Hi Lo Gambling

Hi Lo is a card game that operates on simple rules. Your decision is mainly focused on your next pick if it is lower or higher. When you pick the right option, you receive a payout based on your odds. For casino newbies, Hilo is a good start for you. Your win or lose is dependent on your guesses, while you risk a small amount of money at the same time. Many online casinos provide a free trial for starters. You could be a lucky winner without risking a large sum of money.

The Hi Lo game has been in existence for several years until its innovation in the millennial age. In 1978, the Hilo game was used in pricing or purchasing items. The dealer set out six different objects, while the players choose an object without seeing it. Once they select an item, the dealer reveals the price. Then the contestants are left to decide it is one of the three most expensive items or three less costly items. If they choose the correct answer for the first round, they keep playing until the six items are selected. Once a guess is wrong, the game ends. However, this method could not last long since the payout is not individually-based, rather collective. The mistake of one contestant could affect the rest.

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How to Play the Hi lo Game

In this modern age, there is an innovation of more interesting Hilo game rules and standards. The game basics involve a player placing a bet on the table while the dealer picks the card and face it up. The player then predicts if the next card has a lower or higher value than the face-up card. If you guess right, you receive a payout. Meanwhile, a wrong answer implies you are losing your wager.

Having known the basic rule of the game, here is a step-to-step guide on how to play the Hi lo game:

⦁ After dealing with the next card, and you chose incorrectly, you lose the game, and the round ends.
⦁ You can either play the game again, provided you drop another stake.
⦁ If you guess the dealt card right this time, you will receive a payout.
⦁ The dealt card for this round becomes the base card for the other game round.
⦁ You can decide to collect your remaining money, or you start over the rounds.

The Hilo game has a simple set of rules. However, most casinos built a house edge around the game. By so doing, the casino has an advantage over the players and earns more profit. Also, casinos use the return to player (RTP) to estimate the wager percentage of players. The probability often reflects in winnings over time. Hence, a high RTP indicates a lower house edge.

How to Cash Out on Hi lo Games

The payouts for Hilo games vary, and you would probably come across different figures in online casinos. Here is how it works:

The payout depends on the base card you stake. If your guess on the next card has a wide margin, it reduces your payout. For instance, if the face-up card is 4, and the dealt card has a lower value, you reduce your win. However, for face-up cards with higher numbers from 8, there are higher chances of guessing the game right but with lower wins.

Interestingly, players can choose to back a king, back an ace, or back a tie. Ace is often the lowest value, and the king card the highest value. This extra game pattern makes the game more engaging and excites players than a single game method.
Some online casinos include different payout patterns. However, the general principle is valuable to the base card. Hence, you can catch out as long as your guess is right. If the base card is of lower value, say 2, the next card margin would probably be higher. When you have streaks of cards rightly in a row, it multiplies your payout. Wherein some casinos increases payout when your guess is the same and neither lower nor higher.

Here are common patterned payout multipliers:
4 – 12.87 x
4,4 – 165.87 x
4,4,5 – 187 x
4,4,4 – 2131.75 x

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Hi lo switch

Hilo switch is a variant of the Hilo game that works with three cards. To win the game, you need to guess the three cards right. For instance, your dealer places three cards in front of you, which are; 2, 6, and 8. You would start your guesses with the first card, number 2. Then you predict if the next car has a higher or lower value than 2. If you get it right to the last card, you can request your winnings and start the over-game.

Hi lo switch is different and less standard than many Hilo games you would come across. Hilo switch deals with three cards at once and allows players to receive all payouts after the first round.


You can increase your risk and bag the crypto jackpot. When you gather many cards, it increases your payout. With this strategy, you are putting more cards at risk. Hence, you have to be persistent until you hit the jackpot.