BC.Game Casino Review

BC.game, also known as hash.game, is another one of those new crypto gambling sites that you should not miss out on. First established in 2017 under the management of Media Games Malta (EU) Limited, this casino site has quickly become a crowd favorite for its 10,000+ game choices and tantalizing bonus offers. Well, since you’ve read this far, might as well start with the details of the casino. BC.GAME is operated by BlockDance B.V. (Commercial register of Curaçao no.158182, Emancipatie Boulevard Dominico F. “Don” Martina 31, Curaçao) under a sublicense CIL pursuant to Master gaming License #5536/JAZ.

Protips to BC Game users – How to gain the maximum!

  • Log in daily to receive your free spin on the wheel
  • Keep logged in to receive passive income (rains, coindrops, tips)
  • Boost your rakeback before playing (VIP level 12 needed)
  • Remember to use the recharge function (VIP level 22 needed)
  • When selecting the deposit bonuses, always select the maximum available, as there are no wagering requirements!

Specific information on all this can be found below. Just keep on reading!

Bonus & Promotions Offered on BC.game

It’s not just the games that are multifarious, the BC.game bonus spread is equally diverse. The promotions section is such a gold mine, laden with welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, lucky spins, rakebacks, task rewards, and more. Let’s go ahead and break them down, one by one.

BC.game Welcome Bonuses

bc game bonus

BC.game wants every new player to enjoy a kingly welcome. The first part of this fanfare starts off with a no-limit 300% match bonus. Yes, you read right, no limits! That’s followed by a 200% mark up on your deposit. For this one, the limits are reached in increments, as are the third and fourth deposit bonuses. Any deposits between $ 60 – $ 120, a 100% unlimited match will be yours. For $ 120 – $ 600 in deposits, you’ll be eligible for the 150% bonus. And for anyone with deposits exceeding $ 600, they’ll be basking in the glory of 200% in match bonuses. 

For the third deposit, players can boost their bankroll by up to 220%. As with the last, a $ 120 – $ 300 gets you a 100% match, $ 300 – $ 1500 in deposits bestows you a 150% match and anything above $ 1500 will see you enjoying 220% in bonuses. The closing scene of this fine offer is a 240% unlimited match boost. A deposit of $ 150 – $ 400 will get you a 100% on your total cash-in. Anything between $ 400 – $ 3000 allows for a 150% add up, and finally an extra 240% for deposits exceeding $ 3000. 

All deposit bonuses will be credited in the house coin, BCD. Each unit of BCD is equivalent to 1 USDT in value. Not only will you be able to directly bet with the bonus credits, you may also see it rise in value if ever you decide to HODL. But this extremely lavish offering does come with a slight catch. Anyone who makes a deposit of a minimum $ 10 within the first 20 minutes of signing up will be able to enjoy the 300% boost on their deposits. Otherwise, it will default to the casino’s usual offer of 180%.

Reload Bonus Offers

reload bonus

The bonus drops don’t stop at just a generous welcome bonus. BC.game keeps on giving and giving more to all its players, especially through its recharge bonus offer. As soon as you hit VIP level 22, you’ll have a special bonus offer for each of your deposits made on the site. Just imagine the huge bankroll that’ll leave you with! Your bonus offers will be determined based on your total wager amount in the past 7 days. So, the higher your wagers, the higher your recharge returns. This bonus can be claimed every 10 minutes, hourly or daily, depending on your daily betting patterns.

Rakeback Bonuses on BC.game


The rakeback bonuses treasure box can only be unlocked once you reach the novice level of 14. At this point, there will be a 5% rakeback waiting for you on 1% of house edge applied to every game that you play with this operator. As you hit level 22, this increases to 7%. At level 30, you’ll be enjoying a 10% on all of the house’s returns. And with level 38, the maximum rakeback is achieved with 15% on 1% of house edge applied. Players are allowed to claim this bonus every 30 minutes, so those who love long sessions may be faced with some controversial amounts in rakebacks.

Task Reward Bonuses

task bonus

As you tick tasks off your list, you’ll be in possession of free BCD coins under the task rewards bonus scheme on BC.game. There are a total of 700 free BCD coins to be earned here and each of the tasks listed is super easy to get done. You’d barely need any extra effort! There are weekly ones and daily ones, so just take your pick and earn free coins with ease.

BC.game Shitcodes 2022


From time to time, depending on how high you rank on the VIP scale, you’d be awarded a number of promo codes, or shitcode 2022, as they call them in these parts. Simply enter them into the shitcode area on the “Promotions” tab on the website and redeem your special bonus offer.

