The Best Strategies and Tips for Winning at DApp Games

January 8, 2024
The Best Strategies and Tips for Winning at DApp Games

It’s no secret that DApp casino games are one of the most popular options for players in 2024, and we are likely to see even more of these games being brought to the table. So, is there a way you can maximize your winnings and enforce a sort of strategy to it?

Well, the answer is both yes and no, so let our team guide you through it and thoroughly explain the possibilities and likelihood of a certain strategy to even work for DApp games. We’ll elaborate on the best strategies and tips for DApp games based on the experience of other players, and the specific mechanics of each game, so let’s get into it.

What You’ll Learn in This Guide

  • The essence of DApp games and their gameplay
  • How different DApp casino games work
  • Potential strategies and their efficiency for particular DApp gambling games
  • Whether it’s possible to reduce the house edge on the game by playing with a strategy
  • Tips for managing your bankroll and planning out your balance

Understanding DApp Games

Before we get into it, we must explore the basics behind DApp games and explain why these may be better suited for applying certain strategies than regular online casino games. 

So, DApp games generally work based on blockchain software, and the game’s possibilities are encrypted into the blocks even before the game round starts. In other words, it’s way more difficult to run into “rigged” software since all the DApp casinos offering the same type of game feature the same software.

With this in mind, players have a higher chance of winning or at least a higher chance of losing a bit less when compared with regular online casino games due to a higher RTP. That’s an important aspect of our guide since the RTP can affect the winning odds quite a bit, and some provably fair DApp games feature an RTP as high as 99%.

Getting To Know The Game

One of the best ways to develop a strategy for a certain DApp game is by learning its rules and in-game mechanics. By understanding how a game works, you can have an easier time managing your budget and placing your bets, so this is a crucial first step.

Luckily, most DApp casino games like Crash, Dice, or Mines feature simple rules and fast-paced gameplay, so it won’t take long to learn more about the game that interests you. What’s more, it’s possible to explore the community that stands behind each of the games since online gambling DApps all have broad communities of players both on the site where you may be playing, and in general online.

Make sure to understand the ins and outs of each game before you start placing your bets since there are no particular extra bets or side bet options you can try on these games. Everything is kept simple and fast-paced and that’s your chance to fully grasp the game rules and options to devise a strategy.

General Gambilng DApp Strategies

The first thing you should do once you fully understand the rules and betting options of a certain game is to set up a bankroll. We know it’s not the type of strategy that you might expect to hear as it seems simple, but we can’t just give you some magical steps to snatch a win by hacking the game.

You can only do what’s in your power to improve your winning odds on the game, and you should set a time frame for playing as well., You’d be surprised to hear how many players fail to do this properly when loading a certain game, and if you are doing it we applaud you.

However, if you aren’t, it’s about time you start. Think of it this way – as soon as you load a game, you should determine the bankroll in terms of how much you are willing to spend on the game. You should also set up a winning limit in case everything goes as you planned, just to prevent getting back on the losing track in case things go sideways after a few losing hands.

Finally, you have to consider the game’s volatility to determine the risk level you are exposing yourself. If the game’s RTP is 99% as with some Plinko and Crash games, you should expect a high return, but you shouldn’t expect to win large sums like x1000 of your bet too often. 

While it’s always a possibility, make sure to understand the game’s volatility so you can leave the game room as soon as you’ve won something that you find to be sufficient.

Specific Strategies For Popular DApp Games

If you ever visit decentralized casinos, you’ll know how many diverse games they have to offer. So, you should also be aware of the specific techniques and strategies that may be applied to specific types of games. Something that may work well on Crash doesn’t necessarily make a great Plinko option, so let’s see what it looks like based on the game type:

  1. Strategies for card games – You may not know this, but you can play decentralized gambling games like poker or blackjack on these sites. So, our best tip for you is to carefully explore the poker hand values, get to know the rules, and not bluff too much if your bankroll doesn’t allow risking it.
  2. Crash and Limbo strategies – When it comes to Crash and Limbo, you can apply several strategies including setting up betting limits and an automatic cashout feature. You can play a high-risk game and put more money on the line, or play a low-risk game and cash out at lower values for more frequent smaller wins.
  3. Plinko and Dice strategies – There are several Plinko strategies you can utilize in your game and these mostly include setting up the grid by your preference. In other words, you can set up a low-risk or a high-risk Plinko grid and try variations with 99% RTP. Setting up your budget is always optional, and you can use the Martingale strategy to double your balance on both the Plinko and Dice games.

Tips For Managing Your Bankroll and Crypto Balance

Along with the tips and strategies that could work in-game, you also need to know a few tricks that could help elevate your gaming differently. By this, we mean managing your bankroll and crypto balance. So, first, you need to set up a crypto wallet and obtain tokens that you will use to play.

On the other hand, you need to make sure that you’ve set up proper limits for placing your bets and that means you should never wager more than you can afford. Play responsibly and you’ll be rewarded with a fun time and a chance to maximize your profit by using one of the strategies we’ve mentioned above.

One final note from our team is to carefully consider which cryptocurrency you’ll be using for gambling and to properly store that cryptocurrency. 

That means you should consider the fluctuations in value and payment fees, as well as other surrounding aspects that could damage your balance without even entering a game. Still, a few other tips could help your game outside of the in-play aspects, so we’ll consider them all:

Using Community Knowledge

One of the best ways of keeping in touch with the latest changes is by being an active member of the community. You can do it by following the latest DApp gambling forums or directly on-site on your favorite gambling DApp.

Most of today’s crypto-gambling platforms feature social aspects like in-game chats or even the community chat on the main page, so you can get in touch with other players to learn more about the games and their experiences.

Leveraging The Risks And Playing Responsibly

It’s vital to also be aware of the risks you take and to play responsibly with your funds. That means you should explore the game’s mechanics to see how volatile it is and also pay attention to the responsible gambling features.

These include wagering limits, setting up self-exclusion, or other features that could help you prevent getting into problem gambling.

Analyzing and Adapting To Game’s Software

Finally, we have to point out the importance of always keeping in touch with the latest game updates and changes in the software. It can help you implement new strategies and adapt the strategy you’ve already been using to the new game mechanics.

You can keep track of the changes by visiting the website of the provider or using the “Help” or “Info” page on the game.


  • Are there real strategies for gambling DApp games?

    While there are no strategies that guarantee a win on online gambling DApps, there are some strategies that could maximize your winning potential like creating a bankroll, setting up limits, and working with the risk levels of different DApp games to place accordant bets.

  • Can you improve your winning chances on gambling DApps with a strategy?

    Yes, it’s possible to maximize your winning odds and reduce the house edge of the game by using a certain strategy as we elaborated in our guide.

  • What are some of the best strategies for online Plinko?

    Some of the best strategies for Plinko games are Martingale, Fibonacci, and applying the high-risk-low bet or opposite model.

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