User Experience in Decentralized Casinos

December 9, 2023
User Experience in Decentralized Casinos

In the modern era of decentralized casinos and Dapps, the user experience has become more of a determining factor for players choosing their next site to play at. It’s no wonder that UX is a term closely related to crypto gambling since operator sites had to keep up with lightning-fast transactions and all the benefits for players that come along.

But, what exactly are you looking for in a site if you are trying to find a site with the best possible user experience, and how does that benefit your game? We’ll discuss the perks and key features of all the user experience factors that could complement your style of play, or ruin your on-site stay so that you have an easier job figuring out the best gambling Dapps.

What You’ll Learn In This Guide

  • How the modern-day crypto gambling Dapps helped re-shape the UX of online gambling
  • Key elements and user-experience features to look for in online gambling Dapps
  • Examples of crypto casinos with proper UX systems for player convenience
  • Possible drawbacks and room for improvement in online gambling Dapps

Decentralized Casinos: A New Age of Gambling

To answer the question of why user experience is so important in today’s iGaming world, it’s important to ask yourself another question and that’s what are you truly looking for in a site. If you are anything like our team members, the answer would be something like swift payments, low processing fees, mobile optimization, and wager-free bonuses.

Well, that’s also a big chunk of the answer to the first question since all of us look for something that would make your stay on the site feel more comfortable and less stressful. 

That’s what online gambling Dapps are made for since they run on secure blockchain crypto software with smart contracts for a more secure and fair gaming experience.

To keep up with all those benefits, online gambling platforms simply have to be in touch with the latest trends and deliver certain aspects of user-friendly gaming as we’ll discuss in the following sections.

Elements of User Experience in Gambling Dapps

All the user experience elements of crypto casinos can usually be divided into two groups – those that make your gaming easier, and those that make on-site navigation easier. There are even some sub-categories, but all of these are oriented toward making a player feel wanted and enabling faster turnaround time for on-site requests.

We’ll show you what we mean by that in a bit as we closely explore each of these factors:

User Interface (UI) Design

The gaming interface of the site is what makes you want to stay and play as a loyal member of a certain casino. It happened to our team members countless times before since some sites simply offer that extra comfort when using their services.

It can either be due to a highly-responsive mobile app, or the easiness of navigation through the site. The menu options should also be pointed out clearly so you have no issues going through the site’s sections and finding what you need, and account details are a whole other story.

In our opinion, you deserve to play on a site that shows care for its players through a responsive and optimized gaming interface.

Ease of Navigation

The easiness of navigation comes next since you don’t want any trouble going through the sections even if the interface is clear and simple. It’s always helpful to find insights regarding on-site navigation and a “Help” section to assist you in finding your way through the site’s options.

Along with that, we advise you to look for Dapp casinos with guided walkthroughs that start from the moment you log into your account. This way you can see how to manage your account, bankroll, and find your way through the site’s game categories and offers.

Transaction Experience

Managing your casino transactions in crypto is what makes the whole process way more joyful and more convenient than with traditional casino payment methods. However, you wouldn’t have much use of fast crypto payments if the site you are playing at doesn’t have accordant transaction loading times.

We’ve had a lot of cases where the funds would be taken from our wallet almost instantly, and the transaction status would seem to be already processed. However, when you log into the transactions page of your account, you will just see it as a pending transaction sometimes even for hours.

So, it’s essential that the site’s payment software can keep up with fast crypto payments and balance changes.

Gameplay and Interactivity

A lot of it also comes down to the user experience regarding the games available. We know what you are thinking – that shouldn’t be up to the operator to adjust since there are various online casino software providers running the show and providing their software to those operators.

While that’s true for RNG-operated slots and casino games, there’s also the provably fair games category. As you’ll see from our guides, provably fair casinos are getting more and more popular and some of the games can be made in-house.

That means that if you find a site-specific game of Crash or Dice, it could be due to the site securing a fast and responsive gameplay interface to avoid any unpleasant scenarios when placing your bets.

User Support and Community Engagement

Finally, user-friendly crypto gambling Dapps always feature convenient support channels that are easily accessible by players. Especially for crypto casinos, you should have easy access to live support channels and on-site community chats or forums.

Plus, there should be easy access to the “Help Center” with fast inquiries and responses in the form of the FAQ page. If you have to spend hours looking for support, there’s no point in wagering your crypto coins on the site, so it’s crucial to find a place that gives you the most for your crypto buck.

Case Studies: Examining Popular Decentralised Casinos

To show you what we mean in practice, we’ll give you a few examples of what a good user-friendly casino interface should look like in 2023. As recommended by our team of experts, some of the best online gambling Dapps include the following platforms and their standout UX metrics:

  1. BC Game Casino – As you can see from our BC Game review, this online casino strives to bring players the best possible gaming experience. You can see how user-friendly the site is by taking a look at the main page categories that can easily be scrolled down to browse the bonus offers, game categories, and support channels. Plus, the collapsible menu on the left and community chat on the right makes things much easier in terms of navigation.
  2. TrustDice – Another user-friendly site that’s among our personal favorites is TrustDice and this one doesn’t have a menu at all. You can simply browse through important options right at the top of the homepage including game options and bonuses, and there’s a convenient search bar for filtering the games right below.
  3. – What we especially like about this one is the convenience of browsing through “fast-play” game options right on the main page of the site. You can find all the account options to the left, and you can see your personalized list of frequently played games and recommended releases at the center of the page for easier navigation.

Challenges in Delivering Optimal UX in Decentralised Platforms

While it all sounds great, it’s not always possible to deliver the best user experience for all online casino sites. Some operators have troubles with scalability even though newly-introduced crypto payment methods are greatly scalable.

However, it’s the tech limitations and on-site software processing times that our readers are often worried about, and that’s what we’ve already discussed when we touched transaction speeds.

So, it’s up to you to find a decent site based on the mentioned metrics so you won’t have any issues with the UX or navigation, and we highly recommend sites that offer scalable mobile apps with frequent software updates.

The Road Ahead: UX Innovations in Dapp Casinos

Ultimately, we are confident when we say that user-friendly crypto casinos are the way to go when it comes to the future of online gambling. Crypto casinos may have taken the online gambling world by storm, but it’s a good thing since these allow players to enjoy fair crypto games, way more security than before, and extremely fast transactions.  

Time will tell if on-site software can keep up with all the changes and benefits that crypto payments bring to the table, and we hope our guides on the best crypto gambling Dapps will help you find a perfect user-friendly casino for your needs.


  • What are the main elements of user experience in crypto gambling sites?

    The main elements of the crypto gambling user experience include updated crypto payment methods, fast transaction processing, and a modern gameplay interface.

  • Are crypto casino games user-friendly?

    Yes, crypto casino games are user-friendly due to provably fair software being used for fair payouts and players can even check the game fairness and enjoy fast game rounds.

  • Which crypto gambling Dapps have the most user-friendly interface?

    Crypto gambling Dapps with the most user-friendly interface include BC Game, TrustDice, and

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