How To Gamble With Cryptocurrency

October 26, 2022
How To Gamble With Cryptocurrency

If you are familiar with the latest gambling trends, you’ve certainly heard about crypto casinos. While these are still growing in numbers in 2024, there are still lots of players asking the question – how to gamble with cryptocurrency? Plus, confusing terms like crypto gambling, DeFi betting, and provably fair gaming only make things more difficult for ignorant players.

So, let our team be your guide through the competitive market of cryptocurrency gambling as we go through the basics, and proceed with step-by-step instructions on making your first successful crypto wager online. We’ll also wrap things up with brief reviews of our favorite crypto casinos based on unbiased and real-money experience that our team went through while reviewing these sites, so buckle up as this will be your all-around ride through the world of crypto casinos.

The Best Cryptocurrency Gambling Sites in 2024

As mentioned, the world of crypto casinos is a competitive and often cruel place if you don’t know what you are looking for. As you’ll see from this guide, one of the main benefits of these casinos is their safety for players coupled with anonymity, but there is still some shady business going on as the market continues to grow.

So, we figured you may want to swing by and take a quick look at our list of the best gambling DApps in 2024 since we put so much effort into keeping the list of our recommended sites up to date. All the sites you’ll see below are thoroughly examined by our casino experts, but most importantly we take the time to register as players ourselves and stake our hard-earned money to bring you the full picture.

With this in mind, make sure to check out the list if you can’t decide for yourself as it will give you first-hand experience on these sites before we move on:


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  • Mining
  • No KYC
  • Passive income
  • VPN allowed
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How Do Crypto Gambling Sites Work?

Online gambling is now more popular than ever before, and the majority of new gambling sites are crypto casinos. So, how did this all come to be and what’s so special about these crypto gambling sites? Well, they have their ups and downs, but the reality is – it’s much easier to manage and maintain crypto deposits and withdrawals than to bother depositing in fiat currencies.

Let’s be honest here, no one wants to risk their identity and privacy along with payment information and put it out there in the open on the internet. Sure, there are a lot of gambling sites that are properly regulated and licensed, and our team strives to bring you these sites and their reviews so you don’t make the mistake of exposing your data.

However, crypto casinos make it much easier since they operate on the blockchain and players can use their crypto wallets for safer gambling. All you have to do is visit the exchange, get some crypto, make a deposit through a crypto wallet, and there you have it!

We know it’s easier said than done, but we’ll guide you through the entire process. For now, you need to know that crypto gambling is the way for players looking to register on anonymous casinos that won’t expose your personal information.

Besides the safety, security, and faster transactions that crypto sites usually offer, there’s yet another big factor that could make you prevail and join a crypto casino – game fairness. Crypto gambling games are simply much fairer than regular RNG slots and similar releases since you get to use blockchain software that comes with a key before the game round takes place.

Together with the other part of the key that you get after each round is finished, you can literally paste these cryptographic codes to obtain a true picture of the game’s fairness. Having the chance to verify if the game has truly been played out in a fair way or not is very much appreciated in today’s world where the internet is sadly full of scam sites.

Crypto gambling explained

Steps Needed To Start Playing At A Crypto Casino

Alright, you are now familiar with the basics, but how do you turn that knowledge into massive casino wins starting today? We’ll tell you, since crypto gambling sites are just a few clicks away assuming that you have crypto coins. If not, don’t worry as we’ll go through that as well for those of you who still don’t hold any valuable crypto.

For now, let’s focus on some essential steps to take for you to join a crypto casino in 2024 and start playing as soon as possible:

BC Game is one of the best crypto casinos overall
  1. Pick a verified crypto casino – When you use your wallet for making crypto transactions, it will all be completely private and anonymous. The best thing about this is that you can keep your payment information safe, but it’s still important to join proven casino sites that have been previously tested, just to be safe. If you don’t know how to approach this, you can always get some help from our team as we’ll be happy to give you a tour of our list with recommended and verified crypto gambling sites.
  2. Establish a crypto wallet – If you are new to all this, think of it this way – your crypto wallet is one of the most useful tools for properly managing crypto payments, so you’ll have to get a wallet to start playing. It’s a good thing though that there are various crypto wallets out there including the Scatter wallet, MetaMask, Trezor, Ledger Nano, Exodus, and others.
  3. Get some crypto deposited to your wallet – The next step would include visiting a crypto exchange like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, or others to buy crypto for fiat currencies and get that crypto safely stored in your wallet for future crypto deposits.
  4. Get the site’s address, deposit, and grab a bonus – Finally, you should be able to start playing as soon as you send that crypto from your wallet into the casino’s on-site player wallet which means the funds will be available in your player’s account. To do this, simply head to the site, register, visit the cashier for deposit information, and copy the deposit address into your wallet while entering the deposit amount to send crypto to the casino.