Unlock Free BCD Coins


As you keep playing and betting on BC.games, you’ll be on your way to unlocking heaps of free BCD coin bundles. These are BCD or BC Dollars that you’ve earned directly or indirectly from any of the bonus offers on the site. In order to unlock this, the general rule of thumb is to calculate it by wager amount x game house edge x 20%. This also means that you will be unlocking your BCD coins in batches of 20% of the wagered amount multiplied by the house edge of the game that you’ve bet at.

BC game Daily Mega Spin

mega free spin

Be sure to drop by daily and test your luck out on these crazy prize wheels! Get a single free spin each day and stand to be receiving free coins – Litecoins, Ripples, Trons, Doges, and even Bitcoin – that to up to a staggering 5 BTC. All you have to do to qualify for this is to be a registered member of BC.game and return every day for your free coins spoils.

There will be 3 available prize reels – Lucky Spin, Super Spin, and Mega Spin. For newbies and those under level 22, you’ll be sent to the Lucky Spin to test your luck. If you’re it, then 1 BTC could be yours. Anyone with level 22 – 70, try the Super Spin for a chance of winning up to 3 BTC. And for the veteran players with level 70 and above, the 5 BTC spoil awaits you at the Mega Spin wheel.

More Fun Bonuses on BC.game

where is coco?

There are a few more fun bonuses to get your hands on at BC.game. The first is the “Roll Competition”, which you’d unlock at VIP level 3. Players get a daily roll that rewards them with coin bundles. The next is the “Where is Coco?” bonus. At level 14, you’ll unlock this promotion. Every 6 hours, the casino mascot, Coco, will show up at a random spot on your screen and stay for up to 10 minutes.

Clicking on this cheeky little alligator will award you a minimum of 0.005 BCD. And as you rank up, the rewards keep getting bigger and better! The “Rain” bonus is activated when you reach VIP level 4. At every 6 hour interval, 6 lucky chatroom members will be selected to be rewarded with free coins. These can be in any of the cryptocurrencies accepted at BC.game, so this bonus can be potentially pretty rewarding.

roll competition

Yet another one is Roll Competition. Similar to the Mega Spin, players with levels VIP 3 and above will have one daily complimentary chance at this single number lotto spin. The goal is to hit the chosen number of the day and take home the daily prize. Your particular reward will vary greatly and be calculated based on your ranking, if you happen to throw a number matching another player. Essentially, it’s a lucky play – and if you’re the one lady luck has her eye on, then the bag will be all yours!

Cash Rain

rain bonus

More free coins coming your way in the chatspace! Every 6 hours, 6 lucky players will be picked out for a random coins bundle. It could be anything for any amount – 100 TRON, 2 BTC, 500 EOS, only the Rain algorithm will determine your wins for the day. And all you have to do is stay active and send pings to all your favorite friends on BC.games. Who knows, you may just hit a streak on this to take home some serious coin.

BC Game No Wagering Requirement Explanation

Let’s say you will deposit 200 USDT and will get a 100% match bonus. This means that you will get a 200 USDT bonus. This bonus of 200 USDT will be marked as a locked 200 BCD under your account. BCD is BC Dollar, 1 BCD is worth 1 USDT.  When you are playing, BCDs will come unlocked with the following calculation: wager amount x game house edge x 20%. 

So yes, ofc you can not just withdraw that extra 200 BCD that you just got from your deposit. But that means your original deposit is not locked. You can withdrawal anytime, so in that sense, it does not have any wagering requirement. Every BCD you will get by playing, you can withdraw without any wager. This is why it is smart to take the maximum deposit bonuses available as the locked BCDs won’t expire!

BC.game VIP Club Membership

bc.game vip

BC.game hasn’t forgotten its high-rollers, don’t you worry. Their exclusive and extensive rewards under their VIP program are guaranteed to knock your socks off. From free coins, surprise bonuses, free giveaways, special, high-value promo codes, exclusive invites to casinos on cruises and famous hotels, an annual invite to their glorious yearly gala, and much, much more.

In order to qualify for this scheme, you just need to keep wagering on the site and gain VIP level points to advance in rank. And if you’re a VIP at any other casino site, BC.game can actually translate that into their terms, giving you a headstart on their VIP ranking system. How amazing is that?!

BC.game VIP Ranking

To rank, you will just need to collect XP points by actively wagering at BC.game. Starters would be awarded 1XP per USD spent in wagers. The point return rate increases as you advance in VIP ranks. For every milestone, you will be awarded a special VIP card, ending with the Diamond Card with the ultimate spread of VIP bonuses. These bonuses could be free JB coins or any of the choice cryptocurrencies at BC.

svip benefits

How Do I Sign Up for an Account on BC.game?

bc.game account

Signing up with them is super easy! Just enter a valid, verifiable email address, key in a password that you can keep glued in your noggin and you can start getting those bets in.

