Hi Lo Gambling Game – List of the Top HiLo Casinos (2024)

The past few years of the iGaming scene have brought us some pretty remarkable new games, but rare are those that can compare with the speed and efficiency of the provably fair hi lo game. At first glance, it may seem as if the game is just an ordinary card game where players lean to pure luck and it can hardly ever pay out big, but that’s why we wanted to make a complete guide on it to prove it can also be the other way around.

Our team wanted to help educate players a bit more on how the game works and how you can play it profitably, so let’s get right into it and explain the ins and outs of Hi Lo gambling in 2024!

What You’ll Find in This Guide

Best Hi Lo Gambling Sites in 2024

Now, before we get to the core of HiLo game and how it works in 2024, let’s take a few moments to discuss the best sites that offer provably fair HI Lo and the highest RTP for playing the game. Our team works tirelessly to bring you updated lists of the best gambling DApps for each game type, so take a quick look at these before we proceed:


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Hi Lo Gambling Explained

💡 Hi Lo gambling started a few years ago when Spirbe developed its own version of the game as one of the best provably fair casino software providers, and it really took off from that point. Not only is the game nowadays available in almost every major online gambling site that accepts crypto deposits, but it also skyrocketed in popularity for casino newbies.

The reason is simple – with Hi Lo, you get to enjoy a fast-paced round with the chance to place a new bet almost every 10 seconds, and the rules are pretty simple regardless of your experience. This makes it a perfect game for players just trying out their crypto gambling options, but it’s also pretty convenient for those looking for a low-edge game with a decent chance of doubling up their money if played smart.

So, here’s how it works – as soon as you enter the game, you’ll be presented with a card. It can be any card from the deck, but for the sake of this explanation, let’s assume you’ve pulled an ace. At this point, you have two betting options to choose from – either you’ll bet that the next drawn card will be lower or same in value, or that it will be higher or same in value.

Naturally, since you only have three cards higher than the ace in value, the odds of hitting these as the next card will be pretty high and worth taking a risk if you are targeting a higher payout. However, betting on lower or the same in this case gives you 10 different options and it will probably come with pretty low odds, but the risk will be way lower this way.

Based on this, you can also get a predicted win percentage and accordant Hi Lo odds for each betting round, so you can make a whole session out of it. Just make sure to follow up on the cards being drawn and you can keep playing on over/under bets, along with a few exciting side bets.

House Edge And Win Potential

The RTP of the Hi Lo game can be as high as 99%

When it comes to the house edge on the Hi Lo crypto game, it can be fairly low and that gives players more winning chances. In fact, the RTP of the Hi Lo game can be as high as 99% if you can find a decent original game on a decentralized casino. On the other hand, we can consider Spribe’s version as a standardized version of the game and that one comes with still a decent 97% RTP.

As you can see, the house edge on this game is usually somewhere in the range of 1% to 3%, which is a good deal you can take considering the rest of casino games like online slots or live roulette. On the other hand, the winning potential can depend on your streak, and it can be anywhere from x1,2 of your bet, to upwards of x100 of the bet if you are able to keep the streak alive (we’ll talk about this in a bit).

👉 The high RTP version of the game can be found on provably fair casinos that offer fairness verification so you can check if the casino’s edge is truly as low as stated. We always recommend you play on these sites as they are simply more profitable for players and you can always check our list of these sites to stay updated on the recently-emerged casinos.

Types of Hi Lo Games To Play

Unlike all those live casino games like roulette or Vegas card games like blackjack or poker, you won’t find that many variations of the Hi Lo betting game. Still, we wanted to point out the differences between the game variations, so here’s how we categorized Hi Lo games in three sections:

As you can see, we had to separate Spribe’s Hi Lo from other providers and their takes on the game since this provider is truly the pioneer of the exciting card game. You can also play on sites that use SoftGamings’ gambling platform to get a slightly different experience, but things get completely different when you venture into various casino sites that have their own versions of the game.

hilo casino

These are referred to as the “Originals” and you can find them on reputable casinos like Stake or BC Game. You see, the original games come at lower production costs and can be made in-house, which means you’ll get a higher RTP on these in general, so that’s always our pick. On the other hand, you can get some more betting options like betting on A, Q, J, and K cards which will lead to a payout of x3,4 with slight variances depending on the game type.

Still, it’s good to have these extra betting options to make the gameplay more interesting, and you can always mix up these bets with regular low-risk over/under bets.

