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Windice Casino Review

Windice is yet another crypto casino for you to add to your list of must-visits. It was first opened to the online community in 2018 and is currently owned and operated by an unnamed proprietor. Despite that, however, the site has many favorable reviews from its users, past and present. As of the time of writing, the casino is based in Panama and has a local gambling operator license.

Curious to know more. Then stick around and read up!

Is Windice Legit?

is windice legit?

Many a time, online crypto punters worry about whether a site that they visit is legit. But that won’t be necessary for Windice. The site offers a range of audited and licensed slot games, as well as utilizes a user-randomizable RNG system. It runs on two main seeding sources – the site server (which is used via an SHA-256 hash to further the layer of data protection) and your unique, random seed. A user can go ahead and randomize this at any time via the “Fairness” page, to ensure all-around honest, betting. A sample of this generation code is available on their site.

Additionally, Windice.io has its data protected via Cloudflare SSL issued under COMODO CA Limited. An SSL layer secures the site’s public connection to necessary third parties like a payment gateway or rewards credit system. This site is also protected by McAfee and Norton to ensure a foolproof framework to keep data leaks at bay.

Looking at the transaction options, you will find that the site uses strictly verified and safe payment gateways. And all of them are native cryptocoin wallets for digital currencies like BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, and more.

Opening A New Windice.io Account

windice account

The site has an instant sign-up feature where you just need to enter a cool nickname and you will be automatically registered and admitted into the casino. Although this may seem a little unsafe due to the lack of credentials at first, you can later opt for additional security layers by adding a password, verifying your email, or setting a 2FA Authentication key from “Settings”. The main idea with this quick sign-up model is to enable players quick access into the casino so that they get to spend more time playing rather than filling in forms.

What’s On My Windice.io Account?

account status

Your profile page displays all the key features and statistics you need to play. Right below the profile photo area lies the ranking bar that tells you your current rank at Windice. There is also a label showing you your total experience points, and how many more you need to rank up. As you keep betting and playing, important and notable stats from your sessions begin to show. You can also access your messages from this page. A list of counters on the left side of the screen keeps a count of your bets, losses, and wins.

If you’re curious about ranks at the casino and their details, that’s coming up in the next few sections, so stick around!

Windice.io Community & Public Chatrooms

windice chat

The Windice chat space is teeming with activity. They have separate chatrooms for each select language that they support. There is an English chat feed, a Russian one, as well as a number of others like Indian, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, and a Global chat.

Here, players share their wins, spoils, and updates with one another. And if you look closely, you may also find a few betting tips from seasoned players which can help you along the way. Be sure to also look out for the casino’s exclusive chat event, Cash Rain. They’ll also drop a few exciting game and bonus updates here as well.

Windice.io Exclusive Member Forum


Windice has taken the extra stride for its players, setting up its own forum area on its main website. Here, players discuss games, tactics, tips, tricks, and even share wins or success stories. A few of these threads are dedicated to educating players about how everything works at Windice. This is extremely helpful if you’re a newbie or find yourself stuck with a feature or game on-site.

As for forum language, the area has similar language support as the chat area. There are English forum sections, Russian ones, and European ones. Asian ones like Tagalog and Indian are also available. The casino operators make it a point to also offer giveaways here, so check back often.

And just like many other crypto gaming sites before it, Windice also has an account on Bitcointalk. Catch the latest updates on games, bonuses, and features here. Take part also in the Bitcointalk-exclusive promos and games to win yourself even more free cryptocurrency.

What Games Are At Windice?


Windice not only offers no-frill, profit-focused Bitcoin games but also has a host of third-party slot options. These are sourced from top names in the casino software development industry and have a reputation for building robust games with excellent gameplay, graphics, and audio cues. They even have a well-provisioned section of live options for an even more realistic crypto betting experience.

Let’s see which of these games would be best suited to your betting style and bankroll budget.

Windice Originals

windice originals

There are 5 original provably fair games to try your hand at – Dice, Plinko, Crash, Wheel, and Roulette. Each has a unique layout but share a similar goal. Players wager on probabilities of a return, which will then be determined to be a win or loss by a random number generator, or RNG for short. This is the same RNG system talked about earlier where you can randomize a player seed to ensure fair play all around. These games display the possible payout, bet odds, and earnings. If you’re in for long hours, use the autoplay feature to let the system roll for you, while you go about your business.

Third-Party Slots


Slot games here are, as we’d discussed previously, from big names. And these include the likes of Spinomenal, Belatra, BGaming, Booming Games, Habanero, Amatic, and more. There are about 50 different options here, but each of them with an engaging storyline ad well as top-notch audiovisual design to knock your socks off, every betting session you have with Windice. If you’re curious about the live options, that’s coming up next!

Live Casino

live casino

With 30+ options and counting of your favorite live table games, this multifarious selection of realistic betting games to play will quickly be a favorite. Play in an authentic, brick-and-mortar casino-like setting, with games mediated by professional, experienced, and friendly dealers. Take your pick from titles like Roulette Live, Blackjack Azure, Golden Wealth Baccarat, Blackjack Classic, and more.

