Dead Canary Slot Review

April 26, 2023
dead canary slot review

Dead Canary Slots – Everything You Need To Know

In the current iGaming scene, NoLimitCity has established itself as one of the top-tier software providers. It all happened pretty quickly and the brand exceeds all expectations by making highly-engaging and interactive video slots with immense payout potential.

So, it’s good news that you can play one of their most recent releases in form the Dead Canary slot. If you played their other XBomb™ games like Misery Mining and Fire in the Hole, you’ll be familiar with the layout. If not, let us guide you through this impressive new slot with unique game mechanics and a max win potential of up to x65,000 of your base bet!

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About Dead Canary Slots

Mining is probably tougher than you’d imagine and those brave miners that dare to enter dark places often need some help. That’s where these canaries come in since they can help the miner decide whether the air inside a mining tunnel is safe. We know you may not want to see these cute little birds hurt, but things are a bit different in this slot game, so let us explain why.

You see, every time a canary symbol gets killed by the bomb, it will re-appear on the grid, so there’s nothing to worry about! On top of that, when this happens, the bet multiplier value that was designated on the symbol will get assigned to your total prize pool.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so let’s start with the game’s layout and we’ll eventually get to the original features packed in this slot. It all starts with an X-shaped 3-3-2-2-1-1 grid, but things get more exciting during the bonus round with a different 3-4-3-4-3-4 layout. 

Don’t worry, the zig-zag pattern isn’t as confusing as it seems, since it’s all about the X-shaped winning lines. You see, the canary symbol is a scatter in this game, and X-shaped win ways mean that it becomes the center of the X-ways. So, all adjacent symbols can form winning combinations, and this becomes particularly important in the bonus game.

Three Bird Symbols Triggers The Dead Canary Slot Bonus

The game features two types of scatter symbols – regular and gold scatters and there’s a bonus-buy option for those that don’t like to wait. Within the bonus, there’s a chance to get multiplier hits, and collector symbols, and collect a multiplier of up to x65,000 as the game round progresses. 

The game works on cascading mechanics, which means that connected symbols will disappear and new ones will fall down to replace them. Also, the bottom half of the X-shaped grid will be locked during the base game, so you have to unlock it with consecutive wins.

Going Through The Numbers

The base version of the game comes with an RTP of 96.04%, but you can get a higher chance of landing the scatter symbols and getting big wins by activating the XBet feature. Of course, it comes for a price, and you’ll have to count in the extra bet, so it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll do this or not.

Overall, it takes x500 of your bet to buy a Golden Canary bonus round, and the max win remains x65,000. The game features extremely high volatility that we’ll rank 10 out of 10, with a hit frequency of just 26%, which means you can expect to see a win once in every four spins.

The max win can happen once in every 7 million spins, but don’t let these facts discourage you – this action-packed game can pretty much give you several consecutive x1000 or higher bonus wins, so it’s up to the RNG and pure luck.

Symbols and Payouts

If you are wondering about the winning potential of the game in terms of individual line hits, this game doesn’t offer plenty of action in that sense. It’s not your traditional 5×3 slot where you can count on five-of-a-kind wins with premium symbols to be worth x100 of your bet or more. Instead, the game comes with a range of 36 to 1728 winning ways, which is enough to make the game intense.

Dead Canary Slot Symbols And Paytable

So, if you hit a lot of wild symbols and make dozens of connections, you can hit some considerable wins with premium symbols. Starting with the old miner premium symbol, you can get an x7.5 win for hitting six of these in a winning way.

The rat symbol pays x3.75, the compass pays x2.5, while the bottle and rope symbols pay x2 of your bet for a six-of-a-kind hit. There are also some low-value letter symbols including A, K, Q, J, and 10 symbols that all pay in the range of x1.25 to x1 of your bet. So, you can theoretically hit some impressive wins even during the base game, but the bonus round of the Dead Canary slot is what you should be interested in the most.

Dead Canary Bonus Buy Slot

Bonus-Buy Options

The bonus hit frequency of this game is just under 1 in every 200 spins, so we get your concern regarding having to wait for the bonus. So, it’s a good thing that NoLimitCity experts added the bonus-buy feature into the game, or should we say – three bonus-buy features.

The regular bonus-buy guarantees three regular Canary scatter symbols which all collect multipliers and enhancements from adjacent X-shaped symbol positions. However, if you wish to risk it by paying x500 for a Gold scatter bonus, you can trigger the Gold Canary bonus round and golden canaries collect the multipliers and enhancements from entire rows. 

While the regular bonus-buy option costs x68 of your bet, and the golden one costs x500, the mystery bonus-buy option costs x284 of your bet. This is the “Lucky Draw” option which randomly awards you with either silver-cage or golden-cage canaries, so there’s a theoretical chance to hit all three golden scatters without paying the full x500 golden bonus price.

Main Game Features Of Dead Canary

Besides hitting a win in the base game and the bonus round features, there are some exciting base game features you can count on to spice up the gameplay. These include the following:

  • Wild Mining feature
  • xBomb Wild multiplier
  • xBet feature

All these can significantly affect your winning chances in the game, so let’s see how it all works in practice.