What’s on My BC.game Account?


The great thing about BC.game is that it allows you to change your username on the site, unlike usual practices at an online casino where you’re stuck with a spur-of-the-moment brainfart username for the rest of your betting life. And the great thing is, you can change your name however many times you want to!

Right on your account page, you’d be able to see your key casino stats, like your current level, your VIP rank, medals you’ve earned, contests you’ve joined as well as your betting statistics. You can also add your favorite games on the site to your profile, as well as see your likes on bets shared in the community chat. What’s the community chat about? You’re in luck because that’s exactly what we’ll see in the nest section.

Deposits and Withdrawals on BC.game

BC.game dabbles in a huge number of crypto coins, including Bitcoin and several famous altcoins like Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more. Since the casino is exclusively crypto-only, the process of deposits and withdrawals is superbly simplified. If you’d like to move coins into or out of your casino wallet, simply scan your unique QR code to complete the transfer or send the coins to your exclusive, individual wallet link. Can’t choose a crypto wallet to use on BC.game? Check out the following section for a bit of help on just that.

Crypto Wallets at BC.game

The casino website accepts not only native or legacy wallets for Bitcoin and the other altcoins accepted here but also has a few exchange wallets on their green list. BCSwap is one of them, where you can convert between your coin balances into a currency of choice at real-time market prices. VaultPro is yet another option, which is a digital cryptocoin wallet with an annual commission rate of only 5%! Essentially, you’ll be able to store any coin, even multiple ones on a single VaultPro account, making transactions much easier on BC.game. Every exchange on the site is protected with a 2FA security verification to ensure full security on all of your transactions.

What Cryptocurrencies are Accepted Here?

At BC.game, they accept deposits in the form of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Tron, USDT, EOS, and more, almost all crypto-currencies are accepted! There are even options for other, lesser-known altcoins like Polkadot, Dai, Chainlink, TurtleCoin, and a few others on the list. This casino is strictly crypto-only and accepts deposits as well as bets in any of the offered crypto coins. As for house coins, expect to see their native BCD and JB coins, which are used widely around the site.

What is JB Coin and How Do I use it?

The JB coin is the selected house coin for BC.game. This coin gives you access to free games that you can play throughout the site. JB is the proprietary game currency (in-house game currency) of BC.Game platform. It can be acquired by VIP level-up, lucky spin and other event rewards. In addition to being used for games, JB can also be used to boost daily Rakeback and substituted for withdrawal fees.

How to use a BCD Coin?

The BCD coin is also another house coin on the site. However, this one is a bit more important. All bets are accepted through this coin. The exchange rate for a BCD coin is 1:1 with USDT.

Don’t have cryptos? No worries – now you can buy them!

Just simply click Wallet and “Buy Crypto”. Select your deposit currency and you’ll be redirected to BC Games partner Banxa’s site to finish the payment. Select your FIAT currency (e.g. EUR or USD) and you are ready to go!

BC.game Casino Community & Chat Space

bc.game chat

The BC.game casino community connects with each other via the on-site chat system. You can easily access it via the chat icon on the top right side of the homepage. This takes you a 24/7, live ticker that has the buzz from all the players on the site. You’ll see win announcements, shared bets, and even periodic promotions from the operator here as well. And let’s say you get stuck and need instant help, dropping a message on this live community chat will trigger any of the more seasoned players to come to your aid with some tips and troubleshooting steps.

BC.game Player Forum

bc.game forum

In addition to the chat feature, players can also meet online and discuss in detail their favorite games on BC.game in the forum section of the site. A quick glance through the conversations shows that other topics fancied by the forum members are the beta releases on the site, win announcements, promos & events, VIP challenges, and game strategies. In addition to that, there are also specific threads for players who speak a certain language as well as a meme shitposting thread, just to add to the fun factor on the site.

What Gambling Games Can I Play on BC.game?


Now, for a look into their games library. The number of betting options offered here stretches to the nines and that itself it’s a good indicator of a casino that you can invest time and money in. Aside from games sourced from some of the greatest in online casino software development, BC.game also has its own line of casino options. Let’s break them down and see which ones fit your playing style better.

BC.game Originals

bc.game originals

The first group of games we’re going to place under scrutiny here are the BC.game originals. These set of games are developed exclusively for BC.game casino and are options that you may not find anywhere else on the internet. Plinko, Crash, Dice, and Wheel are some of the originals that take after classic Bitcoin games. As for more sophisticated options, try out Oriental Beauties and Saviour Sword for a typical casino slot feel.

Similarly, Roulette, Baccarat, Video Poker, and Blackjack are the table options with that conventional online casino layout. The great thing about the originals is that their house edge is comparatively much lower than other betting games on the site. It starts from 0.2% to about 2.00%. More of such games are available, but with a little bit of a twist, as you’ll see in the next section detailing their live casino spread.

