limbo gambling game

The gaming industry is encompassed with lots of innovation, which contributes to the astronomical growth that the industry is experiencing per time. When it comes to the latest technologies, the iGaming industry never incorporates them into the development of games and their features. When crypto becomes popular and widely accepted, casinos embrace it as means of payment. With time, crypto-based casinos which could only be played with cryptocurrency and withdraw in cryptocurrency were developed and introduced into the iGaming industry.

This time around, it is the limbo gambling game. On hearing the word limbo, the first thing that is likely to resonate in the mind of people according to its meaning is a state of confusion. Bringing the meaning of the word limbo together with casino, one might have the impression that this type of casino game will be complex and confusing in playing. But that is not it. Limbo casinos are games that are incredibly simple and engaging in play.

Where to play Limbo game?

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Limbo Casino Game

Limbo casino is a cryptocurrency casino game, similar to crash gambling game that is based on provably fair. A game in which the player verifies its outcome if it’s fair in real-time. It uses random number generators, which produce millions of numbers that determine the game’s outcomes. Another piece of technology that it uses is a seed generator and hashing. Seed generator creates the number fed into the algorithm while hashing transforms longer data strings into shorter ones. In crypto casinos, the hashing techniques of the provably fair are based on SHA256. The limbo in the casino game is like a rocket rising every moment that can explode at any time. When it’s rising, it drops treasures, and those who can accurately predict its explosion time will catch the treasures. Limbo casino game is suitable for all players, not minding their budget and risk capacity. You can bet with a small amount in the game and bet with millions as the game doesn’t have a max bet limit. The winnings attached with big wins are likewise unlimited with an enormous prize.

Limbo gambling

In limbo gambling, the activity you are undertaking is making a bet on any amount of the crypto you are using, whether bitcoin or any altcoin. In doing this, you select what is called a target multiplier. The target is the number that must be matched or below it to win the game. For the number that will randomly appear on the screen, your target number will have to be below it. If the outcome of the number tally or under, you win the stipulated payout multiplier you set by your betting amount. The amount you will win for your multiplier is based on the probability listed in the chance%. For instance, if your multiplier is 2.00x, that number and any number above amounts to a winning round. Your ‘chance’ of winning will be 50.00%, automatically calculated and displayed on the screen. The amount to be won depends on the amount you bet with.

Limbo casino game variance is high, and it has a potential for a wide range of outcomes between bets.

How to play limbo casino game

First, we need to know that limbo casino is a game that was developed for the most part in-house by different crypto casinos. Therefore, there might be slight alterations in the different compositions of the limbo game you will find on different platforms. While betting on limbo, you might see differences in the graphics and terminology in different versions. However, the gameplay and the goal are all the same.

This game is a completely random form of gambling and guessing the possible outcome. In playing a limbo casino game, you are betting on the number that will appear on the screen with the hope that the number you selected will be below what will appear.

To start playing, deposit the crypto to bet on into your account. After that, set your preferred multiplier number from 1.0x to any number and enter the amount of crypto you want to bet with, and hit on the bet button. Once there is a match of the number, the profit will be added to your balance. You can choose to go with manual play or auto bet.

limbo casino

Limbo game strategy

In-game playing, gamers are after strategies that can help them have good winnings and make the most out of their bet. In casinos, some games are played using tricks and strategies, while some are based purely on luck with no strategies involved. The limbo game is a game of luck that does not require any form of strategy in the gameplay. This is because the number that will come up can not be predicted before it does. The bit of limbo strategy that might be needed is setting your odds and the payout multiplier level. A lower multiplier can be set if you want high odds and small prizes. But if you want a huge win, your bankroll must be commensurate with the bet you want to make or have luck on your side.

Limbo Gambling FAQ

  • What is a limbo gambling game?

    Limbo gambling game is a crypto casino game that is provably fair, based on random number generators. The outcome is unpredictable, and it is a fair game for all players.

  • Is limbo rigged?

    No, limbo is not a rigged game as it uses random number generators, seed generators, and hashing to generate numbers that any player cannot predict.

  • Is it legal?

    Yes, it is a legal game to play as long as online casino games are not prohibited in your country or state.

  • Is it safe?

    Yes, it is a safe casino game that uses crypto, which doesn’t involve any form of interference in playing and payments.

  • Limbo gambling real money and crypto

    In limbo gambling, you can make use of real money to deposit into your account to start playing, and you can also choose to use crypto, which is the main currency accepted. However, some of these crypto casino game providers do not accept fiat currency aside from bitcoins and altcoins. Therefore, you need to be sure of this before creating an account.