Plinko Gambing Game Introduction

In recent years, the Plinko game is the spotlight of pricing games due to its adaptation of crypto-currency. Many online Plinko casinos use bitcoin and other coin bets as payment methods. Currently, Plinko is one of the top popular pricing games and does not seem to lose its position anytime soon. Its flexibility has improved such that you can make payments with bitcoin, ETH, and many other coins.


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History of the Plinko Game

The game started on a challenging note. The chips often bounce away from the board, which had a wide surface. In the year 1991, game enthusiasts improvised the plexiglass cover, which provided a solution.

In 1983, Plinko came into the price is right family. According to the inventor, Bob Barker, the name Plinko was derived from the plink sound in pegs when a chip passes through it.

Over the years, Plinko continues to develop, with innovative solutions evolving in casinos and game houses. Amazingly, the game has contributed to the promotion of live games and shows.

How to Play Plinko Game

Successful candidates understand the rules of the game and implement a winning strategy. As a gambling novice, you can be one of the tops with the low-risk sector, you have fewer pegs to play. However, if you are expert enough to play the high-risk level, you will receive a higher payout.

  1. Step one: Each contestant receives a Plinko chip. A player can earn more chips as the game continues. However, the chips are high-rated and safely boxed up after usage. Since the Plinko game is price-focused, each contestant receives prices with two digits, while one number is usually incorrect. If the contestant can guess the wrong digit among the two, she earns an additional chip to herself, as well as a gift.
  2. Step two: The Plinko board has a set of rows increasing downwards. Each contestant gathers the earned chips and lays them at the board sets. Each set shows nine slots with the value it bears (usually $100, $500, $1000, $0, $10.000).
  3. Step three: Contestants go on to put and roll the chips on the board. As the chip rolls, the slot where it lands determines the amount owed by the contestant. Also, the board has a row of pegs, which unable contestants to predict where the chip falls. A contestant only knows how much she earns on the scoreboard. More so, Plinko is a chance or lucky game.
  4. Step four: If a contestant successfully wins a slot, the game ends at step three. Although rare, chips get stuck in the middle of the board. When this happens, the game watchers allow the contestant to roll the chip again.
  5. Step five: The game rule states that every contestant must play with all the chips she owns. Moreover, there is little or no risk with the Plinko game, making it somewhat easier for players to comply. The contestants only receive prices after calculating the total slot amount.

Strategies in Playing the Plinko Game

Crypto games are rapidly growing gambling games that waxed their wings into Plinko. Contrary to the old way of Plinko, casinos design the game for crypto betting. That is, you can play the game with any coin of your choice, including Bitcoin. However, winners are known for implementing intellectual strategies in the Plinko game. Although some gamers argued the Plinko game doesn’t need a strategy to win big, which is somewhat true. However, online Plinko gambling requires an intellectual approach, and the right setup. To be a part of the winning teams of the Plinko game, here are two strategies you can implement.

Your Game Setting

On your dashboard or game board, set your risk level, pegs, and bet amount to your capacity. Avoid rushing into high payout deals and risking many balls. In low risk sector, you have fewer pegs to play. However, if you are expert enough to play the high-risk level, you will receive a higher payout.

You can choose a peg number from eight to sixteen. Likewise, a low number of pegs reduce your maximum payout. If you want to win big, select sixteen pegs and get a 1000x payout. You can earn as big as using a 0.0001 ball to earn one bitcoin.


The game is interesting when you play at will. If you are playing on your mobile, you can check the contact link on the website. It helps you to confirm if the gaming site has any unique additional rules.