Bitcoin Keno Casinos for 2024 | Ranked & Reviewed

August 12, 2023
bitcoin keno

While it’s a common misconception that Keno is a game reserved for an older audience, the rise of online casinos allowed players to try all sorts of exciting Keno games. And just like that, a new type of casino game was born, this time oriented towards younger players looking for something fun and fast-paced to wager at.

However, one thing that may slip your mind could be the introduction of Bitcoin Keno as a game and our team will tell you all about it. We’ll discuss the benefits of crypto Keno gambling (specifically BTC in this case), as well as give you a few hints on the gameplay and tips on choosing the best crypto gambling DApps to play the game at, so let’s get straight into it.

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What You’ll Learn in This Guide

  • What is BTC Keno and how it works
  • Types of Keno games for crypto players
  • Tips and how to play
  • Best gambling DApps that offer BTC Keno games
  • How we review the best Keno gambling sites

About BTC Keno

BTC keno

If you’ve played a round of Keno before, you’ll be pretty much well-informed on how the game works due to its simplicity. And while we love that about the game, rookie players will need a bit more insight into the game to join a casino and start playing ASAP, so we’ll cut the worries short and give you a few tips on finding the best Keno casinos.

But, not before we take a deep dive into the world of online crypto Keno games and what they stand for in the current online casino world. Let’s start from scratch by telling you where you can find a worthy type of crypto Keno betting game to play.

Most BTC Keno sites are decentralized gambling DApps which means they aren’t operated by any larger network that runs within a certain jurisdiction zone. Instead, crypto casinos of this sort accept players all around the world and they all have one thing in common – blockchain technology.

We’ll talk about how that affects the game itself in a bit, but for now, let’s just say it keeps you safe from any unwanted interference and cyber attacks. Gambling DApps are the best way to go about BTC Keno since almost all of these take Bitcoin as a payment method. Once you can find the right site to wager on, you’ll be halfway there in terms of picking a decent game type.

Keno itself is a simple game – there are 80 Keno numbers to choose from and the type of Keno game you are playing will determine how much you can bet on. The point is to land as many of your selected numbers as possible during a draw that usually contains 20 numbered balls. You can usually pick up to 10 numbers, so you can already guess how difficult it is to guess 10 out of 20 numbers. Still, you can get paid even for a lower success rate and it usually takes guessing at least 5 or 6 numbers to get a x2 payout depending on the Keno type.

Provably Fair Keno

The thing with all those new crypto-gambling sites is – there are so many of them that they started competing with each other in their gaming efforts. As you might have guessed, this only benefits player and one of the innovations we are most excited about is provably fair Keno.

It means you can play a version of Keno where it’s possible to check the fairness of the drawing round to make sure you were paid or have lost transparently. In other words, you can verify if the game round has played out exactly the same way it was supposed to be since these games are supposed to be random.

Even so, the house edge on certain RNG-operated Keno games (those that work on random software) somewhat takes away some of that genuine Keno experience. It does it since the RNG and RTP can affect the draw round and its results, and it’s always best to wager on provably fair Keno if you get the chance.

provably fair bitcoin keno

This way you can take advantage of that crypto-generated software and blockchain transparency to see if the numbers drawn were initially supposed to be drawn in that sequence, which is somewhat comforting even when you lose knowing you still had a fair chance.

How To Play Crypto Keno and Betting Strategies

The thing is – Keno draws on BTC gambling sites that are going on non-stop, which can be both good and bad for players. Even though the game seems simple, there are some crypto Keno strategies and tips you can use. Before we start, we have to point out that there’s no exact science on how to play games at crypto Keno sites and there’s no guaranteed way to win.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s start with a detailed guide on how you can play BTC Keno and the general Keno rules once you select a decent gambling site:

Keno – How To Play

  1. Join a trustworthy BTC casino

    The first step of the way is to pick a reliable Bitcoin gambling site to wager on Keno games and perhaps looking at our list of verified and fair gambling DApps can help with that. Either way, you can get the most out of your gaming experience by sticking with approved casinos with fair Keno software.

  2. Get a Keno ticket 

    Once you’ve picked the right casino to play at, you can start a gaming round on a Keno gambling site and get your first ticket. You can either buy a single ticket, or get 5, 10, or even 50 and more tickets. You can also pick if you wish to use a ticket for a single game round or make it a repetitive ticket for rounds to come, in which case you can keep an eye on the same numbers all over again.

  3. Pick your lucky numbers

    The next step is to select your preferred numbers and you can either do this yourself or leave it to the random picking algorithm that most of these games have.

  4. Check the numbers and cash out

    Finally, the last step is to check your numbers as they are being drawn and cash out on time if you have an auto-play option active to claim your winnings.

Now that you are more familiar with how the game works, let’s take a few moments to see if we can give you some tips on the strategies.

Always Bet on the Same Numbers

The first way we can recommend is to always bet on the same numbers and keep repeating these numbers as the game rounds go. This can help keep some consistency in each game round since most players think that all the numbers are destined to be drawn at some point.

For instance, if the number 80 hasn’t been drawn in a few rounds, chances are it will be drawn in the upcoming few rounds, or at least that’s what this strategy proposes. The other side of the coin is that you will have a better chance of winning than by changing your numbers every round, and while we think this strategy doesn’t guarantee any wins, we still think it’s worth a shot, especially if you are a beginner.