Live Casino Area

bc.game live casino

The live casino area is teeming with crypto betting options to satisfy your wildest live punting dreams. Manned by professional, skilled, and as a pleasant incentive, handsome croupiers, betting in the live area of BC.game will definitely give you a feel of being in an actual casino, without even having to step once outside of the comfort of your home.

The live games offered here are from big names, some of whom are famous for their quality releases when it comes to live casino software. Companies like Ezugi, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and SA Gaming are the main contributors to this live area with titles like Speed Baccarat, Roulette Russia, Dragon Tiger, Mega Wheel, Mega Sic Bo, and more. The house edge for their live spread ranges between 0.3% to 4.00%


bc.game slots

Slot-lovers rejoice! In addition to their wide variety of live casino and original games, there are numerous different slot titles that you can enjoy here at BC.game. Those to look out for are Arcane Gems, Wild West Gold, Elvis Frog In Heaven, DJ Remix, and Crystal Prince. The majority of the reel spinners here are from Pragmatic Play and Quickspin, both of which are aces in casino slot development. As for the house edge, it can go up to 5%, depending on the volatility of the slot game itself.

Sports Betting

bc games sport betting

Aside from the casino options, this online gambling space also hosts a sports betting section, complete with all your favorite sports picks. Tennis, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, soccer, you name it and they have it. Interestingly this operator also has a couple e-games to choose from – eTennis, eBaseball, and eFighting. Game schedules and results are updated in real-time, as with the odds.

The feature that made our eyes sparkle is the Quick Bet function on their bet slip. All you have to do is set a bet amount threshold from the Quick Bet settings area and with every game you click, your bets will be automatically placed for you with the set amount. You can always go back to the My Bets page to review all the bets that you have made for the day.


bc game lottery

A provably fair algorithm is used to draw the lottery prizes. Daily draws – win up to $100 000!

BC.game Casino Transparency & Fairness


BC.game takes transparency and good, fair betting practices seriously. The RNG calculations for each of their original games can be found under their “Provably Fair” section. As for games provided by external casino software developers, they are put to the test through rigorous RNG systems testing and auditing of the algorithms. Additionally, BC.game itself is audited to ensure that its operations and policies are in line with fair betting practices. It is also a verified operator under the Crypto Gambling Foundation.

Is BC.game a Legit Gaming Site?

bc.game legit

Many have this qualm at just about any casino site they come across on the vast plains of the Internet. But not to worry. BC.game is not only encrypted to the nines to ensure that all your personal and transactional data is protected, they also have exclusive access points to their servers, which can only be logged onto via a BC.game’s VPN. Their servers are also protected with multiple firewall layers, further strengthening the on-site security. As for payments, they are offered through safe payment gateways, in partnership with common payment providers like PayPal, NETELLER, and Skrill to name a few.

Customer Support

BC.game’s support agents are available to chat 24/7, 365. Simply click on the “Live Support” button from the menu area and you’ll be directed to the Zendesk live chat system on the casino. Their chat support staff are not only friendly and helpful, but they’re also extremely well-informed on the happenings and betting operations on the site. If you prefer written correspondence, you can reach out to them via email. Their help center is also a good place to get troubleshooting tips, in case you get stuck.

Pros / Cons
  • Huge bonuses
  • Lavish VIP program
  • Lots of free crypto coins
  • Supports almost all cryptocurrencies
  • Google 2FA
  • 4 deposit bonuses
  • Rakeback
  • VIP
  • Known game providers
  • Instant deposit & cashouts
  • Sometimes the games are bit laggy but luckily refreshing the site helps!

BC.game FAQ

How can I reach the support team at BC?
You can contact them via live chat from their help center

Where is the staking feature for this casino?
The staking is done via the VaultPro feature.

What kind of coins can I use here?

Do the BC.game accept FIAT – Can I play with EUR or USD?

Yes, you can use the “Buy Crypto” function under your wallet and make a deposit with FIAT.

Is BC.game legit or a scam?

BC game has open-source code and provably fair games. It is a legit casino.

Does BC.Game has a license?

Yes,  they got a Curacao license in August 2021

BC Game blocked countries?

BC Game does not allow connections from China, Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean Islands, Curacao, France, United States.

BC Game mobile app?

Their mobile app supports iOS & Android – and it is super easy to use!


✅NO KYC needed
✅VPN Allowed
✅4 deposit bonuses
✅No wagering requirement
✅Wallet login
✅One free spin daily
✅Accepts almost all cryptos accepted
✅Free Tips from dappcasino.io
✅Unique dApp games
✅Live Casino Games
✅VIP offers
✅Provably Fair Games

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