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As an online casino enthusiast, you have to agree on one thing – all of us come to a certain point where we wish to unlock the potential of new games, but are too caught up in our gambling patterns to explore new things. So, every once in a while, it would be rather good to try something new to stay updated on the latest trends, and the Wheel gambling game seems like a perfect new discovery.

It’s still fairly new even among the provably fair games that got popular in the past few years, and while it resembles a sort of RNG table roulette, there’s much more to the game than meets the eye. So, our team of dedicated slot lovers and casino enthusiasts decided to give you a spin (pun intended) through the game’s main quirks and features to make you an expert in Wheel gambling and the strategy needed to play it. Let’s dive right into it!

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What You’ll Find In This Guide

Best Wheel Gambling Sites in 2024

Other than focusing on the gameplay immediately, we wanted to quickly address something equally important here – finding the best gambling wheel sites. You see, it’s just as important to find the right casino as it is to know the ins and outs of a certain game, and that means focusing on verified fair, and proven sites. To cut the wait, our team already explored these for you, so you can take a look at the list below and visit our gambling DApps review posts for more information on our credibility and the way we rate gambling sites.


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Wheel Gambling Explained

All right, so now is the time to focus on the essence of the Bitcoin wheel game and how it works to give you a clear picture of what you can expect out of this game. At first, it seems rather simple – you get to wager on a certain wheel position as the wheel spins like a roulette wheel, and eventually, the indicator lands on a certain spot. That’s it – based on your bet level, risk setting, and the result, you’ll be able to secure a payout and a win multiplier.

However, there’s more to this game since there are two other significant factors to count on – the row and the segment. This depends on the game provider as well, but you’ll mostly see it referred to as these, while you may also see the “risk level” instead of the segment in some variations.

Regardless of that, these always mean the same, as the segment determines the risk of the board, while the “rows” setting allows you to increase or lower the number of sections with possible outcomes displayed. Think of it this way – if you set the game up to a low segment combined with just 10 rows as the minimum, your wheel will have 10 different payout sections and the volatility will be at its lowest setting.

This means a lower risk you’ll take (since there will be only a few x0 sections), but the payouts will not be exactly sky-high here. In other words, only two sections will be blank for a zero payout and the rest of these will have x1.2 or x1.5 values. By increasing the segment to high, you’ll get a more volatile board with higher potential payouts but with more zero payout sections as well, and adjusting the rows will lead to a higher number of sections.

House Edge and Win Potential

The gambling wheel game is still fairly fresh in the iGaming scene and that’s why you won’t be able to find a lot of different variations of it. However, you can say that the average RTP rate is around 98%, with some versions like BC Game’s original wheel game featuring a return of up to 99%. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Well, this is both a good and a bad thing since you’ll have a higher return and the casino will have a lower edge over your winnings, but that also means you can’t exactly get rich by winning massive jackpots on the game. In that sense, the x50 max win isn’t something to be bragged about when compared with other crypto games, but it’s no small feat either.

You could say that the wheel game is pretty much the average of what you can expect to get with instant win or provably fair games, as it gives you a verifiable fairness scale and provides you with the chance to win big, but not too big. With this in mind, we think it’s a perfect game for those who aren’t willing to risk too much and are easily satisfied with frequent small profits that can possibly be won here.

Payouts and Odds

When it comes to the Wheel odds, it’s important to note that you can win anywhere from x1.2 of your bet, up to x49.5 of your bet. Naturally, this depends on your configuration, and we have to say that we are genuinely pleased with how customizable this game can be. It features something for everyone – you can either go for relatively low risk and therefore agree to lower payouts, or chase after an unlikely scenario that could reward you with up to 50 times your bet.

It’s completely up to you to choose, and we’d like to start with the low-risk configuration. In every crypto Wheel game, you can start with low risk and get x1.2 and x1.5 payouts regardless of the segment number. Increasing the segments would only lead to more chances of hitting each of these multipliers, and switching to the medium risk level unlocks the game’s potential.

Here we have a few more options like x2 of your bet, x3, and x5 of your wager amount, but you also have to count on more empty zero-return sections. This sort of configuration could prove to be rather decent for players looking to get moderate-level payouts along the way while risking a bit more than those settling for a low-risk grid easily.

wheel casino game

Finally, you can go with a high-risk layout and chase after a single profitable section on the wheel, and that one can range from x9.9, x19.80, x29.70, x39.60, and finally x49.50 depending on the number of segments.

49.5x wheel win

Naturally, this one comes with the highest risk and it’s rather difficult to get the indicator pointing at that single profitable section, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try it with lower betting levels.