Use Random Numbers

While some players like to try and figure out ways behind the game’s inner workings, others simply prefer to enjoy the game as what it truly is – a random draw game. So, there’s always an option in BTC Keno games to randomly pick your numbers. You can do this for a single game round, or for a few consecutive rounds and that’s completely on you.

Among all the strategies, this one has the least “support” behind it if we attempt to use any sort of logic to debunk how the game works. In reality, it’s just as random as the rest of them, but it’s always nice to think you are following a certain pattern.

Use a 40/40 Rule

Finally, some players like to think of it this way – there are 80 numbers in total which means that you’ll have a higher win rate if you bet on the same amount of numbers from the 1 to 40 sequence and the 41 to 80 sequence. This way, you’ll have a balanced ticket with a decent win rate if we assume that it’s theoretically impossible for all the numbers to be from the same decade or even the same side of the 40/40 sheet.

Once again, it’s pretty random but it makes sense and we like this one the most among the Keno tips and strategies as it proved to be pretty efficient. While there’s no guarantee this will work, it at least looks as if you are lowering the house edge in Keno since all the numbers have to come up sooner or later (or at least that’s what it’s like in theory).

Best BTC Keno DApps

All right, now it’s time to head for the main course and that’s giving you some tips on the best BTC Keno sites out there. Our team wants to stand out with our casino reviews as we only bring you sites that we’ve tested ourselves in our recommendations. Plus, we’ve made real money deposits to try the games out and that gave us the upper hand in terms of recommending good Keno games.

Based on our personal experience, these are some of the best crypto sites where you can wager on Keno games:

  • BC Game
  • Metaspins

We’ll also give you a few words on the top 3 of these sites to give you a better understanding of how the game works and which are the different types of games to play.

BC Game

This crypto casino is our personal favorite due to its wide range of provably fair games and slots available for BTC players. It’s arguably the best Bitcoin casino out there and you can play some exciting types of Keno games here including Mega Ball from Evolution Gaming. It may not be classic Keno, but it’s surely exciting thanks to all the multipliers and extra features of the game.

BC Game also has more than 5000 games and a rich four-tier welcome bonus that newcomers easily qualify for, so you may end up with an extra boost to your bankroll to help get you going on Keno games. You can take a look at our BC Game review for more details on the site’s game options and bonuses, as well as if you wish to see some of our first-hand experience on the game. Casino

Our next pick is and this is a site where you can play a regular Keno or Super Keno variations depending on your preference. It’s also one of our favorite casino sites due to all the daily contests and 6000 plus casino games available to BTC players. We had a lot of fun playing the Super Keno during our review and we also liked how the site’s support team handled urgent requests.

It’s always good to have gaming diversity, and that’s exactly what this site offers and we also mean Keno diversity for that matter. Casino

Our final contender for the title of the best BTC Keno casino is, and it’s yet another decentralized gambling platform that accepts all sorts of players regardless of your location. It brings 3000 and more casino games strictly reserved for BTC and other crypto players, and there you’ll find a great version of a standard 80-ball Keno.

We particularly enjoyed this fast-paced game during our review as you can see from that post, but that wasn’t all. The site also has all sorts of other provably fair games you can play with BTC deposits like Aviator, Crash, and Limbo.

How We Reviewed The Best Keno Sites

To sum things up, BTC Keno is a great game for newbies that have recently gotten into the world of crypto casinos. It has everything you may need – from fast-paced gameplay to decent payouts and that thrill factor of watching the balls being drawn. To wrap things up, we’ve decided to give you a few hints on how we reviewed the best Keno sites out there, so take a look at our ranking methodology which may also help you pick the best site:

  1. Licenses and fairness – The first thing we always review before recommending a casino site to our readers is the gaming license and fairness. We always look for casinos with provably fair gaming algorithms and the best Keno odds so players can get the most out of games like BTC Keno.
  2. Bonuses and promotions – Even though you can’t use most casino bonus offers on Keno games, it comes in handy to double your deposit right off the bat and play slots to accumulate enough balance for playing Keno games later on without breaking your bank.
  3. Keno games offered – Moving on, we always need to make sure that we’ve given you the right choice of games and this includes live Keno, RNG-based Keno, and provably fair games with the highest Keno payouts.
  4. Customer support – Finally, it’s important to have the right support when playing on a new casino site, so our team always takes a look at the customer service of the casino before recommending it to you.

Bitcoin Keno – Key Facts

💰 Best Bitcoin keno casino BC.Game
❓ Provably fair?Yes!
☞ Bonuses at Bitcoin keno sitesNo deposit, welcome, free spins +more!

Bitcoin Keno FAQs

  • What is BTC Keno?

    BTC Keno is a crypto version of the famous Keno game available in online casino sites or decentralized gambling DApps for real money play.

  • How does Bitcoin Keno work?

    Bitcoin Keno can be played by selecting 10 or 20 numbers out of 80 numbered balls being drawn in each round and you get an accordant payout with each number you guess correctly.

  • What are some of the best Bitcoin Keno casinos?

    Some of the best BTC Keno casinos are BC Game,, and

  • Is Keno a provably fair game?

    While there are various versions of the game operated by RNG, there are also some provably fair Keno games you can find on popular casinos like

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