Best Bitcoin Casinos With VIP Offers [2023]

Due to the greater convenience of using BTC for online gambling in 2023, we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t be on the lookout for the best Bitcoin casinos. That, in the humble opinion of our crypto gambling experts, includes hand-picking Bitcoin casinos with VIP offer, because we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t.

Let’s get straight to the point here – new BTC casinos are everywhere and they are constantly evolving and competing with each other, so the chance of joining a VIP club is a must-have. There’s just one issue that players like yourself may have and that’s figuring out the true value behind these VIP benefits and offers.

With this in mind, we took it upon ourselves to bring you a list of all the latest BTC gambling sites that provide extra value with loyalty offers by our criteria, and we’ll thoroughly explain how such offers work in the first place.

Illustration of BTC Casino VIP offers

What You’ll Learn In This Guide

Basics Of BTC Gambling

We don’t want to drift away from the main point here, but let’s stop for a bit to give you some background on Bitcoin casinos VIP system. The best way to do that is through the essence of Bitcoin gambling in the first place, so we’ll give you some of our key takeaways on the matter.

First and foremost, Bitcoin gambling makes it safer and more convenient for players to access their favorite online casino games. Of course, BTC casinos feature some of the most diverse gaming lobbies in the industry, so you’ll be able to use the VIP offers on these sites for playing your favorite games.

Needless to say, Bitcoin transactions are instant and come with low fees and almost non-existent security risks which make them much better options when compared with fiat currencies. You can gamble on these sites as you normally would, only you’d be using a Bitcoin balance so that might be the only true downside since you have to do some math to keep your balance up the date with the current exchange rate.

Other than that, Bitcoin casinos operate on blockchain and they are completely safe for players. We hope that makes sense so far, since now we’ll dive deep into the term “VIP offers” and we’ll do our best to draw a line between “genuine” VIP clubs and loyalty offers that simply aren’t worth taking a look into.

Bitcoin Casinos and VIP Offers

We know what you are thinking – the term “VIP” alone makes it sound like these programs are designed for high-rollers and players who wager the most on the site. However, you don’t have to have such deep pockets (or BTC wallet balance for that matter) to reach a loyalty status on some of the casinos we’ll discuss a bit later on in this guide.

It’s enough to follow the rules and simply frequently visit the site while making crypto deposits to keep your balance active. VIP clubs can often be reached even by low-rollers who prefer placing smaller bets but still do it frequently enough on the site to get an invitation. With that, we reach the first obstacle that you may encounter with this – qualifying for that VIP status. You see, there are multiple ways of reaching a VIP membership depending on which site you are playing at, so allow us to shed some light on that.

Qualifying For BTC VIP Bonuses

Every BTC casino site features distinctive promo offers that are specific to that site alone, and the same goes for VIP prizes. Let’s take BC Game as an example since we’ll be talking about this casino as one of the best options for players looking for VIP promos in the following sections. You can find a lot of different BC Game bonuses and promotions by simply registering for an account there, but it works a bit differently with VIP offers.

There are two main ways in which you can qualify for even being eligible to get such offers and use them on the site:

While we are at BC Game, this particular site uses the latter method which means you’ll be collecting “experience points” if you join this site. You automatically get the first level unlocked, but there are 22 levels and five loyalty tiers so you can collect more points to keep evolving and advancing through their VIP scale.

Currently, the system allows you to get 1 experience point for an equivalent of each $1 wagered in Bitcoin. That’s just one example since some casinos make you wait until you get summoned via email to join the VIP club, and this system is referred to as “invite-only”. We don’t recommend these because at least while collecting points you can oversee your progress and check your loyalty level from time to time.

Bitcoin Casino VIP Perks

All right, so far we’ve gone through the most important takeaways and while these are important, we know you are mainly interested in learning more about VIP perks. So, the main benefits of a system where Bitcoin casinos VIP prizes are included can range from one of the following perks:

As you can see, basically all of these are unavailable to regular players, so the only way you can get these promo offers on the site is through the VIP club. In our personal experience, we always enjoy using these offers since not only do they make you feel special and wanted by the operator, but they also affect your balance in real-money play.

Who doesn’t like getting something for free, right? Well, it may not necessarily mean it’s free since you worked for your status and loyalty membership, but all those lost bets start making sense in the long run once you get that premium VIP treatment.

Having a personal account manager is mostly exciting for high-rollers, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using daily and weekly prizes, cashback promos, or VIP tournaments to get an additional boost that regular players can’t access.

Our Top 3 BTC Casinos With A VIP Club

We thought there was no better way of wrapping up this guide than by giving you an overview of VIP offers provided by our top 3 casino picks. These are not just the sites we think to be the best since we’ve actually played on each of these and we are happy to share our first-hand experience with you on these:

BC Game Casino

An obvious first pick would be BC Game Casino and this one is a no-brainer since the site has five loyalty levels coupled with a dozen VIP promos you can get. The loyalty levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, and you can get exciting prizes just for each of the level-ups you’ll do.

BC Game Casino VIP offers

Still, the offers we liked the most were Cash Drops, Coin Drops, and Secret Treasures since you never know what to expect with these. The site rewards each of the VIP players with an incredible collection of weekly and reload offers, as well as weekly and monthly cashback. This makes the VIP club equally beneficial for your winning and losing sessions.

Of course, you also get your own VIP host and premium low-fee withdrawals with increased payment processing values. You can also check out the other offers we’ve listed in a BC Game review since the site also has a massive welcome bonus besides the VIP offer.


If you are looking for a VIP offer with even more loyalty levels, TrustDIce holds the title there. Their “Satoshi Club” is booked only for the best of the best and if you consider yourself to be one of those players, you can collect their loyalty points and qualify for membership. Some of the instant benefits you’d be looking at include level-up prizes, weekly offers, up to 20% cashback, and a personal account manager.

TrustDice Casino VIP offers

We also highly recommend you take a look at the complete TrustDice review for more information on the bonus terms and conditions since you need to meet all these to become a VIP player. Overall, their VIP system is pretty straightforward and it works by collecting comp points for every bet you place worth in crypto.

JustBit Casino

Finally, we had to save one of hte best recent sites for last since JustBit casino just keeps on evolving. Their loyalty club is filled with amazing features ranging from 15% rakeback to milestone bonuses for level-ups and massive weekly prizes.

JustBit loyalty offers

We’ve highlighted more of the important details about this casino’s offers in our JustBit review so feel free to check that out for the specifics. For now, it’s enough to state that you can get up to $100,000 in VIP bonuses as a loyalty club member on this site, which is surely enough to motivate every player to do their best to reach this status.

  • What are BTC Casino VIP offers?

    BTC Casino VIP offers are bonuses and promotions that the operator offers for loyalty club members and players who receive invitations to VIP clubs based on their on-site engagement.

  • How do you reach a VIP status on a BTC casino?

    You can reach a VIP status on a BTC casino by either collecting loyalty points or by invitation.

  • What is the best BTC casino VIP bonus?

    The best casino VIP bonus is a cashback or rakeback offer that compensates for your losing sessions as a VIP player.

  • What is a best BTC casino with a VIP club?

    The best BTC casinos with VIP clubs are BC Game, TrustDice, and JustBit.