The Wild Mining Feature

This game works on cascading symbols mechanics which means that the symbols forming a winning combination are eliminated and new symbols take their place. Still, if there are at least three low-value symbols aligned on the grid without making a winning combination, the Wild Mining feature may activate.

In this case, the xBomb symbol will appear instead of these symbols and it will initiate an explosion with new tumbling symbols landing on the grid. The number of xBomb symbols depends on the number of these letter symbols landing in a line, so you get a single bomb with 3 symbols, two bombs with 4 symbols, and three bombs with five symbols.

Wild Mining Feature

The more xBomb symbols you get, the higher your winning potential in a game round will be due to all the tumbling action and more wilds being on the grid.

The xBomb Wild Multiplier feature

We already mentioned that the xBomb symbol explosion leads to wild symbols being scattered across the grid, and the xBomb wild multiplier feature can help you make use of that. For every bomb symbol that appears, the wild multiplier will increase by one, so there’s a chance to get an x2, x3, or x4 multiplier every time the xBomb feature strikes.

This significantly affects the base game payout potential and it’s a feature to keep an eye out for before you get into the bonus round.

The xBet Feature

If there’s a way to boost the potential of landing a bonus in the Dead Canary slot, it’s through the xBet feature. It’s much like the extra bet feature in other online slots which means you get a higher chance of hitting the bonus round if you increase your bet level for a bit.

Precisely, it means that you can pay 40% on top of your bet level to get a chance of landing a Canary scatter symbol in every spin and remove the chains from the first locked reel to boost the payout potential.

Dead Canary Free Spins Round

The bonus round of the Dead Canary slot is one of the most complex-looking we’ve seen so far, but it’s not as intimidating once you know where to look. First, let us remind you of the two types of scatters – the silver-caged canary scatter symbols, and gold-caged canary scatter symbols.

It’s always best to get the golden scatters since that means you can count on enhancers and multipliers being collected in an X-shape throughout the reels. Still, you can hit massive wins even with silver scatters by collecting the adjacent symbol values.

The game starts with three spins, and you can reset the counter back to three with every xBomb symbol that lands. During the free spins, the grid also changes and it turns to a 3-4-3-4-3-4 grid with locked vault symbols in the corners. 

Dead Canary Free Spins

The vaults and canary scatters can collect the values from adjacent multiplier symbols and coins in the range of x1, x10, x15, x25, x50, and x100. Your goal is to collect as many of these as possible before the end of the round, at least for the vaults.

When it comes to canaries, these come with three hit points. You can consider them as life points, just like in a video game. So, every adjacent xBomb explosion or the gas symbol explosion will take off one of the hit points. Once all three are gone, the value of the symbol will get added to your prize, and the canary scatter emerges back on the grid with an x1 value.

From this point, you can repeat the process until there are no more xBombs to extend the bonus. To make things simpler, here’s an overview of all the bonus game symbols:

  • Value coins
  • xBombs
  • Gas symbols
  • Multiplier symbols
  • Dwarf symbol
  • Rat symbol
  • Upgrade symbols
Dead Canary Slot Bonus Round

If the upgrade symbol lands right next to the canary scatter, it will transform it into the golden canary scatter and be awarded an additional hit point. The rat symbol can land right next to the canary scatter and it will transfer the value of that scatter and add it to the others in every spin. The dwarf symbol has a similar effect, only it will collect the values of all the other scatters in each spin. 

Once these symbols are killed, they will transfer back into the original canary scatters.

Our Take On Dead Canary Slot

The Dead Canary slot is a unique and rather impressive video slot that goes far from the online slot roots. instead of the bothersome 5×3 grid and a simple bonus round, this game goes way beyond by giving players just what they need – a variety of base game features and an exceptional bonus round.

With an x65,000 win potential, it’s no wonder that many players decide to give it a try, and we can warmly recommend the same to you.

Dead Canary Key Facts

🏆 Best casino for Dead Canary slotBC.Game
🎰 RTP96.04%
❓ Maximum win potentialx65,000 of the base bet
☞ Main featuresWild mining, XBomb wild multiplier, Xbet
✔️ Provably fair?Yes


  • What’s the max win potential on the Dead Canary slot by NoLimitCity?

    The max win on the Dead Canary slot from NoLimitCity is x65,000 of the base bet and it can be achieved during the free spins.

  • Is there a bonus-buy option for the Dead Canary slot?

    Yes, there are three different bonus-buy options for the Dead Canary slot and you can see them by clicking on the yellow star icon from the game’s menu. It takes x68 of your bet for a regular silver bonus round, x500 of your bet for a golden Canary bonus, and x284 of your bet for buying a “Lucky Draw” bonus.

  • What are the main features of the Dead Canary slot game?

    The Dead Canary slot includes several in-game features like the Wild Mining feature, xBomb Wild Multiplier feature, and the xBet feature.

  • What’s the difference between the regular bonus round and the Golden Canary bonus?

    If you buy or land a Golden Canary scatter symbol, it will collect the multipliers and coin values from all the rows and symbol positions instead of just adjacent symbols like the regular silver Canary scatters.

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