Crash gambling is a straightforward game, using provably fair technology to ensure house edge as low as 1%. It is a social game where players make an investment on an increasing multiplier. You can find the explainer video (only 60-sec) and all the best crash casinos, accepting cryptos and FIAT below.

Crash Gambling Game

Crash betting is a modern online casino gambling game where players make an investment (a wager) on an increasing multiplier. The multiplier value grows until it randomly crashes, and you get to keep whatever winnings you make as long as you cash out before the crash.

This crash gambling game is based on chance, so the gameplay is straightforward. Plus, it comes with a house edge of 1% – 2%, which means it offers players a healthy win potential.

crash gambling game

Crash Casino of the Month (EUR, USD, CAD, RUB, CRYPTO)

Levelup Casino

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Crash Gambling Sites

This game is picking up momentum in the online gambling scene, and there are quite a handful of sites where players can enjoy crash game gambling right now. You can find our complete casino list here, but the top crash gambling sites are listed below:

BC.Game Casino Review

✅NO KYC needed
✅VPN Allowed
✅4 deposit bonuses
✅No wagering requirement
✅Wallet login
✅One free spin daily
✅Accepts almost all cryptos accepted
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✅Unique dApp games
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TrustDice Crypto Casino Review

✅NO KYC needed
✅VPN Allowed
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✅USD, EUR, FIAT accepted!
✅3 BTC welcome bonus
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✅Live Casino
✅Dividends & mining
✅Passive Income
✅Crash & Dice daily wager promotions
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3. Casino Review – Free Coins & Massive Progressive Jackpot

✅NO KYC needed
✅VPN Allowed
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✅Free daily dogecoin contest!

Crashino Review – Emerging Cryptocasino With Lavish Bonuses

✅NO KYC needed
✅VPN Allowed
✅Great bonuses
✅Provably Fair games
✅Live Casino
✅Crash & Plinko
✅No registration needed

Stake Casino Review – Bet With Bitcoin & Enjoy Great Bonuses

✅DAPP & Crypto casino mixed
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BetFury Crypto Casino Review

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Rollbit Casino Review – Bet With NFT & Crypto Like A Pro

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✅NFT Gambling
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BiamoBet Review 2022 – Huge Bonuses & Stellar Casino Games

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How To Play A Crash Gambling Game

A game of crash betting usually involves a line moving in an upward slant, like a graph. As the line moves up, the multiplier value increases. Players can cash out at any moment and have their bets multiplied by the current multiplier value.

However, if it crashes when the player hasn’t cashed out, the bet is forfeited. Naturally, the goal is to be able to cash out before that happens.

Interestingly, there is both a manual and automated cashout option. With the automated setting, you set a margin at which the software will automatically initiate a cashout. For manual cash out, on the other hand, players have to click on the appropriate icon to receive their payout.

Here’s the step-by-step process on how to get started with crash betting:

  • Set your “base bet.”
  • Set an automatic cashout multiplier.
  • Click on “Bet.” If a game is ongoing, you’ll get the option to bet on the next round.
  • To cash out manually, study the increasing multiplier from 1.00x and tap on the cashout button whenever you wish.

Note that the Auto Bet function in a crash betting game has several controls apart from the automatic cashout multiplier. You can set other commands such as:

  • On Loss – to increase or decrease your wager when you lose
  • On Win – to increase or decrease your stake whenever you win
  • Limit on Max Bet – to stop increasing your bet automatically once the amount gets too high
  • Stop on Loss – to stop the Auto Bet after you reach your max loss limit
  • Stop on Profit – to stop the Auto Bet after you achieve a certain amount of profits

Crash Game Explained in 60 Seconds (Video)

Things To Note Before Choosing A Crash Betting Casino

There are several things to look out for on the crash gambling site you’ll be playing at. We discuss the most important ones below.

Legit Operations

There are scammers all over the internet, so it’s important to play only at reliable and trustworthy sites. Checking the legitimacy of crash betting sites isn’t as easy as in regular casinos or sports betting sites. However, players can use third-party scripts to verify that the fairness of the crash gambling algorithm.