Managing Crypto Wallets and Payments

Naturally, you may take some time to adjust to the whole process of getting crypto, installing a secure wallet, and sending the funds to the casino. So, our team decided to help you out with this by giving you some steps for making your first crypto deposit, so let’s take a look at how it all works:

Deposit and withdrawal page on crypto casino sites

Opening A Crypto Exchange Account

The first step to opening a crypto exchange account is to register yourself with a trusted one. Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance are some of the well-seasoned ones. For our example, we’ll be going with Kraken. The registration process with this digital coin exchange is fairly simple. You’ll only need a few basic details – an email, a cool username, along with a password and location – and voila! – you’re now a Kraken user.

Crypto exchange accounts

Transferring Fiat Currency To An Exchange

As with any first transaction, you’ll need to further verify your identity with a couple of more detailed information. Your exchange account would likely ask you for an address, as well as your legal name and contact specifics. After that, you’ll need to proffer an identity document and proof of residency – usually in the form of a utility bill, credit card statement, or a certificate showing your legal residence. 

Once you’ve successfully verified your account and identity, you’ll see payment methods – credit cards, mostly –  available to you. These vary regionally, so it’s best to be on top of the available options if you’re a person who’s always on the move. And like every other online transaction you’ve done in your life, you choose a payment method, complete the deposit and the balance will be converted into reciprocating digital coins on your exchange dashboard. 

Buying Bitcoin

Whenever the coins hit your exchange wallet, you can go ahead and link it to your casino account and play away using the balance you have. 

Swapping Fiat To Cryptos

Most DeFi casinos would offer their players an option to convert their cash into crypto directly on their pages. Take for example. Here, you can use a standard payment method – credit card or Apple Pay, in this particular case – and convert it directly into Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or any other supported digital currency.

Once the steps are completed, your balance will be reflected directly on your casino account.

BC Game Casino crypto swap

Depositing Coins To Your Casino

Now all that’s left for you to make a casino deposit is to find the casino’s deposit address (these are mostly available in the “deposit” or “cashier” sections), and copy the address into your wallet. Please make sure to use the right network for your crypto coins, since every crypto has its own network on which it operates for payments.

For example, our team prefers using the ERC-20 network for ETH deposits and withdrawals, so make sure that the site offers the network you’ll need before you move on with a deposit. If you deposit to the wrong network, your payments may be voided and your crypto coins won’t reach the site, so once again please check the network needed for your coin before depositing.

Depositing crypto to BC Game Casino's wallet

Cashing Out The Winnings

Once you are ready to claim your first winnings from a crypto casino, you can use the same network you used for the deposit and this time you’ll need to enter your wallet’s address into the required field.

All it takes is to meet the site’s terms and conditions for the minimum withdrawal amount and send it to your wallet using safe and instant blockchain transactions. You should be able to see the status of your payment as well, which is something we advise you to do if you are impatient to receive the winnings. However, you can rest assured that as long as you’ve entered your wallet address correctly, the funds will be on their way.

Cashout from BC Game Casino using BTC

Once you complete the step, your earnings should appear on your wallet account within the next 15 minutes. It’s advised that you check the sending and receiving network on both your casino and exchange ends to avoid a transfer mishap due to conflicting crypto networks.

Buying Crypto For Fiat On An Exchange

Converting your crypto balance to fiat currency would be fairly easy via an exchange like Kraken. All you have to do is select the “Convert” feature from the main dashboard and you’ll be presented with a selection of supported daily currencies. Pick out your chosen crypto-to-cash pair and confirm the details of the transaction before hitting submit.

Of course, you can use this exact same process to obtain crypto for fiat currencies, which comes in useful when you simply don’t know how to deposit in crypto. Here’s what it all looks like on major crypto exchanges:

Swapping crypto on an exchange

Alternatively, you could sell your coins in the market for a bit of profit, depending on the current liquidity of your Bitcoin or any altcoin in your possession. This is a smarter way to gain a bit of a premium on your casino earnings.

Once you have converted your balance to a fiat currency, you can simply select any of the available banking and classic withdrawal options to allow the converted cash to be transferred to your local banking account. 

Benefits Of Crypto Casinos vs Traditional Online Casinos

To give you an honest take on crypto gambling and what it looks like in reality, we’ll give you an overview of the main pros and cons of using crypto gambling platforms for placing your wagers.

Please note that these are based on our personal experiences, so we hope this will help you get a better perspective on the true value of these sites:


  • Faster transaction processing times
  • Lower payment fees
  • Variety of provably fair games
  • Higher RTP rates
  • Complete privacy and anonymity
  • Most crypto casinos are no-KYC casinos so you don’t need to go through extra verification steps


  • The value of crypto coins changes every minute so your casino balance could fluctuate
  • Decentralized casino sites usually come without major licenses, so you need expert advice on picking the best one

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Crypto Casino

To spice things up a bit, we’ll give you an instant recommendation by going over the top 3 of our favorite crypto casinos to play at in 2024. Please note that we didn’t rank these on the top three spots just because we merely enjoy playing on these sites – these are in our humble opinion the best gambling sites for crypto players overall.

You’ll see what we mean by that through our detailed reviews of these sites, but for now, let’s focus on giving you a slight idea of each site’s value:

BC Game Casino

As our top pick, we’ve got BC Game claiming the throne as this year’s best crypto casino overall. This site has some impressive incentives for new players, so you’ll get to spin the lucky wheel for the grand prize, get daily boosts, free spins, and many other promotions.

