Decentralized Lottery

Online gambling sites are growing both in number and in terms of their game collections, and it’s nothing new to players. However, a major change was initiated with the introduction of crypto gambling that would, later on, evolve into a giant leap for the whole industry. This gave birth to decentralized casinos and provably fair gaming software, and one of the most interesting games to emerge as a result is the decentralized lottery.

Naturally, these are great news for all those Bingo and Keno lovers among you, but what do decentralized lottery sites truly stand for and what do they mean for you as a player? Our team went straight into action as we have personal experience with these sites and games that will help us lead you through the meaning of this game type, its benefits, and the best sites where you can play.

Decentralized Lottery Example

What You’ll Find In This Guide

Best Decentralized Lottery Sites 2024

Through this guide, we’ll give you all the bits of information needed for you to select the best crypto lottery sites, but we’ll first give you our list of the sites we’ve already tested. While you wait for us to deliver our evaluation metrics, here’s a list of the top-rated decentralized lottery sites:

  1. BC Game Casino
  2. Casino
  3. Metaspins Casino
  4. TrustDice

Traditional Lotteries: A Glimpse into the Past

There’s been a lot of debate among lottery enthusiasts regarding the rigged nature of some suspicious traditional lotteries and shady stuff going on with the number drawing mechanism. We aren’t saying that lotteries in general are fixed, but you have no way to check the fairness of these draws independently as a player.

That’s where the difference between these and decentralized lotteries come in play, and online casino players can greatly benefit from provably fair lottery. That is – as long as you know how to choose a site, and that’s what we’ll help you achieve in this guide. Plus, lottery games on online gambling DApps are updated in terms of their efficiency and usability, and you also get to witness more frequent draws rather than waiting for that Friday night draw one week after the other, so let’s take a more detailed look.

What Are Decentralized Lotteries?

The idea of decentralized lotto may be relatively new, but fans of Bingo and other lottery games are there for the thrill of the base version of the game. So, just like with regular Bingo or Keno, you get to purchase lottery tickets and play on your favorite numbers to compete for a grand prize. However, this sort of game wouldn’t be as appealing as it is if it weren’t for provably fair games category.

This means that each round of the game is completely transparent and fair, as you can check yourself by using a part of the hash code provided before the game round takes place, as well as the cryptographic code you can verify afterward. Some of the main benefits are related to that transparency, but they also include fast-paced gameplay, instant balance updates, and auto-play options to repeat your betting numbers.

Almost every new decentralized casino these days offers this type of lottery game, which wasn’t the case just a few years ago, and that clearly goes in favor of the game growing in popularity. So, right after getting to know the best sites to play at or the benefits of the game, it’s time to head to the rules and help you figure out how you can place your wagers on decentralized casinos.

Dapp Casinos and the Rise of Decentralised Gambling

Regardless of your gambling and lottery experience, there are some clues that could help you figure out if the site is worth joining and playing at. For crypto lottery sites, this includes finding those with decentralized lotto games operating on the blockchain. If you have a crypto balance, it’s best to play provably fair versions of the game to boost your winning chances.

To help you achieve that, let’s focus on the essence of DApp casinos and decentralized gambling when playing lottery games. It’s the fastest and safest way of playing with crypto deposits since there’s no authority or regulatory body above these sites, so you won’t have to provide much of your personal information. The safety alone should be enough to get you started, but there’s also the factor of playing provably fair crypto lottery games, which is why we’ll help you find an appropriate site.

Benefits of Playing Decentralized Lottery

You should look for sites that offer several versions of the game since these will give you the freedom of choice and you can scroll through the Bingo and Keno variations. Finally, it takes finding reputable casino sites with a proper gambling license, but this can vary if you are playing at no-KYC crypto dApps. in this case, blockchain technology and smart contracts could protect you on their own, so playing on a site with a Curacaco license can suffice.

Among the things to consider, there’s also the matter of picking the most rewarding Bingo site, which means looking for the best bonuses, highest lottery RTP, and best payouts for a winning combination.

How To Play At A Decentralized Lottery Site

To help you get on track with your favorite lottery games, we’ll go through the main steps you can take to play these from home comfort by visiting one of the casino sites recommended by our experts. We always take extra steps to verify the sites on our list so you can completely trust them to deliver a fair and legit gaming experience.

