Bitcoin Baccarat – Everything You Need To Know

August 15, 2023
bitcoin baccarat

When talking about the most popular casino games out there, baccarat is often left out in favor of some all-time greats like poker or roulette. However, the game has much more to offer than it seems at first, and these days the convenience of playing at online casinos allows players to browse through all sorts of different baccarat game types.

Among these, Bitcoin baccarat stands out for its benefits aimed at crypto players, and playing on a decentralized gambling site can result in even more goodies. In this guide, our team of experienced casino experts will shed some light on BTC baccarat as a game, its rules, and playing tips, and aid in the selection of the best possible site for your gaming style.

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What You’ll Learn From This Guide

  • What is BTC baccarat and how it works
  • Rules and playing tips
  • How to pick the best gambling DApp for Bitcoin baccarat
  • How we review the best baccarat gambling sites

About BTC Baccarat

Illustration of the baccarat dealer, table, and wagering options

Even though it was never exactly as popular as poker or other Vegas-style games, baccarat was always right behind those games in popularity and playing experience. It’s a fast-paced game that allows you to wager on several rounds within a few minutes, which makes it a great option for both high-stakes players and low-rollers.

On the other hand, crypto baccarat is very much the same as a regular game’s version, only this time you’d be wagering in your BTC or other crypto coins. These days you can find all sorts of decentralized gambling sites that offer players a chance to wager in Bitcoin, so it makes it much easier to narrow down on the best baccarat sites.

The game itself is fairly simple and we’ll go through the rules pretty soon, but first let’s focus on the benefits of the Bitcoin version of the game. Wagering in BTC allows all players to maintain the utmost privacy and protect their payment information due to the nature of blockchain-generated coins.

Plus, decentralized gambling sites offer particular crypto games with provably fair gaming algorithms that are especially suitable for crypto players. That’s what makes these sites perfect for the lovers of this game as you get to play it quickly without any KYC policies or payment information required from the site to fund your casino balance.

It all works extremely fast, from registration to placing your bets and you can deposit in BTC within just a minute or two, which makes such sites a perfect option for a game with fast-paced gameplay like this one.

Quick Brief on Baccarat Rules

Before we get into any more details about the best sites to play BTC baccarat at, let’s take a moment to discuss the basics of the game and its rules. Overall, baccarat is pretty simple and it’s unlike other card games like poker where you compete against other players. Even though dozens of players can join in the live stream to play in BTC, you’ll mostly be competing against the dealer.

In fact, you can bet on the dealer (in this case referred to as the banker) to win and even get a payout if a player’s hand is a losing one. There are several betting options here:

  • Player to win
  • Banker to win
  • Tie
  • Side bets

While the side bets depend on the type of game offered, they may not be available for each one. For instance, there’s a Super SIx bet which is a common wager for the Asian market, or some other bets like the Dragon bonus where you get a reward if a specific situation occurs in a winning hand.

Bitcoin baccarat table and betting options

For the Super Six bet it means that a banker needs to win with a total of six points, so you get the point of side bets. In some game versions, you can even bet that a pair will be drawn by either a player or a banker to earn a higher payout. Still, let’s focus on the main dish here and that’s player/banker wagers.

You’ll typically earn the same payout by betting on a player or banker to win, and that’s an even 1 to 1 payout. While we are at it, it’s important to note that betting on a banker to win comes with a 5% commission fee in most versions of the game, so your payout won’t exactly be double what you’ve bet, but you’ll rather hit a 95% profit.

Regardless of that, these two bets are equally popular among players, and betting on the tie will result in an 8 to 1 or a 9 to 1 payout. Of course, it’s a bit more rare but it doesn’t hurt betting a small wager on tie in each game round to test your luck.

How the Game Round Works

So, now that you know more about the payouts and betting options, here’s how it works – when the bitcoin baccarat round starts, you’ll be betting on the player to win, the banker to win, or tie in most cases.

Next, the banker will draw one card at a time and both the player and the banker get two cards each. Now, the close value of the two cards to 9 wins, so your goal is to hit 8 or 9 in a perfect scenario. However, it’s also possible to win with a lower total value if you are lucky enough.

If the total value of the player’s cards is below 5, a third car will be drawn and the same goes for when the banker’s hand value is lower than 2. So, quite a bit of excitement can happen in that minute or so which is often how long a game round is. The important thing to note here is that Aces are counted as a value of 1, while higher-value cards are counted as zero. If the value of both cards surpasses 9, the first digit won’t count for the result. So, if you get 7 and 6 for a total value of 13, the true value of that hand will be 3.