On top of that, they have one of the best welcome deposit bonuses in the game with a 300% deposit match on your initial payment. If that’s not enough, the site has dozens of BC Game’s Originals which are in-house provably fair games that you can play to win big with the highest return rate possible.

BC Game Casino review

They also have more than 7,000 slots and live casino games, and we played some of their most popular releases in our BC Game review, so you can see the gameplay and results by heading there. For now, it’s enough to say that besides all the player rebates, bonuses, tournaments, and games that the site offers, you also get the chance to win some interest and dividend payouts on their BC token.

TrustDice Casino

As the name suggests, this is an operator you can trust and play lots of Dice and other provably fair games with great winning opportunities. Our TrustDice review already mentions all the great games, but to give you a tiny hit, they offer over 6,000 casino games with prominent in-house provably fair games, an impressive range of online slots, and a Vegas-worthy live dealer games section.

TrustDice Casino overview

You’ll also be able to secure your spot in the famous Satoshi VIP Club featuring more than 12 loyalty levels with amazing prizes like cashback, free spins, and personalized bonuses specifically tailored to suit your gaming needs!

The TrustDice casino also introduces the chatroom feature and chat drops, so you can talk to other players and see how they are doing, or simply wait for your chance in the chat rain and get an instant crypto boost without making a deposit.

WolfBet Casino

This site may not have all the great sign-up offers and reload bonuses like BC Game and TrustDice, but WolfBet still manages to captivate players with amazing weekly tournaments where you can compete for a share of the ultimate prize pool. The site also features thousands of casino games with prominent provably fair releases like Limbo, Hi-Lo, and Dice, along with some of the industry’s finest slots.

WolfBet Casino overview

When you play as much as we do, you learn to appreciate sites like these that give you all the latest gaming options and fair winning chances along with a responsive customer support team that’s always there for any of your questions. Plus, you can see through our WolfBet review why the site is considered one of the best crypto casinos due to its daily races where you can have a shot at winning $1000 worth of crypto every day!

Best Provably Fair Games To Play

To complete your crypto gambling experience, we suggest that you try provably fair games. These are the games we’ve mentioned and they come with the highest return-to-player rate and allow you to verify the game’s fairness. Some of these games with 99% RTP are Crash, Plinko, Limbo, Mines, Dice, and Hi-Lo.

Example of Limbo provably fair crypto game

You can also check in-house games that are developed by the operator, and you can see how these work by reading one of the reviews of the sites we listed a moment ago.

These games are usually pretty fast and easy to play, which is why crypto players are so focused on them in major crypto casinos. So, here’s a short description of each of the games we’ve mentioned, and you can check out our complete guides if you wish to know more afterward:

  1. Crash game – This one is a game with a growing multiplier that starts at x1 and progresses as the game round goes on. At one point the multiplier will crash, and if you don’t cash out before that, you’ll lose your bet and potential winnings. The exciting nature of this game is that you have to decide for yourself whether you’ll be cashing out a small profit or risking it all by trying to achieve a higher multiplier.
  2. Limbo – Limbo is a fast-paced version of a crash since the multiplier will be displayed to the player as soon as the bets are placed. So, you can set up a multiplier limit to cash out your winnings at a specified multiplier value.
  3. Dice – In a Dice game, you’ll be betting on the over/under value of the thrown dice, and depending on your bet and the estimated range in which the dice throw will end up, you’ll get accordant odds and payouts.
  4. Plinko – Plinko is a great game for thrill seekers since you can make as many bets as you want by dropping in Plinko chips on a board filled with multiplier fields, and you’ll have a chance to win between x1.2 to x1000 of your bet.
  5. Hi-Lo – This provably fair game is for lovers of card gambling games as you can guess the over/under value of the next card flip to win big.
  6. Mines – Finally, just like in the old-school Minesweeper PC game, you can play crypto Mines, set up the number of mines and risk levels on a 5×5 grid, and proceed to uncover the fields one by one. The more you successfully uncover, the higher your win will be, but beware of the minefields that could make all your winnings and bet values go away.

Crypto Gambling FAQs

  • What are crypto casinos and how do they work?

    Crypto casinos are just like regular online casino sites only they take crypto deposits and offer crypto withdrawals to players holding decentralized coins. These sites operate on the blockchain and you can feel completely safe due to all the cryptographic coding and complete anonymity that they offer.

  • Is it safe to play on cryptocurrency gambling sites?

    Yes, it’s completely safe to play on cryptocurrency gambling sites since these feature secure protocols and no-KYC policies that make them much safer than traditional gambling sites. Plus, your payment information will always be safe.

  • Are there high fees for processing crypto transactions?

    While you’ll have to pay a gas fee for transferring the crypto funds from your wallet to the casino, these are often much lower than traditional payment methods like e-wallets or credit cards.

  • What kinds of games do crypto gambling sites offer?

    Crypto gambling sites offer all the same types of games as regular online casinos including slots, live casino games, and table games with the addition of provably fair crypto games.

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