Even so, that’s still not enough to snatch some instant lottery wins, so we’ll give you a few hints as to how you can do this:plin

  1. Register on a decentralized lottery site – The first step towards enjoying a round of provably fair lottery games is to join a gambling site that offers it. You can use a shortcut provided by our team in terms of picking one of the sites we’ve recommended, which may help you save some time on pursuit.
  2. Make a deposit – The next step is to make your initial deposit on the site and this allows you to prepare a lottery balance which you’ll later on use to play Bingo and Keno games. We also encourage you to always look for the sites with the best bonuses, and even though most of these won’t allow you to use the bonus on lottery games, there are a few exceptions and these are worth the search.
  3. Start a lottery session – Depending on the exact game type, you can use some all-new game features specific to lottery games. These include random number selection and auto-play options that help you keep the fast-paced gameplay consistent. You can also manually select your lucky numbers or even purchase multiple tickets for each drawing round.
  4. Keep track of your balance – Whether you are using an auto-play option or random number selection, we, either way, advise you to check your balance since each game round takes less than a minute and that requires your continuous attention.

Types of Decentralized & Crypto Lottery Sites

It can’t hurt to know about the different types of sites where you can play decentralized lotto, so our team wanted to go over the main types with you. From traditional gambling sites to all-new dApps, here’s where you can expect to play the decentralized lottery:

First, you can play the crypto lottery by visiting a regular online casino that features table games. It’s not a specific category under which the lottery games are usually listed, but it’s most likely where you’ll find them. Crypto gambling sites usually have a higher game count than regular casinos, and decentralized casinos are best for this type of game due to their more diverse selection of lotto games and provably fair releases.

How We Rate & Review Crypto & Decentralized Lottery Platforms

As promised, we’ll do our best to give you an insight into our team’s evaluation strategy that we use to find the best lottery sites. You can use this information to your advantage when selecting the best site to play on your lucky numbers, so here’s a list of factors that we review:

  1. Gaming license and fairness – The first thing that our team considers when rating a casino is the license and software fairness, and that means we do what we can to prevent you from playing on shady sites. This also includes looking for decentralized lottery sites that feature crypto betting and this makes the game safer for players in terms of payment security.
  2. Types of lotto games – Once we check the site for fairness and safety, the next priority is to see if it offers enough lottery games to keep players engaged. These mostly include Bingo and Keno games, as well as instant win or provably fair releases like provably fair Keno.
  3. Lottery bonuses – You can’t enjoy a round of decentralized lottery without looking for sites with the best lottery bonuses. While these are rare, taking a look at our list of recommended sites can help you find a suitable one.
  4. Customer support service – Finally, we wish to ensure that should you have any problems while playing on the site, you’ll have an easy time reaching out to customer support, so we only ever recommend casino sites with responsive support.

Our Top Pick – BC Game Lottery

If you now trust us enough to deliver the best lottery sites to you, you shouldn’t hesitate to turn to our team of experts for recommendations on the best lottery games. Out of all the available options, the BC Game lottery makes our absolute favorite because of the engaging platform and the different types of prizes and jackpots you can win.

BC Game Jackpot Lottery

The site gives you the chance to elevate your gaming experience by providing referral codes you can submit to friends and have them win free lottery tickets! Plus, you can also get in line for the jackpot prize that seems as impressive as ever on BC Game, reaching over $100,000 on occasions.

The best thing is – BC Game’s lottery is both convenient for low-rollers and players that like to play it with high wagers since you can buy a ticket for as little as $0.1. You can also use BC coins for buying the tickets and pick your favorite numbers from 1 to 36 to qualify for a draw that takes place every day.

Provably Fair Lottery Rules

We really liked how things were organized on this site and it gets even better when you count in the provably fair nature of the game. Namely, you can get a server seed and client seed before and after the game draw takes place, and you can use the hash code to verify the fairness of the game round, which we think is really cool of the site to give back to loyal players, and it makes BC Game lottery one of the best options out there.