How to Play The Wheel Game

Joining a round of an instant play crypto wheel game may seem easy, but there are specific steps to follow on your way there. We wanted to simplify the process for you, which is why we made this step-by-step guide on playing the game to help you get started ASAP:

Wheel Strategy and Tips

Well, now we come to the fun part – it’s discussing the strategies and tips that could make your Wheel gambling experience even better. To do this, we had to play the game for real money ourselves and we tried to put as much effort into it as needed to develop a winning strategy. Our conclusion? You may not like it, but we came up with the conclusion that the game can’t be turned in your favor in any way.

But, you can try the following tips to maximize your winning chances or at least lower your potential losses to the point where you can take it and afford to lose:

Try Using A Martingale Modification

For all the roulette lovers among you, you’ve probably heard of the Martingale strategy before. It includes betting on even odds with an x2 payout and trying to double up on each of your losing bets until you can hit the win. After that, you should restore your bet to the original amount, and that should theoretically allow you to take up to 15 losses and still profit with the next hand if you have a bankroll large enough.

Well, let’s see how that can be translated into the Wheel game. First, you should set it up like this – pick a medium risk level and play with the minimum (10) segments. This gives you an equal chance of winning and losing since you’ll have 5 blank spots and 5 winning sections on the wheel. However, the winning payouts won’t always be the same, since they range from x1.5 to x3, but the average value is still around x2, so you can get that even payout in the long run.

To use the strategy, you can try placing a bet, and if you win, you should revert to the original betting amount (or simply make another bet of the same level). The only situation where you’d increase the bet and double it up is if you lose, and you should keep doing this until you hit a win even if it takes 5 or 10 blank sections to get you there. Please note that this method doesn’t work necessarily and in theory, you could get more blank sections in a row than you can afford to get with your balance and that could ruin it.

Still, it’s something worth trying while you play the Wheel casino game, especially if you’d be happy to take small wins or even low losses over riskier gameplay.

Hunt For The Large Multipliers

This next tip on playing the gambling spinning wheel includes placing lower bets and having the budget to make at least 100 of these. In theory, you’d have 10% chance of hitting the winning segment if you play it on the high-risk level and just 10 segments, with the single one being a winning segment. So, you can count on getting 10 of these hits within 100 bets to break even.

If you can make 11 or 12, or even more – well, that’s when the winning streak would be made and that’s the whole point of this otherwise pretty risky strategy. Of course, we have to say it’s also possible to get 5 or even lower hits in a batch of 100 wagers, so it’s up to you if you decide to be willing to take that risk.

Our Top Picks For The Best Wheel Gambling Casinos

To wrap things up, we just had to give you a few tips on the best sites to play the game at, so even though we already gave you a complete list, we’ll break it down for you when it comes to our top 2 picks in more detail:

BC Game

This online casino is arguably the best place for Wheel gamblers, and it’s for a good reason – it gives you up to 360% deposit match on your first four deposits made, and you get to spin the BC Wheel daily. Of course, this is a different wheel from the Wheel game, and it’s a promo one that could still give you prizes of up to 1BTC!

bc game's wheel

As for the Wheel game, you can see that this one has it all in terms of risk level adjustment, high multipliers for high-risk displacement, and the option to play it on auto mode and enjoy witnessing your winning streak. BC Game is also one of the rare few sites that feature a complete collection of provably fair games, so check our BC Game review for more details on these.


Another great option for playing the Wheel game is Stake.com and this site is one of our off-shore favorites. It offers increased anonymity and blockchain gambling at its finest to players, along with a fully customizable Wheel game where you can get three different risk levels along with five different segment adjustments, just like on BC Game originals.

stake wheel

You can also use an option to set up a certain cashout level depending on the win chance and the win cap, and you can also follow in-game metrics for more details about your session. We’ve already talked about all the Stake’s benefits for newcomers in our Stake.com review, so make sure to give it a read to get more information on the site’s bonuses and rewards system.

Wheel Game – Key Facts

💰 Best Wheel game casino BC.Game
❓ Provably fair?Yes!
👉 RTPVaries, 98-99%
☞ Win potential50x bet


  • What's the Wheel game and how does it work?

    The Wheel gambling game is a unique new take on provably fair gambling as it gives you the chance to bet on a Wheel of Fortune-like game with blank zero payment sections and win multiplier sections for higher profit.

  • Is the Wheel game fair?

    Yes, the Wheel game can be checked for its fairness as it’s one of the best provably fair games out there.

  • What's the RTP on the Wheel game?

    The average RTP on this game is around 98% but it can even reach 99% on some casinos which makes the house edge on it pretty low.

  • Where can I play the Wheel gambling game?

    You can play the Wheel gambling game on casino sites like BC Game and Stake.com, but make sure to check our list for a complete picture.