How To Play The Hi Lo Game

Now we come to the fun part and that’s showing you how to play the Bitcoin HiLo game. We know it sounds pretty simple in theory, but here’s some factual advice on how the game works at a real online casino:

About Hi Lo Strategy and Tips

Finding the best Hi Lo games simply isn’t enough to make some money on the game – you have to use a sort of tactic or at least a strategic approach to it to make some profit. We have to point out that we are not saying there’s a unique or standardized strategy or method with which you can make Hi Lo wins with a 100% success rate.

However, there are some steps you can take to elevate your gaming experience and maximize your profit, so here’s what these look like:

Use the “High Percentage” Method

This is one of the first Hi Lo tactics that players have devised over the years, and it implies betting on low odds and bets that have a high predicted success rate. For instance, if the drawn card is 3 or 4, chances are that there will be a high chance that the next card will be higher than that. If the odds are at least around 70% in that favor, you should chase after these bets.

If the card turns out to be a 6, the likelihood of landing a higher or a lower card will usually be more or less the same, so you should skip these bets. In fact, this method implies that you skip all the bets that don’t have at least a 70% chance of winning. Of course, you’ll see that sometimes there will be a King drawn right after a Queen and while you may lose your bet in that case, statistically it’s more of an anomaly than something you’ll be seeing often, so this approach does make sense.

Skip the Uncertainty

Regardless of your betting strategy, we would recommend that you still skip on uncertain bets that have a 50-50 rate of success. While these may pay out quite nicely and lead you to double up your balance, it’s all a game of chances here.

So, skip on bets with a 50% chance and try to go after more likely outcomes even if the odds are lower. Remember, you can bet on dozens of cards in a row and the more successful bets you make, the higher your chance will be to cash out at a decent multiplier.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Hi Lo Casinos

Now that we’ve put that out of the way, it’s time to focus on helping you find the best casinos to play the Hi Lo card game at. We’ve already given you a brief overview of our top picks at the start of this article, but let’s now focus on more detailed descriptions of the top three spots:

BC Game

This one is a great pick for all the players looking to get some proper action from an original game since BC Game has its own Hi Lo version. As you might have guessed, the game comes with a provably fair algorithm for checking the fairness of each round, and it comes with a pretty high RTP. Not to mention all the side bets involved including on betting on high-ranking cards for a higher payout.

You can also get the draw results listed and that should do the trick when you are chasing after longer sessions and trying to make a streak of wagering on lower odds and more secure bets.

Besides, BC Game is just a lovely place to be in the online casino universe since it gives you access to all sorts of bonus offers for registration, as well as for being a loyal member, so check our BC Game review for more details on these. Last but not least, you can also get to spin the exciting BC Game wheel.


Our next pick is Stake.com and you can see right off the bat why this site makes a great option for all the HI Lo players out there. Like BC Game, they offer their own version of the HiLo game with a focus on higher RTP than Spribe’s version, which we have to appreciate. Besides having a higher chance of making some big wins, Stake’s version of the game also comes with a sleek interface and it’s easy to keep track of your bets.

Stake also has some impressive deals for players and it’s one of the largest slot libraries out there, so we’ve made a complete Stake.com review for you as a guide through its gaming halls.


Finally, we have WolfBet which is a site that offers a modest, yet inspirational selection of original games including Hi Lo. As you can see from our Wolfbet review, their version is a bit different from the others as you get that famous side bet with high-value cards, and hitting that one would lead to an x3.4 payout. Along with that, WolfBet made it easy to manage crypto transfers in a matter of seconds, as you can see from our WolfBet review, and that makes it a perfect place for crypto high-rollers.

wolfbet hilo

You also get to see some advanced in-game statistics like the highest bet, highest win, and max streaks that you’ve had in a session, and trust us – these can turn out to be very helpful, especially if you are using a pattern or one of the strategies we’ve recommended.

Hi Lo Key Facts

🏆 Best casino for Hi Lo gamesBC.Game
🎰 RTPUp to 99%
❓ House edge1-3%
☞ Popular variantsSpribe, Hi Lo Originals
✔️ Provably fair?Yes


  • What is the Hi Lo gambling game?

    The Hi Lo gambling game is a provably fair blockchain crypto game where you can bet on the result of a card draw to guess either a lower or higher number when compared with the previous one for a chance of making a profit.

  • Is playing Hi Lo complicated?

    No, playing Hi Lo is rather easy as all you have to do is to decide whether to bet on a higher or lower number for the next card draw when compared to the previously-drawn card, and your odds will vary accordingly.

  • Is there a strategy for Hi Lo?

    While there’s no definitive strategy for playing Hi Lo, you can make use of our tips listed in this guide for a more successful session.

  • Where is it best to play Hi Lo?

    The best places to play Hi Lo include BC Game, WolfBet, Stake.com, and Empire Casino.