Games here are provided solely by Evolution Gaming, often regarded as the God of live betting games. So you can rest assured that your live betting experience will be one to remember.

Bonus & Promos Galore At Windice

There is much fanfare in the bonus section at Windice. From daily and weekly wagers and free coin drops, right up to a massive jackpot that you can win in-game! There’s even a detailed low-down on the Chat Rain we’d talked about earlier as well.

So, time to cut the chit-chat and get right down to bonus offers at Windice!

Windice Daily & Weekly Prizes

wager race

Taking home the weekly and daily prizes is as easy as ABC. Simply keep betting and return diligently each day to Windice to keep your top spot on the leaderboards. And if you succeed in being the champion of the week, you’ll walk away with a big chunk of the respective prize pools. And that’s all there is to that!

Windice.io Social Network Promos


Their social media sites are also a great place to win a few extra coins. Windice has giveaways, prizes, and challenges on their Telegram, Twitter, and forum pages. These are periodical offers that will be announced on the respective channels before they commence, so keep an eye peeled for these.

Progressive Jackpot Offer

windice jackpot

The Windice progressive jackpot is a simple setup – just keep playing and let the amount snowball, until you hit the triggering win. The trigger win happens when you score a perfect 7777 in-game and at the same time, have a bet ID that ends with 7 as well. If you’re that lucky one, you will take home the prize pool – the collective amount of all lost bets valued at 0.000005 BTC, which also happens to be the minimum bet.

Windice Game Progressive Cryptocoin Faucet

progressive faucet

The progressive faucet is another not-to-miss here. Take your pick of your favorite minesweeper games on the Windice.io site and take advantage of this sweet bonus deal. As you keep betting and bet bigger, the progressive faucet rewards you with bigger, better drops.

Chat Rain

windice rain

As promised, let’s look at the Chat Rain promo. All you need to do is be active on any of the many Windice chatrooms and grab a chance at taking home a random crypto drop within the chat. This offer is at the discretion of the operator and winners are picked at random. But, just a hot tip, being more active automatically means more chances to win. So get to work!

Staking & Dividend Payouts

Although you may expect a crypto-only casino to have mining, staking, and dividend payout features at hand, Windice is still working on theirs. Keep an eye on new updates posted on the website and forum areas. Who knows, these might just be implemented real soon!

Windice Ranking & VIP Club Membership

windice vip

Reach for Diamond with the Windice VIP membership scheme. There are 6 ranks in total for you to cross and prove your betting mastery – Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. Each level brings you a more sizeable and further superior set of rewards, including cashback, rakeback, store discounts, VIP rains, and more.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Stars Program, where you keep on playing to earn stars as you rank up. These ones are linked to the site’s faucets. With every rank up, your WINCOIN faucet and cryptocoin faucet multipliers increase to give you better returns with every wager.

Deposits and Withdrawals on Windice

windice deposit

All deposits and withdrawals made on the site are either via native wallets or exchange ones. Simply enter the correct address of your respective wallets and complete the transaction. The casino strictly accepts solely digital currency so you will have to convert your cash to a cryptocoin of choice before being able to deposit with Windice.io. Want to know which coins you can use here? Read on!

Accepted Crypto Coins

accepted crypto coins

With Windice, accepted digital coins include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple. At the moment, the casino has no plans to add options for smaller, rarer altcoins. Additionally, they have an in-house coin, which we’ll talk about shortly.

What is a Wincoin?

what is a wincoin?

The WINCOIN is a house coin and can be earned through diligent play at any of the games offered on Windice. These coins help you get exclusive features like display options, profile settings, boosts, and more. They also do lend a hand when ranking up, helping you to reach levels faster than others. The more you keep playing, the more benefits you can claim with your WINCOINs.

Windice Customer Support

You can reach the Windice support team via their 24/7 live chat system directly from the website. Currently, their agents only receive correspondence in English, but they definitely are working on adding more language options. As of the time of writing, this is the sole method of contacting someone on the other side of the screen at this casino.



  • Can I deposit here with cash?

    Unfortunately, the site accepts digital currency only. You can choose to deposit in either BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, DOGE, or ETH.

  • Does Windice have a welcome bonus?

    Windice doesn’t believe in one-time bonuses but instead strives to reward you for every betting session you have with them.

  • Can I stake here?

    At the moment, the Windice team is hard at work building a profitable mining and staking structure, just for you! So keep yourself posted with the site’s latest updates.

  • Is the casino safe?

    Windice is a safe betting site, with SSL-encrypted data protection, two-way RNG generators, robust firewalls, and safe payment gateways by famous transactional channel providers in the digital currency world.

  • How do I join VIP Rains?

    VIP Rains are invite-only and will be randomly awarded to any VIP player that meets the casino’s requirements.

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