How to Play And Baccarat Strategies

The first step towards winning at BTC baccarat is to know about the game and its rules and payouts, but the second one is a bit more engaging. You’ll need to pick the right gaming site and make a deposit in crypto to make your first bet, so our team wanted to make the process simpler for you by giving you a step-by-step guide:

  1. Join a trustworthy baccarat site – The first step is to find a reliable online casino that takes BTC deposits and join with a real money account to be able to place baccarat bets. You can always rely on our list of the best decentralized casinos and gambling DApps for ideas on which sites give you the best value.
  2. Select your preferred baccarat game type – Once your account is active, you can browse the site’s gaming selection in pursuit of the best baccarat option. Among these, there are regular baccarat games, multiplier games like Lightning baccarat by Evolution Gaming, and others, so you should pick what suits your preference the most.
  3. Select your main bet – Next, pick a player/banker bet to wager on and you’ll be all set to claim your first win. Remember that a banker bet often comes with a small commission here.
  4. Keep track of your balance – Last but not least important, make sure to keep track of your balance by converting the BTC balance value into USD or any other currency to make it easier to track your standings.

Well, there you have it – we’ve given you an overall idea of how BTC baccarat works, so let’s spice things up now with a bit of talk on baccarat strategies, shall we?

Use a Martingale Strategy

One of the best baccarat tactics in theory is the Martingale method which is often used in roulette. This system includes betting on odds with an even payout (player/banker bets in this case) and doubling up on your bet value if you lose. So, if you start with $1, you can progress to $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, and so on.

The theory behind this method says that you can’t keep losing forever if you bet on one betting option only, so if you bet on the player to win and just keep doubling up when you lose, you should secure a payout sooner or later. Of course, this method has its downsides as well since the commission on the banker bet lowers your return and there’s no proof that a streak of 10 consecutive banker bets won’t occur if you keep betting on the player to win, so this also requires having some nerves.

Don’t Wager on Side Bets

As mentioned, Baccarat has a few side bets including betting on the tie result, pairs to be drawn, or Super Six side bets in particular types of the game. However, these will only lower your return and increase the house edge of the game since it’s difficult to win in a streak by including side bets every game round.

Instead, we suggest that you stick with player/banker bets since you have a theoretical 50/50 chance to win like this, and with each side bet that you make, these odds are only getting lower.

Play The Most Rewarding Baccarat Type

In our personal experience, wagering on games like Lightning baccarat can help since you get all the same gaming experience only this time you can win a multiplier prize as well.

This will increase your profit in each game round where a multiplier card is being drawn and you can win at least a little bit more than with regular baccarat.

Best Bitcoin Baccarat Sites

To give you an idea of where you can play the best bitcoin Baccarat game out there, we’ve decided to give you a list of our top 5 BTC baccarat sites:

  • BC Game Casino
  • LTC Casino
  • Casino
  • Metaspins Casino

Among these, we particularly enjoyed the first few options since BC Game comes with a complete baccarat lobby from Evolution Gaming and the same goes for LTC casino and Empire. You can also witness our accounts and personal experiences by going through our LTC casino review where we played a fast-paced Speed Baccarat game.

As the best gambling DApp overall in our experience, BC Game offers the most with an impressive sign-up bonus for your first four deposits and an extensive gaming portfolio that includes live and RNG-operated baccarat. Still, LTC casino doesn’t fall back behind by much and we also liked playing baccarat at for the site’s impeccable mobile optimization and loads of gaming options including the mentioned Lightning baccarat, so check our review to see how we did there.

How We Rate The Best BTC Baccarat Sites

Our team wants to stand out from the crowd in the world of online casinos and give players and our readers a recommendation and experience they can relate to. So, we use our own money to join and play at the mentioned casinos, and only then can we recommend them to you as the best bitcoin baccarat sites based on our first-hand experience.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, here’s a brief introduction to your review process and the methods we use to rate the best gambling DApps:

  1. Licenses and reliability – The first thing that our team observes is whether the casino has a proper gaming license or not. In the crypto gaming world, it’s also enough for the site to be operating on blockchain and provably fair software along with the verification from iTechLabs, eCOGRA, or similar organizations.
  2. Baccarat games offered – Our next stop is usually to check the baccarat games that are available to make sure that players have enough diversity in selection to pick their preferred game type.
  3. Bonuses and promotions – While it’s sad that you can’t use all the online casino bonuses on baccarat as mostly slots qualify for these, our team does its best to keep you posted on the sites in our recommendation that can be used for baccarat as well.
  4. Customer support – Finally, we have to also check the customer support service on a site to make sure it makes the absolute best option for you.


  • What is BTC baccarat?

    BTC baccarat is an online version of the popular card game that can be played in online casinos with Bitcoin deposits.

  • How does Bitcoin baccarat work?

    In a round of online BTC baccarat, players are betting on either player’s or banker’s hand to win for an even payout or a tie bet for a higher 9 to 1 payout. Two cards are being drawn for each and whoever scores closer to 9 wins.

  • What are some of the best Bitcoin baccarat casinos?

    Some of the best Bitcoin baccarat casinos are BC Game,, and LTC Casino.

  • Are there any BTC baccarat strategies?

    While there’s no foolproof plan on how to win on BTC baccarat, you can use some methods like the Martingale strategy to win more often.

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