar to the dice game. In this case, you would be betting on over/under bets, and the sequence of drawn cards dictates your winning odds.

For instance, if you wager on higher than an ace, you are likely to get high odds. However, if the drawn card is in the middle range, let’s say a seven, you’d get equal odds for guessing higher or lower.

The Mines gambling game seems just like that Minesweeper game you used to play back in the day since you would be passing minefields and hoping to avoid the one with a mine underneath it. If you keep guessing the right spots, you can accumulate a high winning rate. If you hit a mine, your bet would be lost, so it’s a fun and engaging game. 

Last but not least, the wheel is just like a random roulette-style game with win multipliers or a zero field on the wheel, and the rotation of the cursor determines your prize.

How To Choose The Right DApp Game?

If the choice of all these games simply seems overwhelming to you, there’s always a way you can narrow it down. We suggest that you focus on in-game mechanics, RTP, and the social aspect of the game.

You should think about the risk level and your personal preference when it comes to winning odds and how much you’d be willing to lay on the line. Some games feature a higher RTP, but a lower in-game potential. On the other hand, different games have a higher potential but a lower RTP value, so it’s up to you to find the balance. A lot of provably fair games also allow you to venture into the community on the site and chat with other players, and there are even some versions of Crash where you can chat with other players in-game and even play with other players.

If you are willing to learn more about these games and the overall selection, you can always explore the official sites of Spribe, and BGaming, or simply check out the latest news and game reviews done by our team.

The Future of DApp Gaming

Overall, we hope to have helped with this guide and that you’ll now have a clear picture of what to expect out of the different DApp games. The year 2024 hopefully has a lot more in store for us since all the SoftSwiss predictions align with the stellar growth of the industry, so we are likely to see more crypto gambling games in the upcoming year.

The most room for progress is left to in-house games, and you can already see how different sites feature all sorts of unique provably fair, and crypto games. So, this calls for paying close attention, and make sure to stay tuned with our reviews so you can find out about the latest gaming updates on popular DApp casinos! 


  • What are DApp gambling games and how do they work?

    DApp gambling games are special online casino releases that focus on the decentralized gaming field and they bring provably fair blockchain software that you can use as a player to verify the fairness of each game round.

  • Why are DApp casino games better than traditional online games?

    The latest DApp casino games may be better suited for crypto players than traditional online casino games since they bring a lot of new features and room for growth with a focus on a provably fair concept, higher RTP usually close to 99%, and unique in-game mechanics.

  • What are the best DApp gambling games?

    Some of the best and most popular DApp games are Crash, Plinko, Dice, and Mines, while other popular releases include Hi-Lo, Limbo, and decentralized lottery.

  • Where can I play the best DApp gambling games?

    You can play the best DApp gambling games on sites like BC Game, TrustDice, Metaspins, and other gambling DApps as you can see from our casino reviews.

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