Another good idea is to check the reputation of the site among real players. Best of all, you can simply select from our list of recommended sites. Our top crash game gambling platforms have been vetted and are some of the best on the market.

House Edge

The house edge tells you the advantage of the casino over your bets. With crash gambling, the casino’s advantage is when the multiplier crashes just as soon as it begins – at 1.00x.

The value varies among different casinos, but at the top sites, it’s usually between 1-2%. This means the multiplier will crash at take-off about once or twice every one hundred rounds.

Auto Bet and Auto Cashout

Ensure that Auto Bet and automatic cashout options are available at your chosen crash gambling site. Although it’s possible to play manually, the auto function is a much easier alternative. Besides, automatic settings are registered on the server before the game begins. So with the auto feature, you won’t risk losing a potential win due to lags in internet connection.

Payment Methods

The payment methods available at a crash gambling site are crucial to your betting experience because there are several modes of payment when playing this game. They include:

  • CS: GO Crash Gambling – allows the use of “skins,” “cases,” and “loot boxes,” which are forms of currency in the popular e-sport.
  • Coin Crash Gambling – this involves regular fiat currency like the EUR or USD.
  • Crypto Crash Gambling – here you can deposit and withdraw using popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum. Litecoin, etc.


Crash betting is a real money game, so bonuses should always be available. Luckily, at the best crash gambling sites, they are. Some may offer free money or a faucet where you can unlock free Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to fund your gameplay.

Others will provide players with daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses, cashback offers, and even no deposit bonuses. These offers are usually available irrespective of the kind of currency you use.

Crash Gambling Strategy

crash game

Crash gambling is a game of chance, but it’s possible to increase your odds using betting strategies. Here are the top tips to help boost your win potential:

Set A Low-Risk Auto Bet

Selecting an automatic cashout multiplier like 1.5x is advisable. Compared to higher multiplier values, it comes with less risk and a higher possibility of raking in constant wins. This strategy is beneficial if you’ve got a small bankroll.

Going for high-risk multipliers like, say, 5x will offer bigger wins if successful. But if it loses, your bankroll will be depleted quicker than you can recoup.

Use The Martingale Betting System

The Martingale betting system is a popular gambling strategy used in Roulette. The concept of this system is to increase your wager every time you lose and go back to your base bet when you win. In a crash betting game, you’ll need to set your Auto Bet to increase on loss and revert to normal on a win.

This seems like a pretty risky affair at first glance, but the idea is that when you eventually win, you’ll be able to cover up all your losses. Just make sure you set a max loss limit, so you don’t run out of funds.

Use The Reverse Martingale Betting System

According to the name, this is the opposite of the Martingale betting system. Here, you’ll automate an increase in your bet size after a win and revert to the base bet when you lose. Although this method has its fair share of risks, it’s a safer option for low rollers. Also, it allows you to seize the advantage during winning streaks.


The popularity of crash gambling among gamblers is increasing by the day. However, like any other gambling game, it’s essential to know how to place bets, where to bet, and valuable strategies to improve your winning chances.

Fortunately, playing a crash gambling game is pretty simple, and the strategies aren’t challenging either. We’ve also laid out the best crash gambling sites for you on a platter, so you’re good to go.

crash betting

Crash Gambling FAQ

Is Crash gambling legal?

Yes. It is a provably fair legal game, just make sure to check your country’s gambling regulations.

Disconnected during the game – what happens?

Always use the “auto cashout feature” and you will be safe.

What is the best crash gambling site?

There are a lot of great sites where you can play a crash money game. Some of the most popular among players are Trustdice and BC Game crash betting sites. Nonethless, all the ones we recommend are equally impressive.

Is crypto crash betting safe?

Yes. As long as you play at a reliable site, you can safely gamble with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

What is the most popular currency for crash betting?

CS: GO skins gambling is the most popular currency. Cryptos come in second place, and coins are the least widespread payment method.

Can I play crash gambling games for free?

Most crash gambling sites only allow access to this game for real money (cryptos). But you can play it for free with tokens e.g. JB tokens in BC Game.