Advantages of Decentralised Lotteries

Now that you know about the basics of decentralized lotteries and how they work, it’s time to consider the main benefits of these games. We’ll start with the bonus offers you may receive on sites recommended by our experts and make our way through all the other advantages to ensure you know what to expect:

Decentralized Lottery Bonuses

Playing on crypto lottery sites doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the same bonuses that slot lovers and live casino enthusiasts could get. In fact, most casino dApps these days feature all those game types so you can also use the bonuses for playing lotto games. However, it’s worth checking the terms and conditions firsts since the wagering contribution for the bonuses on lottery games could be fairly lower than for slots.

Dapp Lotto

Some sites like BC Game Casino allow you to use your deposit bonus on lottery games and you can even get a welcome bonus of up to 5BTC by spinning the lucky wheel. You can get a 100% deposit match bonus for your initial deposit made to the site, as well as some weekly reload or no-deposit bonus offers that could give you an extra boost to your lottery bankroll.

However, the most common type of a bonus that could be used for playing lottery games is the free money bonus which is pretty rare these days and it allows you to use a cash boost to your bankroll to try out some lottery combinations. One such offer is provided by Metaspins which is another site we’d recommend and it’s for obtaining 100 or 500 lottery tickets on Metalotto while saving 5% or 6% on the tickets, respectively.

Complete Transparency

With the introduction of provably fair crypto gambling software, there also comes a much more transparent experience for players. To be precise, it’s the lack of that “middleman” factor that makes this type of crypto game suitable for players, and you can easily check the fairness of each draw and its outcome which isn’t something you can do with traditional lotteries.

Plus, it all comes down to having direct draw rounds without announcers or any additional drawbacks which makes the game fast-paced and you can expect daily and weekly draws. We especially have the Metaspins lottery in mind with this, so feel free to check our guide on that if you wish to witness the full potential of decentralized lotteries first-hand.

Empowerment of Participants

What we especially like about this type of lottery game is that all the players have equal chances of winning, and these are not determined by some random RNG software. The outcomes of the draw are completely randomly generated and not in the way that an RNG software does it, but truly fair this time. So, each player has a shot to hope for the best even with a random sequence of hand-picked numbers.

Enhanced Security

One of the main benefits of playing lottery games this way is the decentralization which ensures utmost safety and anonymity. Decentralized lotteries on DApp casinos often come with much lower safety risks when compared with traditional ones since all the transactions are processed on the blockchain.

That combined with smart contracts and their execution equals in a much safer and secure gambling environment and the best thing is – you don’t even have to expose your payment information due to secure crypto payments.

Challenges Facing Decentralised Lotteries

One of the main things that could affect the growth of widespread decentralized lottery sites is the blockchain-based gaming system. it means only provably fair casinos can offer these games and these are still a bit underdeveloped in a sense. It’s therefore important to pay attention to how the game works and to pick your site wisely since it could greatly affect your gaming experience.

As we mentioned before, some sites like Metaspins Casino will give you free tickets for participation as rewards and the draw would regularly take place once in a few days. However, other sites have weekly draws or even lower-frequency draws, so it’s important to learn as much as possible regarding the gameplay mechanics before you wager your tokens.

The Future of Fair Play in Lotteries

Based on what we could see from our experience and research, decentralized lotteries are a growing trend in the iGaming world. Not only do they offer something new and unique in the way that lottery games are played, but they also do it while allowing players to keep their privacy and get a fair treatment unlike with the traditional lottery games.

Having in mind the growth of decentralized crypto gaming sites in the past few years, we can safely assume that you’ll see more decentralized lottery games and we hope to see it happen as soon as possible. The safe frame of crypto payments supported on decentralized gambling DApps allows for faster development of decentralized lottery games, so exciting times lie ahead for the fans of lotteries and we’ll keep you posted on every step of the way if you follow up with our guides.

Decentralized & Crypto Lottery- FAQs

  • What is decentralized lottery?

    The decentralized lottery is a new type of lottery game provided by casino dApps and gambling sites that offer provably fair crypto games.

  • Is decentralized lottery gambling safe?

    Yes, decentralized lottery gambling is safe since it operates on blockchain technology and executes smart contracts that can’t be misused.

  • Which are the best decentralized & crypto lottery sites?

    Some of the best decentralized crypto lottery sites include BC Game, Metaspins, and TrustDice.

  • How big are the lottery jackpots?

    Lottery jackpots on decentralized casinos can be pretty high and a perfect example is the jackpot you can win on Metaspins worth $20,000 in crypto.