Dice Casino

Dice is a board game that has been in existence for a long time. Almost every human has played the dice casino game. Formerly, dice games were mainly for family gatherings or friends until technology involvement. These days, you can walk into a casino room with standard equipment or play your betting online. The pleasing aspect is that you can win some money in the comfort of your room; you may choose to play on your mobile, or PC. As you can see, online dice casino gambling is rapidly replacing the old dice method.


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History of Dice

Dice does not have a specific source of origin, but it has a delightful history. In ancient cultures, people used a different method to represent the dice. It never projected from one culture, but the various methods used accounted for its modification.

Asides from fun, many cultures used dice for spiritual consultation. The outcome was believed to be spiritual. Hence, the people used it to settle a dispute and choose a leader. A goddess referred to as “lady luck” was believed to control the game.

Before the invention of cubical dice, various objects stood in place of it. These objects are; nutshells, fruit stones, seashells, fruits, flat sticks, and pebbles.
The dice should be a fun game. Hence, game enthusiasts developed a means to improve the game, which also changed its perception.

Dice Probability and Predictions

The dice casino has six sides, with each face representing the numerical value you roll. The dice game is somewhat easy since players only need to know the number combinations with bigger or smaller appearances.

Many people ask if they can play the dice game online. Absolutely yes. In this case, you would not need to roll a dice yourself, and you only predict the numbers the dice would roll out.

Online dice casino games provide players an opportunity to play with a single or multiple dice. When you play with one die, your predictions fall between one and six. Playing with two mean you are predicting between two and twelve, which would yield 36 possible outcomes. Hence, when you play with three dice, your outcome probability increases significantly reaching up to 216, the significance of your combinations affects the game payouts.
Below are the payouts for the possible number combinations in dice

3 x150
4 x40
5 x25
6 x15
7 x10
8 x7
9 x6
10 x5
11 x5
12 x6
13 x7
14 x10
15 x15
16 x26
17 x50
18 x150

The figure in front of each dice number represent the multiplier. For instance, if you place a $2 bet on 8, and a $5 bet on 13, and the dice rolls out 8, your win is $2*7=14. Then 14 will be added to your stake. More so, when betting on numbers, think considerably and do not pick randomly. Evaluate the number with its allotted payout.

Dice Gambling Casino Games

Dice online game has friendly user interface and gives you better offer. Making deposit is very easy there are several payment methods by which you can fund your betting account. Cryptocurrency is the major currency which dice gambling is centered on.

Bet Token Rewards

EarnBet grants stakers some perks which include reduced house edge of casino profit being given to the stakers. No much requirement to enjoy this token, all you need do is to play games. Currently 1BET token is available for every 0.00625BTC wagered.

Steps to Play Dice Game Online

Playing an online dice is quite much easier than you think. As a beginner, you to know that there is minimum limit to amount you can stake which is 0.00000025BTC.

Here are basic systematic guide to follow:

Step 1: After depositing into your account, you need to determine how much you want to wager
Step 2: You need to select the number you like to bet on by clicking the blue button “Roll Under / Roll Over”
Step 3: Finally, you then click “Roll Dice”

Dice Online Games


Crap is a big gambling game, which often takes a considerable amount for betting. However, you can have your casino online without betting real money. The rules with online casinos vary. Hence, read the rules before playing to decide if it is suitable for you.

The online casino has a house edge of 1.41%, which gives room for enough odds. When you sign up for a casino game online, you receive bonuses from the site. However, this article recommends you start with a free trial.

⦁ Poker Dice

The poker dice combines poker and dice. On the dice face, there are six-card suites. Usually, the card suites bear this number/letter, A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9.

Here are the steps involved in poker dice

Step 1: Place a bet by using the toggles on your preferred gambling site. In most online casinos, the least bet is 0.25 coins, and the highest, 25.00 coins.

Step 2: In this step, you move in to roll the dice. When you roll the dice, there are seven possible combinations you can get. The highest rank is a poker with five of the same cards. An example is Q, Q, Q, Q, Q. The lowest rank is known as a bust – when you roll no similar letter/number. For example, K, 9, J, Q, 10.


Your dice combination is effective on the payout you receive.
For dice with five same numbers, the payout is 150x
For dice with four same numbers, the payout is 10x
For dice with three same numbers and two same numbers, the payout is 8x
For dice with three same numbers, the payout is 5x
For dice with double two same numbers, the payout is 4x
For dice with two same numbers, the payout is 1x
For bust poker, the payout is 0.5x
As payout reduces, there is a higher probability of rolling the appropriate combinations and vice versa.


The dice game is simple to play, but you have to focus on its actions. By so doing, you have a better understanding of the combination chances. Dice games are interesting, so ensure you do not work yourself up through betting. Only bet the amount you can release, and gamble wisely.